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  1. I remember climbing around in the bow and making a few changes when we did the other mods, but for the life of me can't remember exactly what we did. It did make the gaps smaller I think and we also tried to reduce the friction so the pole could be moved under moderate load. We also had a little canvas bow condom that we would put on if on a long slog through waves to keep water ingress down.
  2. Windward performance was totally changed with the mods we did. Inhaulers helped with sheeting angles and the trim tab helped with pointing ability. Bulb was also totally changed. Didn't loose any speed downwind, but upwind she worked much better with the changes.
  3. I sailed on the boat for a few years both before and after the refit until we had to put the boat away when Tim Woodhouse (Woody) got sick. That is me next to Tim in the photo from the port quarter. Geoff Van Gorkam http://www.vgyd.com is probably your best source for data on the mod. He did the new keel bulb and trim tab design. I think Ross Weene who was working for Roger Martin at the time may have done the rating calcs and some of the other drawings but I think but he may be harder to track down I do ocassionally see him on facebook, but am not sure where he is working now or what happened to Roger's office (I have since moved to NZ myself). You should be able to contact Geoff thru his website, he does list the project on the site and he sailed aboard a fair bit after the mods. Mods made a huge difference to performance. Helped upwind performance dramatically. Our closest competition was the Club Swan 42's. With the trim tab we could hold with them upwind and then smoke them off the breeze. Besides moving the rig aft and traveler aft, and getting rid of the perm backstay, we also re-ran all the control lines back to the mainsail trimmer. Made a huge difference to trimability of everything. This is also when Tim built the new black square top main (before that was the high roach kevlar one). In light to medium air, we generally kept the mainsheet trimmed on and traveler sheeted. Once the breeze came up we had to spill off the top of the sail quite a bit. We almost never sailed with less than 10 people as you need a lot of hands to get the big blue kite down and the weight on the rail was generally worth it. Besides fixing the lee helm issue, the addition of the trim tab allowed us to point much better and hold a lane off the line and avoid getting shot out the back since generally we were sailing against much bigger boats. Trim tab should be set to keep helm angle at about 2-2.5 times the trim tab angle. We had marks on deck for trim tab angle as well as rudder angle, so I could play the trim tab a bit based on how much helm we had. In terms of mainsail trim, most or our upwind targets were just in Tim's head but we did have a table on the bulkhead that Geoff might still have in a file. Feel free to e-mail me at ibsailn@gmail.com if you want any more trim pointers. I will try to remember what I can. Best boat I ever raced on....somewhat due to the boat but probably mostly due to the great crew we had aboard. Most Tuesday nights included 3-4 naval architects, 3 sailmakers, a boatbuilder, and maybe 2-3 boat captains. All technically pros but just a boat we all really enjoyed sailing. In terms of rating, under PHRF we owed the swan 42's 1 sec/mile I believe....don't remember the actual numbers anymore. IRC rating was absolute joke. We did NYYC race week under IRC and the next smallest boat in our fleet was a kerr 50 I believe and we owed time to a swan 72 which just didn't work on the ocean course for us, but it was fun trying to chase them down anyway. Good luck with the boat and do Woody proud!
  4. ibsailn

    Race Replays

    IM on holiday this week so cant set my Dvr to record it. Arnyone else?
  5. ibsailn

    Race Replays

    Seed is still running. Showing 5 seeds and 1 peer downloading from me currently. Check your trackers. Will keep all seeds running for at least a month or so, but suggest anyone who wants these files for posterity download sooner rather than later.
  6. ibsailn

    Race Replays

    Here is the full coverage from Prime (HD) for today. Includes the race and coverage after. Thanks to Rudder for getting files to us quickly so I didn't have to wait to get home from work to watch replays. Hopefully we won't need to do this again in 3-4 years. America's Cup 35 - 2017 NZLvsUSA Day 5 Race 9 & Awards.mkv.torrent
  7. ibsailn

    Shed a tear for GGYC

    Yep....worst trustees in history....they didn't care from the beginning and certainly didn't take any responsibility once they won. let ACEA walk all over them.
  8. Agree. Taking out the hard wing will save quite a bit of money I reckon and make it easier to push back towards yachtsmen pulling strings, though unless they go the nacra quad-foiler (i.e. both daggerboards stay down), and limit the board angle change, then power is still going to be a significant requirement. I don't like helm nationality rule....what if you are the best helmsman in the world but don't have a team from your country. why should helmsmen be treated any differently than other positions. Fine with 80% nationality, though if sailing crew is only 6 people, then think 2 guys from another country would be fine and would still have a national identity, so I think for smaller crews, you could drop that nationality requirement a bit. Not sure the inner waitamata harbour is big enough.....why not sail off takapuna beach.....plenty of space, chance of some real wind and waves, still plenty of vantages from shore with the walkway along the beach and a big screen on the green. Make TV coverage available on youtube and everyone can stream on their phones or tablets wherever they are.
  9. ibsailn

    Race Replays

    I have lots of free space on my Seedbox, so will keep both my and Rudder's torrents hosted and seeding for at least a few weeks, but am sure I won't keep them forever, so grab them in the next few days while there are still lots of seeds.
  10. ibsailn

    Race Replays

    Just noticed my seed of yesterdays race had stopped......reset and should now finish all of you guys who where sitting on 98%. Will get Todays full coverage pulled off the DVR and transcoded tonight after I get home and will post as soon as I can.
  11. ibsailn

    Race Replays

    Day 4 Race 7 & 8 Prime Freeview coverage (sky replay) Torrent Again HD freview Satellite Feed with all the fluff pre/between/post racing. About 1.5gb America's Cup 35 - 2017 NZLvsUSA Day 4 Race 7-8.mkv.torrent
  12. ibsailn

    Race Replays

    I had to play around a fair bit to find it on my torrent software. In my software, you right click on the torrent and select Edit Torrent, then copy and paste the trackers (listed here back on page 3ish I think). If lots of people are having trouble, I can post on google drive, but as these files are 1.5gb each that eats into my storage allowance pretty quickly.
  13. 1. Hydraulic accumulators seem to be much larger on Oracle (or they use WAY less oil which I find unlikely). 2. NZ can charge up their accumulators VERY quickly, but they do diminish to lowish pressure.
  14. ibsailn

    Race Replays

    Same here....showing 1 peer and no seeds.
  15. ibsailn

    Race Replays

    Seed is still running with 11 seeders. Check your tracker. I have to manually add the trackers to rudder's torrents on my server for Rudder's torrents. I will get to today's racing when I get home after work tonight. DVR was just starting up when I had to leave for work.