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  1. Just imagine where we'd be if the SB3s and Vipers were built somewhere else. LOL....true Teener. We've not been able to crack any market in the EU/UK on Viper...we've sold a lot of K6's though. Just starting up the line for another round. It seems the Euro market is more dinghy prone and they just prefer different boats...mere speculation on my part. LOTS of SB3's sold though...go figure. I'd be interested to hear some of the Europeans feedback on this issue about what boats are and are not popular there and why. The sb3's sold because they were sold hard and the boats where there. Laser did a great campaign to get them in everyone's face They were lighter, cheaper + easier to trail and needed less crew that the j80 and 1720 gap that they fitted into. Now they've attained critical mass like oppies, you cant consider anything else because nobody sails anything else!! The problem with a viper, k6, vxone in the uk is you have to hike! You buy a keelboat because your passed it and cant hike anymore, right?!!
  2. those pictures of the lifting keel setup that were mentioned a while ago, they would be nice
  3. Please can you stop asking stupid questions before using the internet for what it was designed for. If you have followed this thread you will know who is making these boats so if you navigate to and search for "gp26", if your lucky and you find their website they might also have some pictures of the builts, one of which has the clutches, im not going to tell you though. Good luck, the internets a big place
  4. I noticed in the video there is a lot of play/movement of the tiller arm, where is that coming from?
  5. thanks for the reply. will check that out.
  6. hey guys, this is sorta a hijack but rekon all the relevant ppl will look in here! Im interested in building an i550 im in the uk and so far as i can tell its gonna be a horrendously cheap way of getting myself a fast sports boat but i have a few queries about costings and stuff. I have looked and read most of the i550 blogs on the .org website. waterproof patterns how is this different from the plans? is it worth me buying in states n shipping or could i just buy plans and print them out here? Alchemy in the blog mentioned he bought his rig from do any of the other boats sport such a sexy rig? Who has made sails for the boats that have a sail plan at the moment? I could go with a local sail maker but if one of the big companies have made a few it might be worth going with the trend and gain from everyone else's refinements! how many boats have now gone with the extended cockpit design? does anyone use pbo rigging? it gives me the horn ive got it all over my rs600 pm me if you wanna get in touch or just reply here i will check up on this thread