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  1. I have multiple NMEA 0183 inputs (wind, boatspeed, depth, etc., and GPS) feeding a Brookhouse multipler. I take the output of the MUX and the 38,400 baud AIS output from my VHF receiver and apply these directly (in their raw serial format) to a vYacht WiFi router. I can pick up the router Wifi output on any Ios, Android, or PC. I use this to input to any of several programs: iRegatta and/or iNavx on any iPad or iPhone and to OpenCPN on a Windows laptop (any flavor OS from XP through 10). If you go to the iRegatta web site http://www.zifigo.com/?q=node/279 There is a list of available routers to choose from. I found that the vYacht router was the most economical and although it appears a little minimal in packaging, it functions quite well. Most of the programs I mentioned display the instrument and AIS data directly. I would assume that Expedition has all the same capabilities plus more.
  2. I purchased a 40,7 in England in 2002. Scarlett's post covers in minute detail the steps involved, however several of those steps can be avoided by hiring a boat shipping firm. There were several at that time and I used Peters & May (Southampton) and was very pleased with their service. I shipped the boat to California and registered the boat there. Paid state sales tax and 1.5% duty. Problems at this end in offloading and port handling are dependent on which port you ship to; they can be a problem (read, expensive/frustrating). I was lucky but you need to explore that aspect before you commit. I used an UK surveyor and felt he was competent, but that probably would vary from country to country. It's a complicated process but it can save you some money if you are able to get the right deal and are willing to devote a significant amount of time to the process.
  3. Can you blame him? If anyone needs a chance to kick back it's got to be him (and Marie).
  4. Without any other comparison I do what Elisabeth Meyer did to Endeavour and what other people have done to other J boats or other classics, restore them for the future. If nobody take care of the them they will disappear and there will be nothing left from this era. I know that Flirt will not be original but she will be a fair compromise to old style IOR and modern style. I like to restore rather then building new, I like to see old worn things come back to original style and brighter and better. It is not important if it is a car, house or boat, I enjoy to restore simple as that. This is not driven by making money if I sell her or efficiency in the work, it is only pure joy of making things and see how she transforms from worn out to something hopefully better not to mention when I will finish and start using her as intended... //FOP There are thousands of us who share your passion(s), but so few of us with the ability and wherewithal to accomplish what you have. I am one of the many who envy your ability but enjoy seeing the fruits of your efforts. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Stan will be driving. Cork will be fixing whatever Stan breaks and navigating. Pinky will compete in his own boat, and Al Schmidt will be fixing drinks for everyone. Cork will be sorely missed. Sail On.