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  1. In F1 motorsports we have seen the cars (hardly seem like cars these days) get faster and faster and yet the drivers manage them. A modern F1 race looks like a video game speeded up, yet humans are still driving. Humans adapt. No one who pilots these ocean foilers goes into it unaware. Human's take risks; that's what we do.
  2. Do a look up on the Hobie-21 SC... Yeah, its got those attributes, but what a pig. The guy who had one at Solomon's used to hitch it to his pickup to pull it up on the beach. That is one heavy cat. It's also 10' wide, I think, so issues with trailering.
  3. Just a thought stimulated by an earlier comment from last fall on this thread. I got to race with my buddy in a medium (for the Chesapeake) distance race last fall on his Hobie 20 which he had modified with wings. What a ride! An 18-20' beach cat with wings added is a sweet ride for us older gheezers: comfortable seating, no trapezing needed, and you miss 90% of the spray. In a wild spin run up the Choptank, we just sat on the back corner of the wing and let her fly. If one's considering low cost racing without the comfort/flexibility issues of sailng on a trampoline, this could be a great re-fit to many older beach cats. Add a hard or soft pouch/cuddy and you have a pretty nice set up. I admit it would not be easy to get this type of set up accepted for most of the distance racing on the bay. Thanks to the NASS for allowing beach cats in their Oxford race.
  4. OK, don't mean to hijack this thread, but with all the informed guys here I figure I could get an answer to a burning question. What is the difference between the F27 and the F28? And why do we rarely hear about F28s? Thanks, David