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  1. gideon

    Deep Frying Turkey Aboard

    Turkey Friar.
  2. D&R Marine sells parts specifically for the O'Day Widgeon. I have a widgeon with a rope traveler. It's a simple, flexible system that you can easily adjust to suit your boat and needs. I wouldn't bother making the traveler length adjustable, it's not a racing boat. One option is to tie the traveler block to the centre of the rope, or use a couple of stoppers to limit the movement of the block. That way you can get pretty good control over the balance between inward and downward pull on the mainsheet. You may as well keep the existing bracket on the mast for the vang, unless it appears to be damaged or corroded.
  3. gideon

    Competing at 150 kg

    Huh - what difference does the downhaul make to righting?
  4. I think there is a lot to like in the Schickler Tagliapietra concept. It reminds me of the Skeeter ice boat (I typed that just before Steve replied, honest). I like that it needs very little energy to operate and that it can maneuver quickly without having to move massive levers up and down. Not having people running from side to side makes it more practical to tack or gybe quickly, which could make the racing more exciting. I also think it makes a lot of sense to have the helm forward so they get the best view all around.
  5. gideon

    Bucket List

    Fair point - but then, it might be possible to have both a canted rig and a self righting system...
  6. gideon

    Bucket List

    Rob, Why not cant the mast to windward? I think it would be more efficient in any wind strong enough to lift the windward hull. Are there are any practical or safety concerns? Also, have you considered designing a mechanical linkage for the rudders, so that they always turn together in opposite directions (opposite phase)? That way the helm would only need to hold onto a single stick.