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  1. Rantifarian

    Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    Pity, those capes can get up and boogie in some breeze.
  2. Rantifarian

    ARC 2017

    On paper the ts42 doesn't look too wild, just a nice, moderate, cruiser racer. Polyester can't hide anything too exotic, and an alloy rig. Awesome to see it keeping up with the big toys
  3. A few people do cruises up the qld coast in beach cats. An old couple I yacht sail with did from mooloolaba to Yeppoon in a nacra 5.0, and there were a couple of crazies that went up to Airlie in a pair of f18's, with a few mods. That looked like an awesome trip. Thereare a few problems with long raid races around here: down south there are mostly surf beaches, which are impossible to launch through with any swell running. North of Gladstone there are toothy lizards in any creek or river. A raid race around SEQ, inside moreton, would be awesome.
  4. Rantifarian

    Rushour on its roof.

    So Drew, in the same situation, would you dump main and bear off, or dump jib and head up? Everyone talks about having a hand on the main, but it is often luffing and partially depowered in these sorts of conditions anyway. Jib is almost always full and powered up
  5. Rantifarian

    Club/offshore racers in Aus up to $80k AUD

    Old results for outside edge give it an IRC of 1.074. Not bad if it's sailing to that rating
  6. Rantifarian

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I am somewhat familiar with Arcadia, yes . . . I'm pretty sure the new owner has made a few mods, anchor windlass and hot water were on the cards I think. It still seems to be doing ok so he can't have put too much shit onboard
  7. Rantifarian

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    One for the road looks to be an A40, Arcadia is an a40rc. Slightly newer design, a little quicker around the track, and a slightly better IRC rating. The a40rc are great w/l machines, not as strong reaching, especially in heavy air. Have a look at what sort of legs were in a race before making too many conclusions between the boats.
  8. Rantifarian

    O/T - Moving to Australia; Boston Suburbs to Sydney

    School year is end of January to start of December, our big holidays are summer. There are 4 terms, with 2 weeks off at Easter, June/July, and September, then the big 6 weeks over summer. If you have specific school questions, PM me
  9. Rantifarian

    Trophy Vendors - Any Recommendations?

    Top quality work, and Steve will make the trophies up to match a picture if you give him time. The pictures on the website don't really convey how cool they are IMO
  10. Rantifarian

    My newest project

    Too many small, innefficient breweries making niche beers that rely on novelty buying. Punch in the face hops levels in IPA styles, or the super elaborate flavours being jammed into stouts and porters would be examples. TheAustralian craft beer world is being bought up buy the big guys, they lose some individuality and freedom and gain distribution and consistency. I believe there are some microbreweries that have the old flagship craft beers produced in mass production by the big guys and still play on their old gear with seasonal and odd beers.
  11. Rantifarian

    My newest project

    Keeps them busy in winter
  12. Rantifarian

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    This was the new section jack, only put in less than 18 months before Marcia. Maybe additions get to use the old height, rather than full compliance with new regs?
  13. Rantifarian

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    It's popular with all marina owners. The coloured caps on the tips of the piles were being knocked off the top by the pontoon when the cyclone went through Yeppoon, another 300mm of surge or swell and there would have been an ugly pile up at marina management's door
  14. There are films available that dramatically reduce heat inside while retaining visibility. Look into some of the 3m ones, they are expensive but they are great. Gin palace catamarans have similar window styles
  15. Rantifarian

    My newest project

    I add the occasional stupid question. In my mind you were about to do the next step of sea trials, in some breeze maybe? Is there much more planned with no1 before it gets sent wherever home is?