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  1. sail611


    Coming to save the mutha fuckin day yeah!!!! Or would "derka derka, mo'ama Jihad" be a better response? But its kind of empty without a shit ton of pubes super glued to one's face. Speaking of, and to quote another fantastic bit of pop culture "Damn I'm smooth"..."Heh heh yeah, I'm so smooth I've even got a beard on my hands...heh heh"
  2. sail611


    I can remain civil. Living wage will mean something different to everyone, depending on lifestyle. But lets define a "living wage" as a wage that pays sufficiently enough so that a person working a 40 hour week at one job does not need to work a second job nor apply for social programs in order to make ends meet, and still have some left over after all the bills are paid. Again, this is going to be different for everyone based on circumstances and location, but to put a number to it, lets call it $60K a year.
  3. sail611


    So not ready for the paradigm shift. Okay.
  4. sail611


    So here's a thought. Most of us agree that the current levels of inequality are caused by the business model of increasing monetary value for the shareholders (basically, making profit). We've heard it time and time again, "we are in business to make money." But what if we underwent a major paradigm shift where we measured business success not by the amount of profit made, but rather by the number of employees to which we payed a good living wage. What if that were the goal of businesses, and profits were secondary to that?
  5. I mean isn't that exactly what the president did with the withholding of funds to Ukraine? Bribed them to investigate Biden FOR HIS PERSONAL GAIN with congressionaly approved funds? If its not bribery, nor corruption (which I think the founding fathers would also feel to be an impeachable offense), then what was it?
  6. sail611

    impeachment hearing play by play

    Or maybe the Dems picked the two least serious charges against Trump so that they would not have to go down in history as the first group of people to have had to execute a sitting president for treason. They are acting from a place of kindness to literally spare Trump's life.
  7. sail611

    Lindsay Graham - la la la

    You guys are on the right track, but its way more simple than we are making it. The entirety of the GOP relies on the NRA for campaign funds. The NRA is a shill for Russian dollars and influence. ( Remember that Maria Butina bullshit?) The GOP knows this, and willingly took NRA/Russian money and accepted Russian influence. Essentially, the Russians own our GOP representatives. They all know this and are circling the wagons, as if they don't hang together, they will all hang separately. Bottom line is the GOP cunts sold out our country for their own personal gain, and are doing their best (worst, depending on how you look at it) to hide it.
  8. sail611

    Trump versus Obama

    Trump hates Obama because he (Obama) roasted him (Trump) at the WH Correspondents' dinner a few years back. His fragile ego could not handle it. He recognized that his personal hatred of Obama could be capitalized upon, as many of the Trump base despise Obama for other reasons. He was able to simply state the any Obama policy is bad, his base would agree, and he could then take credit for doing nothing but continuing Obama's policies. The base will think he is doing something original so he scores points with them. He has the added benefit of trolling the democrats as well. To them he can say "This is an Obama policy, yet you disagree with it when I do it?" The base will then forget all about the Obama policy part, and focus on the hypocrisy of the left, and it further fuels their schema of the world. Its manipulation at its best.
  9. sail611

    Cookin' the Books

    ^^^ This. Its almost comical that Trump would have been just fine had he decided to stay a common ultra wealthy corporate criminal tax cheatin' theivin' kinda guy. But President Obama roasted him at the state dinner, and that was it. He hit the rage button and Trump exploded. He HAD to enter the political area, as his sociopathy and narcissism would not let him leave it be. He just had to be able to say he was the (perceived) most powerful man in the world (fwiw I think that distinction now goes to Putin, as he put Trump where he is, and Trump is a puppet, a fraud.) That need to fuel his narcissism being his undoing is almost too good. Its so poetic its not even funny. Even better is that by time this is all over, not only will Trump go down, but his family as well. His children are all equally complicit in his crimes, and will be treated as such by the SDNY. Were it anybody else, I would probably feel bad for them, but honestly, this guy and his family have been such egregious assholes for so long, and have done everything in their power to fuck over as many "lesser" people as possible, that just fuck 'em. Try them for their crimes, and if found guilty, lock them up and throw away the key. Of course all of that brings another point to life. The fact that Trump cannot be indicted for crimes while president, and the fact that he is facing a shit ton of charges upon leaving office, means he HAS to win reelection in order for him and his children to remain free. That kind of makes him like a cornered, wounded animal. There is no telling what he is willing to do in order to survive. And that is scary.
  10. Congresswoman Tlaib had simply been paying attention to Trump for a nano-second. Anyone who does so, and doesn't come to the conclusion that he and his family are shady AF, needs to pull his head out of his ass. Trump himself IS the evidence, always was, and always will be. The fact that certain people are blind to that is beyond me. Senator Lindsey Graham literally penned a letter asking for republicans to pledge to vote NO on impeachment, which implies he has already made his decision. Mitch McConnel has pretty much implied that he will vote "No" on impeachment also, as has been pointed out numerous times on this very thread. Seriously man, arguing with you and your elk, is like trying to tell a flat earther that the earth is in fact (roughly) spherical. No matter how much logical, observable, provable, EVIDENCE is given, you make the conscious choice to ignore it. Which tells me you are either an enormous troll, or you really don't care about reality, as long as you get your tax cut, can legally oppress brown people, impose christian sharia law on the nation, and most importantly, PISS OFF THE LIBS. Because, really, aside from the vast amount of incompetence and criminality, that is all this administration is good for.
  11. Dog, you and the rest of the Trumpkins have assumed that the those in congress who are wishing to see the president impeached are doing so on a whim. You assume that the FBI was biased against him during the Mueller hearing because of "the deep state". What you fail to realize, or realize but refuse to accept or care about, is that THESE PEOPLE HAVE SEEN THE FUCKING EVIDENCE THAT CLEARLY PROVES THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES A FUCKING CRIMINAL. The FBI had the evidence BEFORE THE FUCKING ELECTION took place. They saw evidence of criminal misdeeds and patterns of behavior so damning, the of course felt compelled to state "no way in hell should this ass clown be our leader." The democrats who have said Trump should be impeached have seen the evidence. They have also seen the potential to find more, so they are doing so. Face it man, you are projecting your, as well as pretty much every Trump supporters', own willingness to base conclusions on literally nothing. Any actual real evidence to the contrary does not matter. It Ken Ham syndrome. When he asked Bill Nye what would make him change his mind on the creation/evolution debate, Bill Nye simply responded "evidence." When Bill Nye asked the same of Ham, he stated simply "Nothing." A characteristic of the American Right is to believe and accept anything that makes them feel good, regardless of mountains of evidence to the contrary. Funnily enough, that very thing is what they accuse the left of doing. Stop projecting, wait for the evidence to come out, then form a conclusion. It isn't hard.
  12. The base actively seeks out stupidity. The dumber the better for them. They don't value real intelligence. Quite the contrary, they have learned to associate intelligence with "libruls" and can't have that. The idiocracy has started.
  13. sail611

    The debate over assault weapons

    Acutally, Jeff was clever about posting that one. Note the watermark "Evike." Evike is a supplier of Airsoft gear for those into the airsoft game. That AR looking gun actually shoots a 6mm plastic BB at speeds of up to 400fps (maybe not specific model, but last I checked, around 400fps was about as fast as airsoft guns shot). Unless you get hit in the naked eye with one of those BB's, they are relatively harmless. You are far more likely to get hurt playing airsoft from a sprain than the impact of a projectile.
  14. sail611

    Geezer-friendly One Designs

    Another vote for a T-10. Great OD fleets in the Midwest. They can be had for relatively little money. Class rules prevent an all out arms race. The people sailing the boats are pretty awesome. And the level of talent is really high. They serve as a great OD racer, and if you get yourself a slugged mainsail and a beater jib, the boat is great for day sailing. The cockpit is wife/girlfriend/mistress and kid/grand kid friendly. Swim ladder is great for cleaning the bottom and playing in the water with the aforementioned family. Under sail, the boat is plenty stable, even in breeze. Its responsive enough to feel like you are actually sailing, while being docile enough to be steered with an auto-helm when you want to/need to. The only downside is no dry sailing. But there is something to be said for hopping on the boat, firing up the diesel, and heading out for some fun. I made the move from a drysailed J24 to a T-10 two seasons ago and honestly, couldn't be happier. For where I am in life, its just about perfect.
  15. sail611

    Trump Is Actually Doing Pretty Well

    My guess is Shubrook is trolling. We've got a guy like that at my YC. Flies a Trump/Pence flag from his mast because it "triggers the progressives." Sad that our modern version of politics is seeing which side can make the other side angrier.