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  1. sail611

    Roger Stone

    So reading my news feed today, I read about Roger Stone whining about how unfairly he was treated when he was arrested. He likened his arrest to the capture of Osama Bin Laden and Pablo Escobar. Funny enough, does not Roger Stone know that OBL was shot twice in the chest and once in the head, immediately, upon visual confirmation. And Pablo didn't fair much better, meeting his end to a hail of bullets. And this douche canoe wants to say that his arrest, from which he posted bail a few hours later was like being shot in the head? Fuck that guy.
  2. This just in, the republican senate committee, who benefited from Russian manipulation of the 2016 election, have found no evidence of Russian manipulation during the 2016 election. YCMTSU
  3. And I will show you what kind of person they are. So to the DT fan boys out there, how many of our "very stable genius" president's friends and acquaintances have been indicted, convicted, or otherwise been implicated in some sort of wrong doing? Flynn, Papadopolous, Manafort, Gates, Cohen, Stone, and now Pecker. Does anyone who supports DT find it interesting that he surrounds himself with criminals? Or is it all good to you guys because he is not "the previous guy" (who's administration, btw had 0, ZERO indictments during his 8 years, of which 6 of those were with a republican legislature).
  4. Remember kids, its only Tyranny if liberals do it.
  5. As noted, I don't think the Mueller report will change anyone's mind about Trump. Those who love and support his presidency are happy that they got their tax cut, they love the rhetoric about brown people, like the idea of cruelty towards LGBTQ, and above all, anything negative that is said about their fearless leader is FAKE NEWS. The faithful will simply dismiss the Mueller report as being false, made up by democrats to hurt Trump. They conveniently forget that Mueller is a Republican, and the DOJ officials in charge of the investigation were appointed by Trump. But lets not let facts get in the way of their "flat earth" fantasies. To the base, Donald Trump can sell out our democracy to whomever, and as long as the dems are angry about it, it will be fine---rolling coal from 1600 Penn. Ave. On the other hand, could you imagine if Barrack Obama had been under investigation by the FBI for being a suspected agent of a foreign power. The same people that play the "nothing to see here" game, would be losing their minds and calling for him to be jailed at best, or far worse I am sure.
  6. sail611

    Melania's cyber bully campaign

    When she said it would be an honor to be first lady, she meant it would be an honor to take part in raping the american taxpayers for our personal benefit as much as we can.
  7. And that kids, is precisely the social change that the left trying to achieve. For what logical reason(s) should you NOT want to work with a person who is transsexual (or insert title of any other historically oppressed persons)?
  8. Y'all know there are positions in all branches of the Armed forces that do not require combat, and as such, the probability of injury is about the same as it for civilians, therefore the likelihood of an individual with ANY blood borne pathogen passing it to another service member is again, about the same as it is for the civilian population. I can't imagine that the leadership of the armed forces are so unintelligent as to not be able to find positions for these individuals (who WANT to serve their country) in which their medical conditions can not be accounted for. This is nothing more than yet another republican dog whistle to pander to the ignorant, bigoted, hate filled portion of their base, in order to again distract said base from the fact that they knowingly elected THE MOST CRIMINAL ADMINISTRATION in US history (at least if one uses the number of criminal indictments, convictions, and guilty pleas, as a metric to measure criminality.) I mean C'mon guys. Those of you who skipper racing boats know how to best utilize available crew based on their strengths and weaknesses. If a bunch of amateur sailors can figure out how to utilize people to sail a boat, I am sure the people in our Armed Forces are capable of the same. Again, they are pandering.
  9. sail611

    Even Comey thinks Dog's a lying POS

    Its identity politics. Republican voters in general don't vote for the well being of the country or its citizens. They vote against abortions, against "the gays" because "Jesus" and they vote for guns. The more intelligent of them vote for their tax cuts. They vote for those things, at the expense of all of the other things that they think are good. Like you ask them if they think something similar to universal health care, without specifically calling it that, is good, and by and large, all agree that it is. Yet when someone runs for office and proposes such, those very same people who were all about it in a survey, suddenly are all against it, because a democrat proposed it. The right knows this, and runs a very well oiled misinformation and propaganda machine (Fox News, Breitbart, etc) that actively encourages people to vote AGAINST their own self interests, so that they can further exploit the country and its people. Its exactly what Trump is doing, its exactly what Reagan did, its exactly what W did (well Cheney actually, but still...)...its the modern republican way. And the people eat that shit up because it "pisses off the libs." Meanwhile they are getting ass fucked six ways from Sunday with zero lube-like these right wings pols don't even spit on it-but its all good. "As long as the libs don't like it, we'll take the ass fucking" That is no way to approach or maintain a democracy.
  10. sail611

    PA righties - line up

    Indeed, the left cannot win the debate. Of course its hard to win the debate when the person you are debating doesn't adhere to the rules of logical argument, lies incessantly, and then anytime you try to make a logical point, your words are twisted, thrown out of context, more lies strewn about, and pretty soon, you are so mind fucked you don't know where you are. Debating with a republican is like trying to play baseball when the opposing team shows up wearing football gear, tackles the pitcher, then tries to convince the fans that he (the pitcher) is the asshole. The opposing "baseball" team, then glad hands themselves and their fans over their victory. The big problem with people on the left is that by and large, they value honesty and morality, and expect others to do the same. I know, I know, when dealing with republicans, its just too much to ask, or expect.
  11. sail611

    I demand answers.

    Shit yeah man. Those polyester fumes are wicked, but oh how fond of them I am. My dad used to do boat repair on the weekends, and every so often, when mom was also working weekends, I would get to tag along with him in the boat shop. That place always smelled of PE. I think I was the only kindergartner in my school who could do a half decent layup of 6oz 'glass over plywood (and probably still have the brain damage from the fumes). Then, when I was about 8 years old, we built a small rowing skiff using polyester resin and fiberglass. I rowed the hell outta that boat until I outgrew it around 12. But every summer I would wake up early, when the lake was still nice and calm, and take that skiff out rowing, and if the white bass were around, I would bring my fishing rod with me, chasing the schools around as the broke surface looking for minnows. It'd be nothing to catch 100 of them before breakfast. Good times. Now, whenever I smell PE resin/gelcoat, it takes me right back to me youth.
  12. sail611

    I demand answers.

    Funny thing though, isnt J28 one of Gov's socks? Created just to be a ridiculous provocateur? If so, well played Fred. Well played.
  13. sail611

    Muellers Office Destroyed Evidence.

    The OP is just example of things operate in Trump world. Some Trumpista somewhere finds some little bit that at first glance makes Dems look bad, reposts it, or interprets it then posts about it (which is a nice way of saying they lie about it) then all of the other Trumpistas all over the internet have something that they can discuss amongst themselves that will further their idea about democrats, which is that they are criminals. Of course when one takes even a microsecond to analyze the original bit posted, it is apparent that it is not the holy grail of evidence of democratic malfeasance they were hoping for, but rather a misrepresentation of the actual situation at best, or more likely nothing more than a bald faced lie. These same people meanwhile ignore the MOUNTAIN of released ACTUAL evidence that points to Trump at el being a bunch of criminals. So Jack, while you post and point out with glee this story about text messages getting deleted, seriously man, how do you feel about the actions of Manafort, Flynn, Papadopolous, and (at the direction of Trump non the less) Cohen? If you are so upset about missing text messages, surely lying to the FBI, failing to register as a foreign agent, lying to Congress, negotiating with a foreign power as a private citizen, campaign finance violations, violations of emoluments clause of the constitution, and conspiracy to commit all of the above crimes is also worth getting upset about. Yet you have not posted once your outrage against those crimes. You are fixated on deleted text messages, that aren't really deleted, so essentially is a nothing burger. The Trump administration et al is committing actual, real, and serious crimes, and you are posting about literally nothing. C'mon man. I don't know you personally, but you've got to be better than that. Of course you could indeed be better than that, and are simply posting shit to "piss off the libs" because its fun. In which case, you are a troll, but I get it, trolling can be fun sometimes. So if that's the case, admit it. You needn't say anything more than "Guys, I get it, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that suggests Trump et al are a bunch of criminal, but its fun to see your reactions to pro Trump or anti-dem stuff, so I continue to post this garbage." And if you honestly are willing to overlook the mountains of evidence piling up against this administration, while hyper focusing on these nothing burgers , I would suggest a break from the internet, a break from Fox News, Breitbart, the Daily Caller, etc. and maybe some therapy, or at least some soul searching as to why you despise the left so much that you are willing to accept this administration, despite the ever increasing number of indictments against it.
  14. sail611

    Is the J/24 worth it?

    Just to add to the discussion.... As a former J24 owner, I can tell you this: If there is a fleet of J24's in your area, and you can race OD, its a great boat. Many boats that will be very competitive at the local level can be had for well under $10K, including a trailor and decent (enough) sails. For local and regional level racing, used sails are plentiful, inexpensive, and acceptable. Hell, the local J24 hotshot young guy that kicked my ass all over the race course my last year with the boat won Cleveland Race Week and most recently Districts, with a 1700's (IIRC) series boat and not brand new sails. Being a good sailor first really helps. At any rate, you can spend very little money on the boat and upgrades, and sail competitively. Will you be nationals podium competitive, or top 10 worlds competitive...most likely not. But most first year (or even 5 year) J24 sailors aren't going to reach that level of competitiveness immediately anyway. So don't think that throwing a shit ton of cash at your new to you J24 is absolutely needed in order to get something in the water. Once you get your 24, you will find that they are a blast to sail, especially for a young owner/crew. I was 25 when I bought mine, and LOVE LOVE LOVED it for the first 5 years. The wind would pipe up, the beers would come out, and she was a blast. It was great sailing, and great memories for a crew in our mid to late 20's. After 30 hit, I just LOVED the boat. It started to get to be a chore to push it to the dry sail crane, and as such, we started only using the boat on Wednesday night for racing. But it was still fun to sail. At 35, I found a great deal on a Tartan 10, so sold the 24 and moved into the world of big(er) boats. But I also have a family, and the kids (7 and 5) appreciate the 10 for its size and the fact that because its an in water boat, we actually use the thing more than once a week. But I digress. I don't regret selling the 24, but more importantly, I don't regret one bit owning the 24. It was a great boat for where I was in life when I bought it, and because of it I met some amazing people, forged awesome relationships, and just generally had a blast sailing. Honestly, if you are looking for something that is quick and sporty (enough), that you can sleep on, take friends out in, and just have a great time sailing, the 24 is about as good as it gets. You can keep the boat in the water if you want to, and would probably use it more than if you kept it on a trailer, and for daysailing when you don't have the crew, or don't want to work too hard, the boat sails fine with the main and jib. It won't go as fast of course, but for taking the girlfriends out, having a few sodas, and generally enjoying time on the water, its great. My whole point here being is that this being Sailing Anarchy, most of the J24 sailors here are dyed in the wool competitive J24 sailors, or former crew on serious competitive boats, and they know what it takes to run a really competitive program. Essentially, the same thing that makes airplanes fly....MONEY. But for a local club racer (that does really well in PHRF, as well....the knowledge in boat handling, tactics, and tuning gained from sailing OD means that most of these boats/crews are used to being sailed at 95% or more performance, in all conditions...really helps on the PHRF course) that can serve as a fun daysailor and overnighter, I would not hesitate to recommend a J24.
  15. sail611

    Meuller wasn't worth it

    Speaking of value, as of now, this investigation may actually be turning a financial profit. The assets recovered from Manafort's lying, thieving, cheating ass (he plead guilty to essentially those crimes, so I think that is perfectly acceptable) are estimated to be worth 42-46 million. So in terms of recovered $$$, so far, it looks pretty worth it to me. source, if anyone cares: