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  1. Rantifarian

    personal ocean race gear

    Good quality, comfortable, cotton free jocks. Probably some nice, cotton free quick drying socks too
  2. I have races against boats who did not carry all of the required equipment, and who had Spinnakers of questionable size and number appear during races, and never did anything about it. For some reason, only boats known for their strict adherence to the rules ever seemed to be audited post race . . . Given this steaming turd of an outcome, what is the proper process for ensuring a boat you suspect does not comply is investigated? Is it a protest? What about a boat who has never taken the required water and fuel, same steps?
  3. Rantifarian

    GB5508 Rebuild - Soma's Project

    The 3m UV films are very good, significant heat reduction even with minimal visual change. The auto vinyl wrap people seem quite skilled and cheap for installation too
  4. Rantifarian

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Come on now Jack . . . . It's thirsty work watching a tracker with updates that slow
  5. Rantifarian

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    Ugly finish for ichi and friends, every time I look at the tracker speeds are dropping. They have been about an hour away for an hour!
  6. Rantifarian

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    You can run in as many divisions as you want for most passage races in Aus, since it's all run at the same time and just different numbers crunched at the end. It will usually cost you a few dollars though
  7. Rantifarian

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    I've got a few pesos on alive and voodoo, hoping one pulls off a win
  8. Is one of these ever going to be finished and sailing?
  9. Rantifarian

    onboard coffee??

    Almond milk with coffee can be pretty good, soy milk always tastes a little like dirt
  10. Rantifarian

    elliot 780 - solo

    What, in particular, needs work on the e780 rig and rudder? We have picked up the ESPX public enemy and need to build a lifting rudder.
  11. Rantifarian

    onboard coffee??

    They make a little noise, but it's a nice satisfying crunch rather than an electromechanical whirr. They are also quite quick if you are grinding coarse, it can take a while for fine grinds.
  12. Rantifarian

    onboard coffee??

    When someone drops your grinder base for you, it turns out that bell canning jars have the same diameter and thread.
  13. Rantifarian

    PHRF is not run by self-interested clowns

    Who else is more qualified to handicap boats than designers, builders and sail makers? Their lives revolve around boats, they see more and in more detail than any owner.
  14. Rantifarian

    onboard coffee??

    I've been looking for something like the java jug for ages, thanks! We use an aeropress when sitting around with nowhere to be, but have a stash of coffee bags for when it's all too rushed. The Robert Timms extra strong ones are an improvement over instant for minimal extra effort.
  15. Rantifarian

    Sydney To Hobart 2018

    The boat is fresh out of the shed according to Facebook, getting a bit of structure added before heading out. Their nav is a pretty switched on fella, no idea about the rest of the crew.