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  1. Pit Bull ban in your community

    OGFD - that is not true, that IS exactly the stuff that gets publicized in every article about a pit bull, you just have to read further in each article to get to it. It is normally positioned in about the 4th or 5th paragraph of each story right after the first couple paragraph's tell about the dog attacking someone. It is normally the owner, or a neighbor saying "I am so surprised it maimed that (person/pet/horse) because....He hasn't attacked, maimed, snarled, lunged or growled at any of them. He has encountered 100's of dogs. He's barked at some of them. Dogs do that. Mostly, he plays nice with them. He hasn't killed, or attacked any of the stray cats or squirrels or rabbits that come into our yard. He hasn't killed the cats, birds, fish, turtles or snakes he shares the house with." OGFD, you I feel, unfortunately, you are the exception to the rule as far as pit bull owners go and that we definitely wouldn't be reading about as many of these attack if more were like you.
  2. Pit Bull ban in your community

    This 9 year old has balls of steel.... January 5th, Bakersfield, CA - A 9-year-old Bakersfield boy is getting a lot of attention after saving a girl from a vicious pit bull. Drew Heredia and his female friend were walking the girl's small dog when the pit bull attacked it. The girl tried to intervene but then the pit bull turned the attack on her. Heredia didn't run away but instead he jumped on the pit bull and applied a choke hold that he learned at a local Brazilian jiu-jitsu studio. Heredia held the dog in the chokehold until an animal control officer arrived. The girl was taken to the hospital with numerous puncture wounds. She and her dog are expected to recover. Linky to site pasted from...
  3. Pit Bull ban in your community

    Serious? Type of power boat.
  4. Pit Bull ban in your community

    Loopy, While I am on the fence about this controversy, your argument is weak, at best. "Were you killed by a Pittbull in a past life? Maimed by one in this life. What exactly is your problem with them. AND before you tell me what your problem is what is your Actually personal Real life experience with the dogs? " -- Do I have to have been maimed in a car accident to be a proponent of wearing seatbelts? "As has been pointed out Pittbulls don't bite people more often than other dogs do. It just happens to hurt a whole lot more." -- hurt a lot more to the point of death in more cases than the less hurtful bites of other dogs. Big difference. "pittbulls do not just suddenly go wild and assault people. They just like other dogs need to be provoked and it takes a shit load more to provoke a pitt than it does a shepherd." -- Let's see how quick you find the weakness of your first point by using the same logic on you here..... Have you seen any pittbull attacks? How many have you witnessed in person and known the full situation? Did the kid that it killed in the attack do anything that would have caused other breads to kill it? And before you tell me what your problem is with peoples concerns about the safety of dealing with this bread, what is your actual life experience of being involved in one of these attacks that resulted in maiming and/or fatality? I do see your passion for the dog and appreciate it. I don't respect your lack of ability to grasp the point that others see that most pittbull owners are in the same position the owners of the dogs in the attacks were prior to their dog being involved in an attack. How many times do you hear in these pittbull attacks stories the owner, or neighbor say"I can't believe it, that was the nicest, most tame and calm dog I have known. There were no signs that this was going to happen." "I have no respect for most peoples opinion on the dogs because that opinion is made up of ignorance. Most peoples!!! Your injection into this thread of sensational news print and Harsh unprovable statements has gotten annoying. Say something real or shut up already. Jeeezz" --- Were you talking to yourself when you wrote that? Other than OGFD, most pittbull owners I know also have Scarab, not that there is anything wrong with that. Education and responsibility are big parts of safely owning a pittbull in my opinion. Unfortunately, most of our population doesn't have the education and practice the responsibility OGFD does. This means any irresponsible idiot can own a pittbull. Unfortunately, this means it is easier for a City Council to ban the breed instead of trying to insure that only the responsible people like OGFD have one. OGFD, don't hate me because I called you responsible.