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  1. hobie17li

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    You had me at made of enforcement and needs work
  2. hobie17li

    Freak Accident Kills man at Jack in the Box

    Well, guess who was the jerk in the box?
  3. hobie17li

    G-Flex vs. Plexus - ABS plastic boat repair

    I have used both to repair cracks in JY 15s . Go with G Flex or thickened G Flex or you can add thickening powders to it. You should probably paint over it for UV. OMC johnson white matched ok.
  4. hobie17li

    Outboard Engine Propeller Guards?

    We had races on Saturday for SS class wood 16' sloops in the creek, too windy in the bay 20 kits. Had at least 4 or 5 capsized 2 broken masts, a broken rudder, third race cancelled. We used 17 Zodiak and 17 Whaler with prop guards, lot of people in the water. SSs fill up with water and you have to drag them up wind to unrig and tow back. Glad we had prop guards, but didn't think about it at the time, too busy
  5. hobie17li

    Outboard Engine Propeller Guards?

    I also feel that while prop guards should be installed, operator training is a must. These young instructors have to be as careful as ever even if prop guards are installed.
  6. hobie17li

    Outboard Engine Propeller Guards?

    ok just got back from Family Fun Night BBQ no sailing unfortunately, but did take pix.. sizing info is on their website, I had to return 2 that were too big, and had to shim yellow ones with 3/8" starboard, easy enough.
  7. hobie17li

    Outboard Engine Propeller Guards?

    I got Prop Guard out of Colorado direct . I'll try to remember some pictures
  8. hobie17li

    Outboard Engine Propeller Guards?

    I put 4 prop guards on 90 hp 4 stroke yamaha 17' zodiak , 70 Yamaha 2 stroke 17' Whaler, 20 Tohatsu 4 stroke, RIB, 15 Yamaha 11' Whaler. Seem ok so far no complaints from sailing instructors. Read ordering instructions to get right size for your motor. Approx. $140-$160 plus shipping, not too tough to install
  9. hobie17li

    Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    Where are Admiral BB and his mom?
  10. hobie17li

    what is it?

    What's the Orange thing behind it? That didn't get blown over
  11. hobie17li

    Jet-powered RIBs?

    While you sail the Opti with the child, good luck with that. Rib jet boats looked fun, we took one in a St. Pat's day parade on a trailer. I don't think it worked. All the pain in the ass of a jet ski no benefits expensive. Get a regular RIB outboard with prop guard and don't stick the old lady in a 17' Zodiak with a 90 hp that'll do 50+mph
  12. hobie17li

    Is Clean gone ?

    Maybe he just got stuck on the other side of the WALL
  13. hobie17li

    2019 Ford Mustang Bullit

    Should appeal to all those hillbillies that like to stick their arms down a catfish mouth to catch it. I also liked Eleanor.
  14. hobie17li

    Daggerboard/Rudder Storage rack?

    Milk crate, if you want it off floor, mount it on self brackets, with or without plywood shelf
  15. hobie17li

    Cheap, Fast Dinghy

    Wasn't there a young English child, "little bit", who designed and built his own dinghy? A few years ago. His father helped but, I think he did most of the work. Maybe get your mom onboard. She could always crew for you? Maybe, where you plan to sail? Our club sometimes gets rid of Sunfish, I have a friend selling a minifish smaller sunfish probably less than $500 maybe good for your size now. I am out in Westport let me know if you're interested