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  1. Caption Contest

    This way we don't have to pay for slip fees, just for a piling Fee. We'll save a lot, dear
  2. Pettit Vivid removal options

    Can I sand my septic system with 320 grit while dangling 120 volt wires in it or should I hire Mr helpful to do it? What color gloves do you recommend? Pink?
  3. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Can anyone say "GILLIGAN'S ISLAND" remake
  4. Bogan of the week FP - Trimaran

    Get a bunch of kites off of Craigslist and do a downwinder
  5. caption contest

    Doug Lords new foiling AC monohull model, daughter of Wolf. The new Protocol rules interpretations are as many foils as possible. This sucker Will foil tack and jibe
  6. Looking for a Vanguard Nomad

    Where are you at. I don't have one but see them on evangelist and Other sites
  7. Celebirty Sloop

    We have them at our yc on south shore LI. $1000. Is not bad if everything is good. We went with aluminum center boards. Steel ones were too heavy for the trunk. You look to have the small job in picture. We race with a bigger one and you need weight if it is over 15. They are nice if you like them. Local yard used to build them. But sold molds to a guy in Maine? There was a class assoc. Good luck
  8. Tragic youth sailing accident

    It seems like some of local ycs are getting prop guards. Any one have any experience with them and installing them our club has a 15, 20 ,30, 70 and 90 I think they are getting for. Are they easy to take off? Doug
  9. Hobie 16 mast stepping

    also I use a 6' step ladder to place the mast on after it is attached to mast step. ladder on the ground seveal feet behind boat. that gives you a little more height to get it on your shoulder and walk forward on tramp if you are humping it up
  10. Hobie 16 mast stepping

    Go to hobie cat.com forums and ask there. I used to have a trembling with a H 16 rig and hump the mast up. Uses the little connector with two pins. My Getaway is different setup and uses Maststepper 3. Works well and I usually do it solo. Doug
  11. What new AC 36 Class boat would you like ?

    How about foiling log canoes only bigger and in Newport,RI..Foil or Swim
  12. Boston Whaler Anarchy

    the first one I got was way too heavy..fortunately found a better one and kept rig and rudder. felt kind of bad loading in new owner's truck took three people..haven't tried motor yet
  13. Not sure where to start

    link to another CM 21 refurb project part 1 of 3 might help you with some ideas
  14. Not sure where to start

    Yes, well, like they said clean it up try to check some of the electrical wiring. But that can be later. Rig inspection and some plan for raising mast might be important for doing it safely. With the addition of pilot house, now you have to raise mast from bow, pointy end. Originally it was done from over the back end. Bottom of mast is put in mast step and pivots up with head stay attached once up, you hold it while someone attaches shrouds, side stays, and back stay. There may be a way of using boom as a gin pole, with guy wires, to help lift it up. But it may be complicated. You don't want to drop it. Do repairs first, then rig.
  15. Not sure where to start

    put a little duct tape on the inside to keep it whatever you use from dripping too much. try and straighten out chain plates if bent outwards. I like life caulk. some of the stuff takes forever to dry. you can smooth it out with a tongue depressor dipped in a little water. good luck..wear surgical gloves, color of your choice...doug