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  1. Rhodes 18 had a small cuddy cabin. Sailed on one of those back then. Sailed Snipes, Comets, Looks like something built in Maine or Cape Cod area. You're thinking of a Rhodes 19..
  2. I the rope goes around the tack ring you might want to be a little careful when you cut off the bolt rope on the foot.
  3. If you're not going to dry sail it, 8.5' is pretty deep for most places.
  4. Almost certain that it is the CHEETAH that he is referring to. Native to, and built in Stone Harbor, NJ. Very rare. I doubt that many or any still exist.
  5. http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=6723 Maybe it's not what you were thing of but but I remember these from when I was 12 years old.
  6. +1000. National list/db, allow local authorities 'tweak' for own purposes. If nothing else, will improve credibility to the system.
  7. Very sorry for your loss. There were a few builders during this period that have the reputation of having 'done it right'. Yacht Yachts was was one them.
  8. Nice. Close up of the jib setup if you get a chance. rb
  9. I like it, but I also like some of the 'pointed shoe boxes' we see today.
  10. ttp://sailboatdata.com/view_builder.asp?builder_id=563
  11. There is a Ranger 26 (1980) with a fractional rig, dagger/lifting keel, which is extremely rare. (Never even seen a photo of one other than the original brochure which someone sent me.) http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=248
  12. This was actually a Finot design. (Yamaha 29?).
  13. Not exactly of earth shaking import, but I'm wondering how you came up with the number 19. A former employee of Jensen Marine gave the number 24. This was just from some spreadsheet he had which may not have been reliable at all. It's true that there aren't many that would care about such a detail. rb
  14. I was born and raised 45 metres from the yard. Yup know the Standfasts very well but since this is a DC thread will try to keep it short. Peter Vroon/Frans Maas campaigned the (orange) flush deck Standfast 40 in RORC & AC. The nicest Standfast by far IMO was the short cabin top 43 footer of which only 3 were built. Nymphea (blue), Windspiel (red) & Standfast (orange). Windspiel was built for a German owner, Nymphea for the owner my dad bought the Tina off and dad nearly ended up buying that one too. Windspiel became Aquis Granus (still around I think) but the Orange 43 ft Standfast was sold to Ireland where it had a long and successful racing career. Nymphea disappeared into Holland somewhere. I'll get in touch with Frans soon to invite him on here to share his memories re DC . (that is if he wants to, this is SA after all and apart from this thread I can imagine that plenty of people would rather stay away) Yes, but this thread, at least, is SA at it's best! Maybe there should be a separate Frans Mass thread? In any case my guess is that there are others, (besides myself) who have an interest in this topic who will be following.
  15. Standfast 40 is cute, would you be able to get any plan or drawings of this lovely boat ? Please mail back to personal link Chorus This is from a brochure someone sent me. http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=2650 I may have a higher res version if that helps. I'll have to look. rb