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  1. Well shit. I contacted the owner of Ripple a few times over the last three years. First time I got, "not selling," and then no response after that. I would have loved to be the one surveying and buying this boat. Maybe my chance will come up again someday. Hopefully the boat gets the love it needs and gets off the damn dock!
  2. Boatzilla

    Retrofit a spinnaker retrieval line?

    I've looked into this as well for an Antrim 27. We also go into the companion way hatch but it kinda fills up the boat even with a bag on sliders. Some of the J/88s have a system with roller(s) on the bow hatch with a sock. This system looks cool as sort of a scaled down TP52 system.
  3. Boatzilla

    yesterday, say hello to today

    Huge boner! That pic exaggerates the rocker. It's the standard A27 trailer dummy. Wicked boat. At stiffer boat is a faster boat.
  4. Boatzilla

    truth to power?

    Seems like an odd discussion. They hauled ass pretty much the whole way there. I don't think they spent much time wagging their keel to make forward progress. But a canting keel IS a non-human powered device that makes the boat faster when sailing... Hat's off to the Beaver crew. Awesome sailing!
  5. Boatzilla

    Antrim 27 replacement winches

    Thanks. PM me the details.
  6. Harken 16.2 two speeds are starting to sound like an ill diesel truck even after maintenance. Looks for suggestions for replacements. Light two speeds for a sport boat? Thanks!
  7. Boatzilla

    Garmin gWind Wireless 2

    Not sounding promising. Thanks for the reviews Txbdd & ryley. Would be great to hear more feedback if anyone has it.
  8. Nice vid! Spin sheets don't run up to the cabin top? Just one winch up there?
  9. Boatzilla

    Garmin gWind Wireless 2

    Right - I get it. I don't give a shit about compatibility, just looking to hear from someone that has installed this god damned thing. Apparently no one has.
  10. Boatzilla

    Garmin gWind Wireless 2

    ANT lets you go straight from the wind transducer to a comparable garmin chart plotter or garmin GNX wind instruments. Takes the wire and the black box out of the equation. I'm already running a garmin black box to put my old Nexus fluxgate compass on NMEA2K and it works great.
  11. Boatzilla

    Garmin gWind Wireless 2

    Any reviews of this system? ANT technology that can go straight to a compatable chart plotter. Lag time? Potentially adding to a sport boat for polars & distance racing. Cheap option give the boat's current setup. Thanks & cheers!