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  1. Boatzilla

    truth to power?

    Seems like an odd discussion. They hauled ass pretty much the whole way there. I don't think they spent much time wagging their keel to make forward progress. But a canting keel IS a non-human powered device that makes the boat faster when sailing... Hat's off to the Beaver crew. Awesome sailing!
  2. Boatzilla

    Antrim 27 replacement winches

    Thanks. PM me the details.
  3. Harken 16.2 two speeds are starting to sound like an ill diesel truck even after maintenance. Looks for suggestions for replacements. Light two speeds for a sport boat? Thanks!
  4. Boatzilla

    Garmin gWind Wireless 2

    Not sounding promising. Thanks for the reviews Txbdd & ryley. Would be great to hear more feedback if anyone has it.
  5. Nice vid! Spin sheets don't run up to the cabin top? Just one winch up there?
  6. Boatzilla

    Dyneema Deck Railings

    Thanks for the input. I've done lifelines on number of boats and never had any problem with creep like those mentioned above. Having your whole crew hiked off the rail on a single line probably takes the creep out pretty fast. Lashing at one end makes for an easy adjustment. I've used mostly 1/4 amsteel since it's cheap and bullet proof. UV is not a big issue here. Just curious if anyone had done this on their homes. Sounds like the answer is no. Stainless eventually goes to shit too, so nothing is perfect.
  7. Boatzilla

    Dyneema Deck Railings

    So SS cable deck railing is great for residential applications. So, why not go with dyneema and save of the fittings and cable? Online searches are not turning up anything, so I thought I'd ask the crew? I've got a big deck project going in on a boathouse. SS is just too expensive, but I'm very familiar with splicing and working with dyneema. Repeat - this is not for a boat, it's for new residential construction of a boathouse. Thanks!
  8. Boatzilla

    Garmin gWind Wireless 2

    Right - I get it. I don't give a shit about compatibility, just looking to hear from someone that has installed this god damned thing. Apparently no one has.
  9. Boatzilla

    Garmin gWind Wireless 2

    ANT lets you go straight from the wind transducer to a comparable garmin chart plotter or garmin GNX wind instruments. Takes the wire and the black box out of the equation. I'm already running a garmin black box to put my old Nexus fluxgate compass on NMEA2K and it works great.
  10. Boatzilla

    Garmin gWind Wireless 2

    Any reviews of this system? ANT technology that can go straight to a compatable chart plotter. Lag time? Potentially adding to a sport boat for polars & distance racing. Cheap option give the boat's current setup. Thanks & cheers!
  11. Boatzilla

    Club racer electronics

    Holy fuck get your head out of the boat and sail. You know what's fast? Time in the saddle... (with good crew)
  12. Boatzilla

    Find me a 30 footer in PNW with a turn of speed

    I picked up an Ericson built Olson 911-S from Tyee Marina. Big-ass 30 footer and sails well. We are pretty happy with the new family cruiser. Thanks for the leads and input on the hunt. Cheers.
  13. Boatzilla

    Find me a 30 footer in PNW with a turn of speed

    Good to hear that Kodiak is on her way back and that the Wilderness 30 is getting some love. For now I'm enjoying the Antrim 27 with the floorboard and full cushions - cruise mode! Did a bunch of great family sailing this past weekend with just the jib.
  14. Boatzilla

    Find me a 30 footer in PNW with a turn of speed

    I'd buy the Davidson 29 w/ no mast and bring her back. PM me if you have any info. I assume this is Kodiak? The Wilderness 30 sold for 3.5K. Oly owner quit paying moorage and so it went fast. Project for sure, but cool boat.