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  1. Steve and Dave Clarks Unidentified Foiling Object

    Looks good. My only concern (slight) is that in the event of a capsize the crew could land on the spreader/boom and damage it. Maybe its not an issue.
  2. Twin wire down wind

    After having sailed a boat with C boards for the last 5 years (f20c) I can fully appreciate what lifting foils can do for a boat and IMHO for the F16 class this would be a breath of fresh air. It would alleviate all the chat about which boat has more volume in the hulls! your comments welcome....
  3. Twin wire down wind

    I simply don't understand the comments that the "weight of the boat doesn't matter" in the F16 class. If any of you bought a new F18 at 10kg over class minimum you would be screaming at the dealer for a full refund. (it happened to me) By the way, where is the F16 class on the topic of foiling? fully foiling with Z boards or partial with C boards?
  4. New Nacra 15

    no size or length requirements, so why not just use the F16 hulls? Does it really make sense to have yet another set of parts to inventory???
  5. GC32 super cat

    That sounds pretty reasonable. Any interest in North America or Asia?
  6. GC32 super cat

    Fantastic stability. I would love to see some foil to foil gybing and tacking.. Is it possible to pull the windward foil up more?
  7. NEW CHS X19 - 19' Trimaran Build (trikala)

    there are free dwg viewers that can print or convert to pdf, dxf etc, etc
  8. NEW CHS X19 - 19' Trimaran Build (trikala)

    What is the rush anyway? Take your time, make the best first impression you can.
  9. NEW CHS X19 - 19' Trimaran Build (trikala)

    You could go with a Nacra 20 aluminum mast.. same section as the infusion but 2 feet longer. Not sure about the loads though..
  10. NEW CHS X19 - 19' Trimaran Build (trikala)

    208 sq feet of sail... seems under powered to me. Polars?
  11. NEW CHS X19 - 19' Trimaran Build (trikala)

    How does it fold? or does it? That is critical to selling it.
  12. F-22 Update

    Looks good Ian. If we buy the bare boat will you supply a parts list to finish the fit out.. Blocks, lines, line lengths etc?
  13. Radio Control Multihulls

    Do you want to ping them to see if they are interested in talking about it over a beer?
  14. Radio Control Multihulls

    I am interestedin getting some multi racing going on in Toronto.. if anyone is interested let me know. Also I would like to do it with first person view.. that is with a camera on board and a video feed back to a screen where you are on shore..
  15. GC32 super cat

    There is another piece for the front page being put together shortly, it will have more info on the spec and costs etc, but for now I reckon its safe to say that if you gave me $500,000 USD you could almost get 2 complete GC32's... It looks great... but in this economy and with already several other good designs in this space I hope you make your money back