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  1. Merlin at 75 mph

    The video makes it look like a short hoist on the main halyard. May just need a few turns during a luff or tack
  2. Very true. Trafficking involves many levels of manipulation up to and including physical restraint. Often the trafficked sex workers are underage, come from good homes, and are recruited via the internet. Sneaking out of the house to meet a new online "friend" ends up being a multi-week nightmare of being trafficked. I've seen multiple cases in suburban, urban and rural areas. The more we all learn about this the better chance we have of keeping other unwilling persons from this horror.
  3. J70, cheating and pros

    F1 has strict measurement of all cars on a regular basis and then does spot checks on the winning cars. THis is not really a valid comparison for sailing regattas. The assumption that only the top 5 boats need to be measured and legal discredits the efforts of all other racers. All boats should measure properly so the 30th boat knows the 28th place boat didn't beat him/her due to an illegality. The fact that our sport has this problem....is a problem. Well done ITA J70 class association for taking proper steps to run a legitimate world championships. BRAVO!! This should be a mandate for all regattas.
  4. Live Racing Thread

  5. Live Racing Thread

    hmm, maybe so. But i still think in the ultra light, he is trying to give it a little extra camber. Perhaps beyond the settings as they have not anticipated 1-3 knots. One reason being no one can finish a race in that light a breeze so why engineer
  6. Live Racing Thread

    No. Lack of wind pressure sufficient to keep the wing "popped" in correct position He was pulling the leeward sheet to keep max camber. Nothing to worry about for TNZL fans.
  7. Live Racing Thread

    I'm pretty sure the spectator fleet began moving onto the course after the second downwind, thinking it was the more common 7 leg race. Since it was 9 legs the racers came back up wind right at them. JPN went to the other side of the course and wasn't as affected. A bad situation for sure.
  8. Live Racing Thread

    appreciate your perspective. It looked like BAR had a piece of them
  9. 2017 California Offshore Race Week

    Wow what a night. Glad to hear they are safe. reminds me of another story of a short boat pitch poling just south of that area. TJR
  10. 2017 California Offshore Race Week

    great to see both were pulled off safely. Now Snafu is making a straight drift to the rocks. Hopefully someone in Morro Bay YC can head out and drag her home
  11. Live Racing Thread

    That was pure BS against Artemis. NZL tried to get down to them while on starboard and could not. By the time their jib and wing jibed Artemis was going to clear. another way to look at it - Burling pressed deep to get to them and then when he couldn't and needed to jibe he was wide of the mark and claimed a lack of room to maneuver. You can't have it both ways. SWE should have that win on their score card.
  12. Windy Tower Race Santa Barbara 4/8/17

    Can we get a 6th J/125 to enter transpac?? I think we still need to get a 5th entered. then 6, 7,
  13. Vimeo and Youtube music copyright

    Haha to Dilligaf. I'm not attempting to steal from artists. Unless its Woody and his pictures of floppy hats and low hanging .... He's still pissed I sent his pics to Broadsdogsandfrogs.com To be clear, I don't wish to "steal" from artists. I didn't use Napster and even lectured my then young teens about artist rights. I am just trying to: 1) See if/how others are doing it legally, and 2) if there is a pay for play system I can be part of where I can insert certain tunes and not get yanked. Starting to sound like a broken record so I'll bow out but thanks to all who played and helped with solid information. Cheers
  14. Vimeo and Youtube music copyright

    Thank you fast bottoms. Here is a scenario. My father likes Sinatra. I create a little video of him doing something like sailing or model airplane flying. If i inlay a bit of Sinatra music and post to youtube, it may get flagged and pulled. I understand why. But I see other great videos using big artist music that doesn't get pulled. Is there a higher level of youtube / Vimeo membership that I can purchase that allows this to be done? I.e., embedded copyright music within my video for certain sections, not purchased as a mass overlay. I'm sure this bores some of the more skilled but it is something I cant seem to grasp how others do exactly what i wish to do but I receive the big brother buzz kill.
  15. Vimeo and Youtube music copyright

    thank you #13! good info. anyone else have in[ut?