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  1. buck

    Sailors Powerboat

    Nice looking boat. I like the stone cold stink eye stare in photo 1.
  2. http://www.barefootraid.net/ Mothership with food? That sounds fairly civilized.
  3. Brandon, Very cool boat! Hey what’s this Barefoot Raid?
  4. Have you looked at the RoG? A little heavier than you want but lots of great ideas. That’s what I plan to build. bedardyachtdesign.com
  5. buck

    DH Pac Cup boat

    What he said. Black Soo! http://sailinganarchy.com/classifieds/show-ad/?id=3176
  6. buck

    Deep Water documentary, a tale of fools?

    The feature film, in post production stars Colin Firth as Donald Crowhurst and Rachel Weisz as Clare Crowhurst. It looks pretty interesting.
  7. buck

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    Nicely done, JF! We look forward to hearing how the boat did, what you might change. Did you use the waterballast system?
  8. buck

    Is this a beautiful boat or what?

    Probably hard with the engine running all the time. I don't see any handles.
  9. buck

    how to ruin racing, part 2

    Twatwaffle and shitmitten are new for me. Thank you..
  10. buck

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    Thanks Moon, hadn't seen that pic yet. I like it. So does the EC require you to move the boat a certain distance across sand? Could you roll it over a few foam pool noodles? Baja dinghy wheels? Tom, I just read about the gator's tooth and I see what you mean. Some day, on some boat, I hope I can take a cruiserly shot at it.
  11. buck

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    Hey Pan, It does have water ballast. 80 lbs per side. Tom, You mean the board is heavy or you think the whole boat is heavy? I have no plan to do the Everglades Challenge, but I have heard some talk of developing RAID events on the west coast.
  12. buck

    Micro-Cruiser Anarchy

    I've enjoyed reading about all these micro cruisers quite a bit. Here's my new favorite which I don't think has been mentioned, River of Grass by JF Bedard. https://www.bedardyachtdesign.com/designs/sail/15-rog-micro-cruiser/ https://www.facebook.com/BedardYachtDesign/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1156886184432078