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  1. Erwankerauzen

    Foiling, how heavy is too heavy?

    Thank you JulianB for your crystal clear explanation, it is very rational & consistant and sorry for very late reply , recreational CFD was a bit on the back burner these last months. I would notice that on the video posted by FastYatch, these foilers monohull demonstrate great stability. Simon's remarks regarding A's & Moths performances would deserve a dedicated thread, a kind of "open source" polar datas for these high performace boats. I have been told datas exist for Moth, while for A-Cat, prohibited on-board electronics does not make it easy. (AFAIR, Only USA 230 has kindly and regulary provided us with some A-Cat polar figures) I will stop here as it is a bit off topic. Thanks & Regards
  2. Erwankerauzen

    Foiling, how heavy is too heavy?

    Do you think it is relevant for a foiling windsurf too ?
  3. Erwankerauzen

    SailGP 2020

    Tkx Trovao, all these acronyms are a nightmare for non native English
  4. Erwankerauzen

    SailGP 2020

    Please, can somebody explains me what means : This isn't PA Thkx in advance
  5. Erwankerauzen

    The Decline and Fall of Roman Empire (E. GIBBON 1776)

    Sorry Willin' if you don't find it funny. I though the fun was in the conclusion, including in the form used by the author ie: "but to a philosophic eye" which is supposed to mark his distanciation,..... actually testifies of his opinion, and it is clear, using these words, he did not intend to mislead the reader. Hope it does not offend religious persons, it must be view as history not religion bashing
  6. Erwankerauzen

    The Decline and Fall of Roman Empire (E. GIBBON 1776)

    These emperors, in the election of the popes, continued to exercise the powers which had been assumed by the Gothic and Grecian princes; and the importance of this prerogative increased with the temporal estate and spiritual jurisdiction of the Roman church. In the Christian aristocracy, the principal members of the clergy still formed a senate to assist the administration, and to supply the vacancy, of the bishop. Rome was divided into twenty-eight parishes, and each parish was governed by a cardinal priest, or presbyter, a title which, however common or modest in its origin, has aspired to emulate the purple of kings. Their number was enlarged by the association of the seven deacons of the most considerable hospitals, the seven palatine judges of the Lateran, and some dignitaries of the church. This ecclesiastical senate was directed by the seven cardinal-bishops of the Roman province, who were less occupied in the suburb dioceses of Ostia, Porto, Velitrae, Tusculum, Praeneste, Tibur, and the Sabines, than by their weekly service in the Lateran, and their superior share in the honors and authority of the apostolic see. On the death of the pope, these bishops recommended a successor to the suffrage of the college of cardinals, 126 and their choice was ratified or rejected by the applause or clamor of the Roman people. But the election was imperfect; nor could the pontiff be legally consecrated till the emperor, the advocate of the church, had graciously signified his approbation and consent. The royal commissioner examined, on the spot, the form and freedom of the proceedings; nor was it till after a previous scrutiny into the qualifications of the candidates, that he accepted an oath of fidelity, and confirmed the donations which had successively enriched the patrimony of St. Peter. In the frequent schisms, the rival claims were submitted to the sentence of the emperor; and in a synod of bishops he presumed to judge, to condemn, and to punish, the crimes of a guilty pontiff. Otho the First imposed a treaty on the senate and people, who engaged to prefer the candidate most acceptable to his majesty: 127 his successors anticipated or prevented their choice: they bestowed the Roman benefice, like the bishoprics of Cologne or Bamberg, on their chancellors or preceptors; and whatever might be the merit of a Frank or Saxon, his name sufficiently attests the interposition of foreign power. These acts of prerogative were most speciously excused by the vices of a popular election. The competitor who had been excluded by the cardinals appealed to the passions or avarice of the multitude; the Vatican and the Lateran were stained with blood; and the most powerful senators, the marquises of Tuscany and the counts of Tusculum, held the apostolic see in a long and disgraceful servitude. The Roman pontiffs, of the ninth and tenth centuries, were insulted, imprisoned, and murdered, by their tyrants; and such was their indigence, after the loss and usurpation of the ecclesiastical patrimonies, that they could neither support the state of a prince, nor exercise the charity of a priest. 128 The influence of two sister prostitutes, Marozia and Theodora, was founded on their wealth and beauty, their political and amorous intrigues: the most strenuous of their lovers were rewarded with the Roman mitre, and their reign 129 may have suggested to the darker ages 130 the fable 131 of a female pope. 132 The bastard son, the grandson, and the great-grandson of Marozia, a rare genealogy, were seated in the chair of St. Peter, and it was at the age of nineteen years that the second of these became the head of the Latin church. 1321 His youth and manhood were of a suitable complexion; and the nations of pilgrims could bear testimony to the charges that were urged against him in a Roman synod, and in the presence of Otho the Great. As John XII. had renounced the dress and decencies of his profession, the soldier may not perhaps be dishonored by the wine which he drank, the blood that he spilt, the flames that he kindled, or the licentious pursuits of gaming and hunting. His open simony might be the consequence of distress; and his blasphemous invocation of Jupiter and Venus, if it be true, could not possibly be serious. But we read, with some surprise, that the worthy grandson of Marozia lived in public adultery with the matrons of Rome; that the Lateran palace was turned into a school for prostitution, and that his rapes of virgins and widows had deterred the female pilgrims from visiting the tomb of St. Peter, lest, in the devout act, they should be violated by his successor. 133 The Protestants have dwelt with malicious pleasure on these characters of Antichrist; but to a philosophic eye, the vices of the clergy are far less dangerous than their virtues. After a long series of scandal, the apostolic see was reformed and exalted by the austerity and zeal of Gregory VII. That ambitious monk devoted his life to the execution of two projects. I. To fix in the college of cardinals the freedom and independence of election, and forever to abolish the right or usurpation of the emperors and the Roman people
  7. Erwankerauzen

    The Decline and Fall of Roman Empire (E. GIBBON 1776)

    Sorry you cannot view the pdf in another window, I don't know how to do
  8. A little piece of humour I found reading during lock down, I cannot resist to share, hope you will enjoy These emperors.pdf
  9. Erwankerauzen

    Putting A class in water

    The pb is often to come back on the beach without damaging the boat when there are waves or swell, with the wind in the same direction than the waves. I used to go backward, all up, centerboars & rudders and used to sit in front of the front beam on the windward hull, both legs hanging. The circular track was the middle with the mainsheet free. I tried to be in this position before the "shore-break", then let the waves and the wind push me to the beach, crossing the foam of the "shore break" very easily to arrive in the shallow waters and feeling the ground under my feet before the hull could touch. Of course in 10 feet waves it is probably a bit challenging but up to 4/5 feet it used to work perfectly. Fair wind
  10. Erwankerauzen

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    Is it only a gap or a combination of a gap + perspective of the overlap of the windward side (longer) relative to the leeward side (shorter)? I have not my usual glasses, so I am not sure, but it could make sense the windward side goes further aft than the leeward side when there is camber in the mainsail.
  11. Erwankerauzen

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Wind Apparent I apologize, my natural paranoia suggested me you were a spamdaddy avatar. also, scrolling down kilometers of forum threads is painfull for the finger's articulation at work. Fair wind
  12. Erwankerauzen

    SailGP 2020

    On another website I saw: SAILGP2020 Race 2 LIVE REPLAY Is there an oxymore somewhere ?
  13. Erwankerauzen

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Funny wind_apparent, when arriving on the America's Cup forum, it looks at it is your kindergarden: your name appears on all threads. It is noticeable that you made your registration on SA a few months before Spamdaddy, while you are not spamming all the AC cup threads like Spamdaddy would dream to do. Try to get in touch with him on SailGP20 thread, available on the Multihulls forum, you will fit together perfectly, just like a pair of twins. Have you any keyboard "diahrea"?
  14. Erwankerauzen

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    Now it might be a little bit Off-Topic I guess ? Thanks WA you will make us regret DL
  15. Erwankerauzen

    Historic 18-footers Video

    I have a video tape from Grand Prix Sailing (Year ??) I have to check, I think it is the year when the Forty Niners was launched.(second half of the 90's I guess) Competitors were Ella Bache, maybe Xerox? ... I cannot watch it anymore, if somebody is interested I can see how to put it in digital format, as long as there is no copyright issue. Fair Winds