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  1. svitale

    COVID vs Pogo 36 delivery (I’m Fucked)

    Weekly update - a slight improvement Weekly goal is just a linear progression we need to meet to get down to 23k in 31 weeks
  2. svitale

    Rudders and roundup

    But there's no reefing on an Etchells. All you can do is tighten the uppers and lowers, shorten the fore stay, crank on some back stay, cunningham, out hual, and add vang to flatten the hell out of the main. Then you have to ease the traveler and main in the gusts. Of course this assumes you set up the mast step correctly.
  3. svitale

    COVID vs Pogo 36 delivery (I’m Fucked)

    Shaggy, My plan is to spend a week in the area before heading north. That would give me time with Structures, time for them to fix anything, time to outfit the galley etc before heading north. It’s still a long way off but as I get closer, I’ll start exploring all the options such as quarantine or shipping. The good thing is I retire in Dec, so I’ll have plenty of time to figure it out. If they would only let me quarantine in the Alps, with the option of outside exercise. I’d even be willing to use skins and earn my turns. Steve
  4. svitale

    COVID vs Pogo 36 delivery (I’m Fucked)

    The whole intent of the thread is to compare where the US stands vs the level I think will be acceptable for France and the EU to open up for US tourists. As a US citizen, I cannot travel to France right now. The closest I could get is Albania, Croatia, Serbia, or Turkey. Delivery is March 2021 and the Atlantic crossing would be after hurricane season in 2021. I'm just complaining because I want to maximize the time I get to spend in Europe and not leave it on the hard for six months. I'd also like to see the trend start to go down by the time they start building it in October.
  5. svitale

    2020 tropical storm season

  6. svitale

    COVID vs Pogo 36 delivery (I’m Fucked)

    Weekly Update And to top it off, the euro is now at its high for the year since they have their shit together. Way to go USA! There are several ways to get the boat back to the US but my main idea was to do a European delivery kind of like Audi or Porsche. Where you pick it up at the factory, drive it around on vacation and then put it on the boat back to the US. I trust Pogo to do right by me for the final inspection but it would be nice to actually be there to see it in person.
  7. svitale

    2020 tropical storm season

  8. The compression post is a simple engineering concept and they really didn't need to go into that level of detail. I'm not a navel architect but I did get a B is structural steel design. Long compression columns will buckle if they are not restricted from moving horizontally along their length. Some columns may need support every xx feet but if the post is short enough it does not need to be supported. In the case of your compression post, the downward force of the mast is a combination of dead loads and live loads (weight of mast and force of rigging at rest and then the loads of it moving around). These loads are calculated and the cheapest column that can handle downward force is selected. The lateral loads are supported by the connection to the deck.
  9. Found this in the Washington Post updates U.S. pleasure boats are ignoring Canada’s border closure, frustrated boaters say Earlier this summer, Bill Wilson’s friends began telling him they’d spotted boats with American flags cruising through the pristine waters around British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. With its rugged, unspoiled coastline, the island’s inner passage is a dream trip for many recreational boaters, particularly those in nearby Seattle. And although the alarming rate of coronavirus infections in the United States had prompted Canada to close its borders, some boaters were showing up anyway. Wilson, who heads a coalition of the region’s yacht clubs, sent a letter to all 10,000 members and asked them to let him know if they saw U.S. pleasure boats. Soon, he told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp., he was receiving two or three emails a day. Given the increasingly dire state of the U.S. outbreak — which has recently worsened in Washington state — and British Columbia’s success at containing the virus’s spread, Canadian boaters were not thrilled to see their U.S. counterparts showing up at marinas and staying for days. A group of frustrated retirees began monitoring MarineTraffic, a website that tracks commercial ships and large private yachts. Over a month, they spotted roughly 100 American-flagged pleasure boats that appeared to be flagrantly disregarding the border shutdown, the Vancouver Sun reported. Under the “Alaska loophole,” Americans are allowed to travel through Canada if they’re returning to Alaska. But many Canadians believe that exception is being abused. “A lot of these boats appear to be crossing the border and then taking their time and enjoying cruising in Canadian waters,” Wilson told the CBC, noting that one cleared customs and headed north, only to be found moored in a scenic spot off the east coast of Vancouver Island two weeks later. “That doesn’t sound to me like going to Alaska,” he said.
  10. svitale

    COVID vs Pogo 36 delivery (I’m Fucked)

    I've already looked at shipping and it's my last resort. The travel problem for that is I can't go to do the sea trails before it gets shipped. The biggest disappointment is that I have been planning the trip since I put down my deposit in 2018. The plan keeps changing but this would be a major change.
  11. The plan was to take delivery in France on March 1st, cruise up north and then cross the Atlantic to Barbados after hurricane season. But it doesn’t look like US citizens will be allowed in Europe any time soon. After reading an article about travel restrictions between Germany and Luxembourg, it looks like the US needs to get the new cases per week down to 50/100,000 for the travel ban to be lifted. So (331,076,384 x 50)/(100,000 x 7)= 23,648.3 daily cases Cases reported July 14 - 65,594 cases or 277% and July 15 – 71,670 or 303% This will be interesting to track on a weekly basis.
  12. To hell with the debates, lets have a live cognitive test followed by a MENSA test. At least we'll find out if he really is a stable genius. The tests will have to omit the topic of humility, or Trump will claim it was rigged.
  13. Yellowbrick must have some bugs. Some boats are showing the last reported location at 17:30 and some at 18:00. there also seems to me a 20 min delay until they are posted.
  14. svitale

    Hogan throws hat in the ring for 24

    Hogan reminds me of Senator Charles Mathias 1969-87. A Republican in a mostly democratic Maryland that put the people he represented first and the party second. Therefore he has no chance on a national stage unless the GOP implodes in 2020.
  15. svitale

    The F1 2020 thread

    I wish I could hear the engines over the voices of these two brits yelling into their microphones.