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  1. IET's - exploding turtles at the weather mark.
  2. Agree. It seemed like they could go deeper down wind too in the light stuff in several races. I'm afraid if he holds back at the pre starts he will get owned by JS. Kinda like what BA did to him that lead to PB bearing away and PPing. The way I saw the last several races with ART - race over 14 knots ART had smaller boards. Better speed made no mistakes. The last 2 races NZ boat was pretty much 2 knots faster around the 10 knot range. Very impressive boat!
  3. I'm really impressed with what the NZ designers have done with the boat performance. Not to impressed with PB. With that said if OR can match NZ's speed in 12 knots or below NZ is going to have a rough time out there.
  4. If the AC 50's continue into the next AC there is talk suggesting one designing the hydraulic systems. I was talking with Tom Schock yesterday at my cabinet shop. He was crew on one of the AC 12 meters back in the day. He said the crew had to be extremely fit then too. He said "you try 46 tacks to weather mark". It's always played a role in the AC. Back then it was a more drawn out physical effort. Today it a shorter more intense effort since the races last only 20 minutes. I think NZ has nailed the hydro system better than any other team. It manifested itself more on the windy day. NO and some of the other teams talked about lack of oil often. It looked like they had to delay their maneuvers because of it. I think it has contributed to some of them falling off their foils because they can't control them good enough. It looked like ART's wing locked up a few times too. NZ capitalizes in those weakness's resulting in a passes.
  5. Bring your cash or better yet leave your cash - http://mobile.royalgazette.com/americas-cup---news/article/20170601/superyachts-bring-in-millions-to-economy&template=mobileart
  6. If they do have high and a low wind wings the pivot point of the flap may be one ways that make a difference. The pivot point is located in the trailing edge of the main element. 1) For example if you move the pivot point further forward in the trailing edge the leeward flow gets cleaner in the trailing edge flap junction at a lower flap angle ( less camber) . = high wind set up. It also changes the amount of airflow through the slot. 2) If you move the pivot point back in the trailing edge the Main element the leeward flow gets cleaner in the trailing edge flap junction at a higher flap angle (more camber) = low wind set up. It also changes the amount of airflow through the slot. The wing configuration that they are using is pretty simple and less optimized compared to most 3 element C class cat wings. 3) It may be possible that the twist is set up differently in the wings.
  7. Thats what I was told. I got there the day after opening ceremony. Assuming that they win.
  8. Agree. There is a on board video on FB that shows the foil activity pre pp.
  9. I talked with some of the locals about the AC Villiage when I was there last week. They said Bermuda paid for the chunk of land. On opening day LE said we will be back. The local vibe seemed positive about the AC. Time will tell.
  10. Im not sure what the section thicknesses are. I imagine they taper down as they go. The 50's maynot be able to maximize the foils due to strength requirements. Thinner less drag but more fragile.
  11. Yep I was thinking SBJ and BAR handled it well. It only seemed like NZ had control issues on the first dw leg of the first race. They almost looked bow up like something was out of wack. There is an onboard video of the PP. It looked like the foil AOA was erratic making the foil stall then nose dive. The whole fiasco started with the hook. ART had issues more than the rest. NO commented about hydro issues. It looked like the wing got stuck on the wrong tack once. The boat was doing strange things at times.
  12. Agree except PB allowing team NZ to be hooked at the start by B AR. So far all NZ's losses were not from lack of design or boat speed.
  13. I thought 50 knots was about the wall for foils like the AC 50's? http://www.sailrocket.com/blogs A snipet from Paul Larsens blog before their break through foils ?. - Erik is designing, building, testing and competing with a host of foils which are trying to use similar concepts to those which we used i.e. base ventilation. He is also dealing a lot with cavitation and the various options for cross-overs. It's a fascinating puzzle and definitely one worth tackling. I described how good our concept was at showing the nature of the problem. The huge amount of stability the Bernard Smith concept gave us allowed us, at times, to just pour raw power at the foils to see if we could bust through the drag and get a higher number. We only ever did once. 52 knots was our nemeisis with up to 7 different foils, 2 boats and all conditions. Our first wedge foil managed to hit a peak of 54 knots once (with a WIRED journalist in the back).
  14. We haven't seen racing in anymore than 15ish average yet. So far it looks like ART has the top speed at 44.5 knots. If it blows harder into the low twenties will we start to see foil cavitation = crashes? ART took a different route with more of L shaped foil with a long vertical leg. More side force grip. I noticed when SBJ raced them last SB foiled low for more grip ( more vert in water) but that comes with a price if you screw up(easier to touch down).