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  1. Next POTUS?

    I've literally bumped into Sherrod Brown a few times when he was in his OH office connecting with his constituents. From personal encounters with him, to the work he does for his constituents, I would say he would make an excellent president. His only flaw is that he is a decent human being, which is sort of a bad thing (unfortunately) in politics. All that said, I would vote for him in heart beat.
  2. Pathetic

    Seriously, can we as a nation agree on and legislate that people must have SOME SORT OF FUCKING QUALIFICATIONS TO HOLD PUBLIC OFFICE OR BE APPOINTED TO A POSITION OF FUCKING POWER IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I am yelling, and yes I am pissed off. This country regularly elects fucking muppets that couldn't pass the latest standardized test du jour, then celebrates their ignorance and ineptitude. For fucks sake, what the hell are we even doing anymore?
  3. Republicans Falling Like Ashes To The Ground

    Just an interesting observation...it seems to me that so many of these republicans ran and got elected on a "Fuck that Ni**er in the Whitehouse" platform. None of them had any idea how to lead or govern. They just played to the ignorance or hatred of their constituents. They could blame the Dems for their inability to do shit, or say that they were elected to prevent the Dems from doing anything, so they didn't do shit. When they finally had the opportunity to get shit done (thankfully) they can't, because none of them have any vision for anything that would actually be good for the country. If a politician runs on a platform of obstructionism, and regressivism, DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM.
  4. Trump Voters: We'd Do it Again

    SF, I wish you were wrong, but unfortunately, you are 100% correct. This is an administration of 5 year olds, elected by 5 years olds, to do stuff expected of 5 year olds. Actually, in saying that, I am insulting my son, who soon will turn 5. Even he isn't as petty and as full of bullshit as the current administration.
  5. Old TackTick Racemaster

    Quick update, for those who may care...I got the old tacktic unit apart, and examined the batteries. All 6 of them are Sanyo ML 2430 HJ1. Not sure if that is factory spec, as it looks like the unit has had the batteries replaced before. But it worked for a few years with the ML2430's, so it should work again after I install them. If it does work, I will be thrilled, as I've got a functional tactical compass for under $50. I'll post if it works out or not. CG
  6. Old TackTick Racemaster

    I will do that. Thanks
  7. Republicans quietly fucked you yesterday

    Be very aware of the republican money machine.
  8. Prestart ROW question

    Tacking boats cannot tack too close to the S tackers. If they do, and have not completed the tack by the time S gets to them and thus S has to alter course to avoid collision, I would think S has a viable protest. If P is weaving in and out of the line of S boats, and S boats do not have to alter course to avoid contact, no penalty. In that situation though, if it were me on S, I would try to use the S right of way rule to force P to alter course, so I have a more favorable start position. If you are on S and have the ability to control a P boat, I would take advantage of it.
  9. Old TackTick Racemaster

    Hey all, I've got a really old TackTick Racemaster unit that is in need of some batteries. I did in fact use the search function and found some information. However, the units referenced in posts I have found, and surfing the web in general, are the units that use four batteries. I opened my racemaster up to find that it uses six batteries. This unit came with a boat purchase in 2008, so its far from new. I don't even know the exact model number to be honest. Its the one that has the pictures on the control buttons. Like its got a boat/gun button, and a timer/compass button (the mode and set buttons). And it uses six batteries. I would really like to know the model number, and if possible, what type of batteries this thing uses. Thanks
  10. You didn't actually think he was talking about Chicago like he meant to fix it do you? He was almost certainly mentioning Chicago because, let's face it, the Trump supporters all know who is doing the killing in Chicago. He tweeted all that stuff about Chicago to further the resolve of the racists that support him. He crafted a narrative that fit right into their world view so was doing little more than pandering to the racist mass of the alt right for their vote. I will give credit where credit is due and say that the DT campaign did an amazing job exploiting social media. Every tweet, every facebook add from the russians, all of it, was purposely sent out to the people it was sent out to, in order to gain support for Trump. The Chicago tweets, while directly saying Chicago is a violent city, and needed to be fixed, really meant "these N'ers are violent people, so forget them, we're gonna get rid of their welfare and healthcare" Or if you weren't so racist as to believe that, the message came across as "white people are the best." The DT campaign just did a great job researching how to say the above, without saying the above. The tweets and ads were so vague and obtuse, you could take them to mean whatever you want. It was a brilliant and effective strategy. Sadly, that strategy worked for those with the mental capacity of a 12 year old, to elect a guy with the mental capacity of a 12 year old, as we are now seeing.
  11. Well shit, seems like a great time for the Repubs in congress to step up and undo that Obama policy. They could win with their base by undoing something Obama did, and help some people at the time. Although it doesn't seem that their base is really interested in doing anything good for the country overall, but rather their focus is on making sure groups of people "know their place," as evident by recent actions in wake of Charlottesville, and the NFL protests.
  12. So rather than pointing out Chicago gun deaths, and harping on how the murder rate in Chicago is so high, and all this other shit, what is anyone doing to fix it? Can it be fixed? Y'all say people need to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, and that's cool. I am all about personal responsibility in the face of adversity. But I am also about making sure people have boots in the first place. Seems to me that we took the boots from Chicago when the industry went overseas. And its easy to say to the people affected by their jobs going away "Find another job" but the reality is in an industrial/manufacturing area, such as Chicago, Pittsburg, Cleveland, Detroit, etc, a lot of people were able to make a very good living with minimal skills. And why not? What was the incentive to obtain an advanced skill set when you could live very well working in the factories? The factories supported the economy of the whole area. When the factories left, there went the economy. So now you've got a relatively low skilled work force, no employers (because the low skilled work force doesn't know how to effectively run a business), and the symptoms there of. Gangs emerge. People use drugs to forget their shitty existence. Because people are using drugs, gangs fight over the territories. And then people come in and exploit those people. Unscrupulous land owners like Pod (remember him) take advantage of the situation to make a buck, and further the area into poverty. Have any of you lived in a low income area? I have. And it sucks. What little business exists inflate the hell out of their prices to "make up for theft." So basic needs like food, electricity, fuel, are all 2-3X the national average. So people end up paying more for necessities. This leaves them with little disposable income, shitty quality of life, and most importantly, little mobility. If you are paying all of your earnings just to meet basic needs, you aren't able to save to move to a better place. You aren't able to save for college for your kids. You aren't able to save to go back to school yourself. Poverty is a bitch kids. It is a perpetual cycle that is incredibly difficult to get out of. Some do, many don't. What we really need to do is decide as a nation, that we don't want poverty to exist anymore. Personally, I think that means taking care of a few generations of our impoverished. Like offer some support to the mom who has to work 2 jobs to meet her families basic needs, all the while using one of those jobs to pay for child care, so she can go to her other job. Like stop allowing "entrepreneurs" to pray upon our impoverished through payday loans and shit like that. Like as a nation and a culture, stressing the importance of education over entertainment. Like not allowing our elected officials to vilify those who are less fortunate than others. Like lets just decide to give a couple of generations some boots and fighting chance. Is it going to be easy? Hell no. Is it ultimately going to look like "the devil" socialism? Hell yes. Is it going to ultimately better the country? Absolutely, but only if we all let it. The problem is that too many individuals profit from others' poverty, so we won't see anything done about it. The old saying used to be that it takes a village to raise a child. Now its every one for him/herself. Bring back a sense of community. Then we can get somewhere.
  13. Mike Pence

    And that pretty much tells me what I need to know. You have, as you accused me of, removed all doubt. I wish you the best man, I really do.
  14. Mike Pence

    Last I checked the protests in the NFL were to protest racial inequalities and institutional racism in the united states, in reference to the racially motivated killings of unarmed black people by white police officers. Last I checked, DT did in fact call the NFL players, SOB's, and he did in fact insinuate that Nazis are fine people. Last I checked, if you are going to call hate speech free speech, and not condemn it, then, unless you want to be (rightfully) called a hypocrite, you have to also not condemn kneeling during the anthem as it is also free speech. So if in fact I have posted anything untrue, or illogical here, feel free to correct me. Sol, great pic man. That about sums it up.
  15. Mike Pence

    I know right. She only has been involved in the American political process since the early 90's, has been a first lady, a senator, and secretary of state. But of course DT is far more qualified to the job, because after all, he is a billionaire who made his billions by borrowing from daddy and refusing to pay contractors for work done. Also the pussy grabbing puts him ahead as well. Indeed, we did elect the most qualified individual. SMH