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  1. West Michigan Thread

    The WMYSA dates on that race schedule are not correct. They are as follows: June 30 at MBYC July 14 at Spring Lake July 28 at White Lake Aug 11 at MYC Also, the MYC Ulrich Junior regatta date has not been set - but it is likely to be Aug 19 in conjunction with the Harbor Hospice event. Please update the schedule to reflect those corrections. Thanks!
  2. S2 7.9 Questions

    I've also done all this on my S2 9.1. Every hole recored and resealed. My boat is now dry as a bone. Working from below if possible greatly reduces the complexity of the task. Doing that also makes this a great opportunity to replace the headliner fabric (often quite stained on boats of this age). You can easily obtain the OEM headliner fabric from many RV fabric supply sources. There also are tons of helpful threads and comments regarding this process on both the S2 7.9 and S2 9.1 web sites.
  3. Rules Question; Prohibiting Certain Types of Protests

    Agreed re the weight thing being the primary issue here. My point was simply that much of the rigidity (in general) found in the RRS can be originally linked back to liability (or covering everyone's asses) - in that if NORs andSIs don't properly apply the RRS, then Gowry and potentially other insurance coverages may not apply. That's the world I live in as a PRO. Hence my commentary from a broader perspective. I do think there is some room to accommodate the weight issue here, but clearly there are some peripheral "rules" and outlying organizations that will have to bend a bit to enable modifying the SIs in a way that retains the intent of the RRS...
  4. Rules Question; Prohibiting Certain Types of Protests

    As someone who I know possesses above average knowledge of insurance, Glenn, you are intimately familiar with why all this complexity exists: liability and a litigious society. I very much share your view that it should be simpler and easier to engage in the sport - but all of us (and especially me as a Certified Race Officer) have been forced to "play the game by the rules" if we want to avoid risking our net worth and financial existence every time we leave the dock. It is my humble opinion that society (and our sport) started down this slippery slope when greed and personal gain eclipsed "doing the right thing" for the "good of the collective whole". Unless societal attitudes change, I'm afraid we are stuck in a world where legal liabilities will influence everything we do - including those activities we'd like to view as "fun". (sigh)
  5. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    I got the PSA email too. I clicked the PreOrder link and the price is $990 !!!!!!! I couldn't find any monetary exchange rate info - but if that is in USD, that's a freaking ridiculous price! I can buy 4-5 Intensity "practice" sails for the same money and have plenty of fun on my local pond. And… given the breathtaking absence of a "local dealer" in my part of the world, I didn't bother to inquire about shipping the damn thing half way around the globe from PSA down under. Makes a guy wonder how much of that $990 is going into ILCA's slush fund… Suffice to say, the 3 Lasers in our household won't be jumping on the new sail band wagon.
  6. Best "Not a Truck" tow vehicle

    Why not simply slide the 7.9 into the horse trailer? Sure would keep the yacht clean when driving snow covered roads to head south in the winter. By the looks of this picture, you might even be able to fit the mast inside that trailer?
  7. West Michigan Thread

    The boat closest to you is an S2 10.3 meter called "Abbie Normal". The boat "Tenacity" with the blue and green graphics is an S2 9.1 Meter. I know both owners and have contact info for both. Send me a PM if you want contact info.
  8. West Michigan Thread

    It would simply be nice if water levels go up enough that we don't have to dredge the MYC marina yet another time this year….
  9. West Michigan Thread

    Great shot! I was the PRO for this regatta and my kids were both skippering boats. Great event with two flights of 21 Club 420s each and 7 Lasers on the water. Props to the Spring Lake Sailing Team for serving up an amazing thanksgiving style meal as part of the event. Quite possibly the biggest turkey leg I've ever eaten. I felt like Fred Flintstone. Thanks for the photo!
  10. Chicago Area III

    A follow-up to my query above regarding Chicago river bridges. Here is a link to a documentary recently produced about the bridges in Chicago. The short trailer on the web site reveals some interesting facts I did not know. http://chicagodrawbridges.com/Home_Page.php
  11. Chicago Area III

    Thanks for the river feedback!!! Your suggestions give me something to search on Google Earth.
  12. Chicago Area III

    Looking for some local knowledge from the Chicago crowd: My 14 year old son is fascinated by trains and the various swing and lift bridges that carry trains over rivers, etc. We're contemplating doing a Chicago "river tour" on our 18ft center console to get a closer look at bridges going over the rivers & channels in the Chicago area. Where should we consider going? Are there any navigational challenges we should be mindful of? Where would be a good place to launch our boat? Any and all local knowledge would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    + 1,000,000,000,000
  14. Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    so what does this mean? (see link below) Appears to me that the trademark was somehow denied? http://trademarks.justia.com/857/79/kirby-torch-85779037.html
  15. West Michigan Thread

    BIG +1 regarding the MYC Junior Sailing Fundraiser this weekend (March 23) at Dockers in Muskegon !!!!! I have a purchase agreement in hand to buy 3 more Optis for the program. Just need your support to sign it and seal the deal! In other news, Musketucky's own Andy B and his ice boat made the top of today's Scuttlebu** daily news: http://email.sailingscuttlebutt.com/t/ViewEmail/j/1B1EBB3457441F76/5ED73CC6C2FA6469C67FD2F38AC4859C