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  1. svitale

    COVID vs Pogo 36 delivery (I’m Fucked)

    Thanks for everyone's thoughts and support. No graphic this week but based on Wednesdays data USA has 4.24% population, 32% of cases and 23% of deaths
  2. svitale

    COVID vs Pogo 36 delivery (I’m Fucked)

    It's only about 149,000 cases per day above what I need.
  3. svitale

    Are You a Socialist ?

  4. svitale

    College Football 2020

    Newer helmets have air chambers to customize the fit. Shoulder pads have gotten smaller, and knee pads have disappeared.
  5. 521 Capitol Avenue SE Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
  6. svitale

    Construction of a Pogo 36

    PVC foam going in.
  7. svitale

    March for Trump rally in DC tomorrow.

    twitter makes it easy. just search for million moron march
  8. svitale

    Construction of a Pogo 36

    I have to change it out for the States to 120V when I get back. Ultimately it will be in the cockpit.
  9. svitale

    Construction of a Pogo 36

    I screwed up the translation. They use a clear gelcoat in the bottom of the boat and not just bare glass for quality control Here a picture of today : There is the outside layer of glass fiber fabric, and you can spot the reinforcements with additional layers of fabric, for instance : - where we will cut the windows - for the shrouds - for the rudders - for the saildrive The sticks of yellow foam are there to hold the foam planks that will be put soon.
  10. svitale

    College Football 2020

    Tony Elliott revived the Prevent Offense just like the last time we played ND. The first time we got lucky and stopped the two point conversion. This time they made it to OT. Sometimes we are our worst enemy Looks like we may have two weeks off with the dumpster fire at FSU. Interesting article by Pat Forde on teams that haven’t figured out the modern passing game and have been left behind. FSU, Nebraska, Iowa and others.
  11. svitale

    Construction of a Pogo 36

    Following in the footsteps of @shaggybaxter and his 12.50 thread and the new Pogo 50 thread by @tumbleweed314, I'll be posting photos of the Pogo 36 build. There wasn't a long process on deciding on the 36. I had followed Pogo since they started producing the mini and have price sheets for the Pogo 2 and 40 somewhere on my computer. When they came out with the 36 it was an easy "that's what I want for retirement." I did look at other brands and the 30 and 12.50 but concluded that the 36 was the best option for what I wanted. So I reserved a slot in June 2018 with delivery set for after I retired. It will be used mainly for cruising but I have some friends in Charleston that wouldn't mind racing with wine in the fridge and a lasagna in the oven. My pre covid plan was to pick the boat in France and then sail around northern Europe until hurricane season is over before heading to Barbados and then working my way back home. Depending how the vaccine works out, there is a slight chance it could still happen. If not, I'll ship it to the east coast. Attached is the final PDF with all the options. CC001522.pdf The contract was signed last week and they have already started the build. Coralie sent me 2 photos on Nov 9th. Here are the explanations. The first photo shows the hull with the gelcoat and the first layer of fiber installed. They do not install gelcoat on the bottom so they can do post infusion quality control checks. The green you see is the mold. The visible bumps in the hull create a recess to allow any though hull items to be installed flush with the hull. That’s Guillaume with the blue gloves and Bertrand at Pogo Locating the exact center of the boat, in order to put the foam in symmetrical
  12. Happy to know I'm not alone in my hate for selfie sticks. Can't take another minute of "watch me and the pavement behind me as I walk down the street". Looks even dumber in skiing videos My other pet peeve is having someone sit in a cockpit or salon and tell me what they did instead of actually showing me the footage.