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  1. I'm about to paint my boat - it will be wetsailed from May to October. It's gelcoat now. No crane in Olympia so we trailer launch. Boat is kept at the marina with the mast up. I have a custom trailer with an 8 foot extension and it works fine with the crew. Not so good for sailing with the wife or girlfriend. Might be tricky to launch with the stock trailer but I suppose it depends on the ramp in question. PM with your email and I'll send you a crappy pick of the zero. Can't deal with pics on this shit website anymore. I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Reese - Oly.
  2. I race an Antrim 27 in Olympia (Hobie Dog's old boat from the East coast). It does really well in 0 to 4. Most clubs don't race in this light of breeze but we do. I wouldn't worry about it's performance in light air. Just add a code zero and you're good. Awesome boats. I don't know the BC boat for sale, but I assume that's why you're asking. Looks like a clean boat for a good price to me. Buy it! Let's race!
  3. 6 gallons of barrier coat on a J80? Do you mean quarts?
  4. Yale Phd spliced to amsteel for the purchase part. That will be my next mainsheet. Light and good hand.
  5. You see that half model on the wall? Now, stick it up my ass. Push it in and out at a medium pace. Talk about your old boyfriend's dick and how big it was. Now shave off my pubs and punch me in the face.
  6. I've wondered about that. I have a bunch of spinnakers and the newer cuts certainly work better at all angles, however the Antrim pole arc is like 30 degrees so it does allow you to sail lower than other light sprit boats like a Melges 24. I think the idea is still valid with new kite designs but really pays dividends on longer races. Short windward leeward courses I don't see a ton of gains.
  7. 6 months in saltwater?
  8. Thanks for the comments. Jim has already been a big help in getting me up to speed on the boat. I was curious to hear from others how they actually sail with articulating bow sprits since it's a topic I've never seen discussed. Sounds like I'm on the right track. solosailor - you must be the owner of Outsider. I always love seeing pictures of your boat! Gybing the pole is all about consistent driver/crew rhythm. Swinging the pole around too fast through a gybe in big breeze is a guaranteed knockdown. We tend to just center the pole, then gybe then once up on a plane it's not hard to crank back a bit.
  9. I've raced an Antrim 27 on Puget Sound for a few years. Still learning the boat. I love the articulation bow sprit but learning what is fast has been trial and error. I’m looking for input from other articulating sprit sailors. We typically go pole forward in 0 to 5 to 7 and reach for speed. Then pole back in soak mode from 7 to 15. Then pole forward or slightly back while planing in 15+. I have polars but that doesn’t help with pole angle. Using the butt dyno here folks. We’ve done mostly point to point racing, but when sailing shortish windward/leeward courses it’s easier to come up with some bull shit plan of what is fast… Cheers.
  10. Which hull? Hull 10. in Olympia. 50921? A whole lotta effort went into keeping that hull clean. That's the one TBone. 50921, formerly Little Lattitudes, then went to BC and sat on a trailer for a few years. Now in Olympia. There are a couple of small repairs under the waterline - do you know anything about that? I live two blocks from the marina, so she's getting wet. Trailer launching is not an option anymore. I've been trailer launching for the last two years from a different marina. No cranes in Olympia.
  11. My boat had a few NX2 muti displays. One was completely full of water when I bought the boat. I dried it our and it worked fine. The GNX is bonded glass setup, so much different. Quality seems good. Speed to one decimal is fine with me... I'm not that good of a sailor. I'm not sticking up for Garmin here, just saying that I like the GNX so far and I had experience with the NX2 in the past - pre Garmin. Send me a PM if you want to buy the NX2s for cheap. One is NOT waterproof the other gets foggy ;-)
  12. Which hull? Hull 10. in Olympia.
  13. Give an update on what you do. I'm about to paint a naked Antrim 27. Thought about different paints but will likely be back to barrier coat and Baltoplate. Let us know what you choose for paint. Thanks.
  14. Following up on this thread. I did install two GNX 21s on my Antrim 27 and really like them. I was able to reuse my Nexus fluxgate compass with the garmin black box and tie everything into NEMA 2000. It's a pretty clean set up, simple, economical and easy to read in the sun or fog. Thinking of adding the gwind wireless 2 pack but agin, have not seen any reports on this site.
  15. Antrim 27. Less money, less crew, super fun. 4 in the PNW already.