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  1. I wonder if that cash price is a phone number.
  2. That was the most vile discusting I thing I've ever read. So glad he has been shit canned. Condolences Bob. Maybe we can move on to the carbon cutters, cool boats, and other more up lifting threads and forget about that shit ball.
  3. Yeah, I miss him also. Loved it when he would stop by the yard for chat. Made my day.
  4. Kim, In the stern view picture, is that Ted Pike (RIP) up forward?
  5. Seaview boat yard in Bellingham has a long dock that has only two boats on it. I don't think it has 30 amp but does have 110. Not sure they rent space on it or not. You could try calling them. Ask to talk to Tiel Reese. Good luck
  6. Bob, sorry if you already covered this. Is the hull build going to be composite similar to Frankie? Thanks.
  7. Thanks for sharing Bob. The joiner work looks very nice. I like theT&G bulkheads. Yellow cedar with teak trim? Sand blasted hatches look great!
  8. Yup, that's the one. Is it the angle or are you passing that black-hulled yawl/ketch in the background?! Trust me. it's the angle. Work progresses on the Mighty Catboat, name to be disclosed when I get the new sternboard made. The new gaff jaws have been laminated but are a long way from being fitted and the sealer coat of varnish just went on the hatch and tiller today. The big digger in the hatch is still visible, but short of removing 1/4 inch of teak I don't know what else to do. It looks better anyway and 10 or 12 coats of varnish might hide it even more. I'm still considering replacing the throat gasket with dyneema when I put carbo blocks on the running rigging. It might be a little kinder to the varnish on the spar. Any thoughts? Re Hatch: Maybe a simple inlay of some sort?
  9. Vic Carpenter designed and built some beautiful cold molded boats. Sorry can't post any pictures.
  10. Is that Carpenter as in Vic Carpenter ? Not sure about the first name.
  11. An old picture of our Columbia 39 sailing in Port Townsend in the mid 90s. and on the hard in S.F for a new bottom
  12. Fun thread. Maybe a little info about the boat and where your sailing.
  13. Oh.........you want a great dog book............... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B004CFA9R8/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1 Just don't read the last few chapters on a crowded plane...............never mind why. Great book. There are two versions of that book." Racing in the rain" is for young adults. "The art of racing in the rain" is the adult version. Very sorry about your dog. Keep in mind the Rainbow Bridge
  14. Bob, Is hull one in the woodshop yet? Next time you get up that way I would love to see some pictures of that part of the operation. Carbon is cool but I'm kind of wood guy ya' know. Thanks, Russell
  15. That boat is the Albert Strange yawl SALLY. She is now in the delta near SF. I tried to cut and paste a link but failed. Damn windows 10. There is some good info out there on her if any one cares to google it. Beautiful boat.