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  1. Re-routed my sunday run so I could swing by the yard and take a look at the boat. It's absolutely stunning in person -- if you're in Seattle, you should really swing by. While I was gawking and stretching two different people pulled off of Shilshole to stare too. Beautiful boat.
  2. Drawing 8 and a half feet with a bulb on the bottom, I'd imagine it can carry quite a bit of sail. It just can't do it anywhere near me. That has to be a MkII Riptide 35. And must have been the second one as 1)the first MKII is dry moored at my club. 2)I didn't recognize anyone in that pic and I would know. So were is the 2ndone in that pic? Great boat. Won Straits race overall. I had the privilege to know & sail on Jonathan & Libby McKee's Riptide 44 "Dark Star". We won Div. 1 and a 2nd OA in Straits '12. Designed as a performance cruiser/racer and pretty comfy but we saw the boat do 14 to 15 knots all the time at around 20 WS @ about 140. Rock steady too. Great interior, great build. Not your Dad's Bunter or Bendytoy. Real boat. There's a article on the SA FP years ago ('06 maybe?)and I can't find it sothis will have to do: http://www.biekerboats.com/Bieker_Boats/Riptide_44.html Pretty groovy cruising boat huh? Maxx - that's awesome. Thanks for chiming in on the thread. Can you tell us more about the equalization on the water ballast? How long does it take to switch sides? Is it purely gravity fed or are there pumps? Just curious about the realities of sailing with such a setup. I sailed on the MkI Riptide 35 for a while. The water ballast was a real pain for buoy racing -- it took about 90 seconds to transfer, and transferred via gravity (meaning you had to transfer ballast, then tack). And then you dumped it all at the windward mark, only to immediately start planning to fill. The fill used an electric pump from a thru-hull, and a manual pump. I was the 'manual pump' guy. But for distance races it was awesome. (and the rest of the boat was amazing -- definitely the most fun I've ever had sailing). I think the new boats have a sump with a submerged pump that fills the tanks much quicker. Paul came sailing with us once and described how he'd do the system differently were he to do it again. He struck me as a really nice guy, who was always thinking of the way to do something better. I learned a lot from him that afternoon.
  3. Funny. We were just considering turning an old rotten thistle we have into a bookshelf. I think we've settled on using it as a launch though.
  4. +3 Agree. I think this boat could fit in any one of the three. But I'll put it here because it's on CL: https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/boa/4072110235.html "Home made custom 8 foot near new, river pram by retired general contractor, 300 hours to build, flat bottom, high freeboard, 1/2 inch Ecuadorian and U.S. marine plywood, oak guards, all brass screws, brass protection at leading edges, 2 stern, 1 bow, natural finish. This is a one of a kind gem looking for an appreciative owner. "
  5. Clicked on the ad because I thought the boat had nice lines. Anyone know what it is? Hope it wasn't really destroyed... http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/boa/3997909546.htm l "Steve Brown and Guy Crow both conspired to Destroy my boat. They did this without notifying me and tried to charge me moorage owed by a previous tenant after assuring me clear title. The boat was a classic and in very good condition. I am not the only one they have scammed on. They will tell you one thing then screw you the first chance they get. That's been my experience. PLEASE be careful, I do not recommend this marina. Feel free to contact me for details. Here is a picture of the boat they destroyed."
  6. I've enjoyed this thread quietly, because it's been such a joy to watch you all work and I'd had nothing to add but admiration and a huge thanks for sharing. But I thought I'd chime in on this... Assuming you're talking about the 'hook-and-hook' 3M velcro -- from my experience the glue on the back of the tape is not nearly as strong as the hooks. On most applications we've used it on that are even infrequently accessed, the glue ends up pulling off eventually. Where we've got it to work, it's required a lot of surface prep -- and even then, I'm skeptical that it will hold long term (with several uses). It's good for attaching things, but I'm not sure it's the best solution for a hatch that will be opened and shut occasionally. You guys probably already know this and have a clever solution to it, but in case you didn't, I figured it might help. Thanks for sharing, and can't wait to see the boat sailing around the sound!
  7. That boat's been there for quite a number of years. I was working on another boat at Bell Harbor a couple of years ago. At the time, that boat had a multi-generational family living aboard -- there had to be at least 7 people living on it, between grandmother, parents, and kids. One of the daughters was kind of hot. But she never said hi to me.
  8. Way to go out on a limb. Thanks for the pics
  9. So does anyone else keep think of Jonestown? Is Reidy starting another People's Temple? Who plays Congressman Ryan? http://www.rollingstone.com/culture/news/in-the-valley-of-the-shadow-of-death-guyana-after-the-jonestown-massacre-19790125?print=true https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonestown
  10. Is that the skinny Perry boat?