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  1. Nah, I just had to rant for a bit. Back to the thread all.
  2. Or how about this. Lets just ignore the labels. Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual, Transgender, Queer, Straight, White, Black, Hispanic, Asian, etc.....Guess what. It doesn't matter. Those are labels used to divide us. We are ALL people. Lets just treat everyone like people. Lets start there.
  3. I am sorry, but that is a false equivalence. A child being born without legs is not the same as child being born without a penis, but with the brain of a man. Or vice versa. I would suggest a 100 level philosophy course to engage in some discussion on the definition of self and what it is. I will also offer up those individuals that are born XXY wrt their 23rd chromosome set (usually a pair, but triplet in this case). Generally they have female facial features, though may look a little more masculine than other females, have breasts, and sometimes are born with a penis. Almost always their brains tell them they are female. Yet by your logic, because they were born with a penis they are male? Also, why do you feel it so hard to interact with trans people? Is it because YOU think they should be something other than they actually are? Could it be that YOU (and not just you personally, but all the members of society who think as you do, that people are SUPPOSED to be something other than what they actually are) are the problem? I know several trans people and I have found the best way to treat them is to treat them how they want to be treated. At first, it was a bit awkward for me, as I had to get over the social construct that the student I was talking to last year as a girl, is now a guy. But that was MY hang up. Once I got over that, it was no more difficult to call him Mr. Smith as it was Miss. Smith (name changed because the person is still a minor) and treat him just like I would any other male student. And guy, I am not digging on you or taking shots at you here, but rather maybe foster some personal reflection on your part as to the basis of your belief system, and if possibly accepting other beliefs may make your life better or easier. That's all.
  4. Simple solution. Let the market decide. Trump is to some, a "loofa faced shit gibbon" (I fucking love that, btw) who cares only about himself and profits. If that is the case, its simple. Don't buy his shit. Don't pay to live in his overpriced shitty condos, that most of the time he just sold his name to and had nothing to do with building. Don't join his pretentious bullshit CUNTry clubs, or his buillshit pretentious resorts. Don't buy his shitty dildo boxes, or his shitty MAGA hats, or any of his shit. While he is pretending to be our president, he is really nothing more than a brand. I've got news for everyone out there, his brand is shitty. Through the power of marketing, he makes it seem all great, but its shitty. Its all for pretenders. Its like people that can't afford hard wood floors buying laminate. It looks nice and all, but its fake. Some people know that and don't care, and that's fine. Hell, I have laminate in my house because I can't afford real hardwood. And I know its fake, and I am not super proud of it, but it is what it is. The difference is that people buy Trumps second rate fake shit and are proud of it because it has his name on it? Fuck that noise.
  5. And that is factual how? What is the scientific basis for that statement? Are you an expert in brain formation with respect to gender identity? Do you deny that the brain is what defines the self? Your explanation is simple, and people like simple, but in being so simple, it dismisses a serious aspect of being human, to the point of being dangerous if enough people accept that simplistic view of what it is to be a person. Seriously, how many trans people do you know?
  6. The alternative is that if the SCOTUS allows these companies to discriminate, fine. Let them. And then also put the name of every hateful, bigoted, discriminatory company out there, and boycott them. Laws are not, when it comes to business there is really only one thing that matters, and that is money. If hobby lobby wants to discriminate, as a company policy, fine. There are other craft stores at which one can shop. When profits decrease, and shareholders start wondering why, maybe they will rethink their position, if they are still in business. As consumers, we have far more power than we think. We can still choose where to shop, especially for commodity type items like craft supplies, wedding cakes, and most other leisure items. And with the reach of social media, it wouldn't take much to influence a companies practices via spending habits and locations.
  7. If an individual intent on violating the privacy of another individual wakes up one day and says "i am going to claim I am a member of the opposite sex just so I can use that restroom" and then stare at the genitalia of the users of that restroom, that is a problem and should be addressed as such. As to accommodation and why now, probably because some insecure paranoid ass evangelical conservatives saw a trans person in a bathroom and freaked out about it, causing a new wave of discrimination against these people, and they just want to be left alone to do their business. Or maybe because after the most recent election those who want to discriminate, but have been silenced by societal pressures to not discriminate, suddenly feel empowered to be discriminatory. What I really want to know is why conservatives have a problem with women using the women's room, even though those women may have been born with male genitalia?
  8. Guy, you perhaps unintentionally pointed out the whole issue with the issue. You are thinking of trans individuals as people of one gender claiming to be another gender. In reality trans individuals are not claiming to be another gender. They ARE a different gender. So if my wife was in a changing room with a person who was a m-f trans, it would be the same as if she was in the room with a woman, because she IS in the room with another WOMAN. Now, as I have said before, if someone is using the trans thing to creep on other people, that is a criminal offense and should be treated as such. Serious question...who here has significant experience with a member of the trans community? I ask because I see a lot of stipulation about things members of that community might do, but based on what I have seen, are y'all basing those ideas on things you have personally experienced, or things that you could are personally capable of doing, given the opportunity?
  9. Hey Guy, good point. I actually don't know of a school rule that states which bathroom a student has to use. So I guess then, it becomes a moot point. Also then, if that is a moot point, would not it also be moot to assume that students would try to see what they can get away with, because essentially there is nothing to get away with? Which, if that is the case, pretty much makes this entire argument moot. So lets just agree to be indifferent at worse, and not stare at people's plumbing in the bathroom. Mind your own business, and expect others to do the same.
  10. I actually don't expect an answer. I have used the same logical argument with some bigoted "christians" I know, and its really fun to watch their head spin as they try to think their way out of their hypocrisy. But while I don't expect an answer, it would be really cool to see one that is based in logic (ahahahahahaha)
  11. Very interesting Dabs. On one hand, those wearing baggy pants and hooded sweatshirts could claim it is expression, which is their right. On the other hand, the club owners could claim the dress code is for safety reasons, as it is possible to hide all sorts of dangerous things in baggy pants and hooded sweatshirts. So do the rights of the hooded sweatshirt wearers supersede those of the rest of the patrons to feel safe in the club? Also, one could say that patrons who feel unsafe could go elsewhere. Okay, then what about the club owner(s) and employees? Do they not also have the right to safety in their place of employment? With respect to the original issue of the religious freedom argument, I have no complaints with a christian denying a cake to a gay couple if they also deny a cake to those who have been divorced, to those who use the lords name in vain, to those who ever eat shelfish, to those who have cheated on a spouse, to those who do not give large sums of their income to the poor, to those who do not love their neighbor as they would themselves, etc, which if you've read it, the bible says far more about all of those things than it does about homosexuality. Literally, there is one fucking sentence in the entire bible about homosexuals, and it doesn't even specify a penalty for it. But if you are divorced, you are supposed to be "beat to to death by big fucking rocks." Last I checked, no baker has denied a cake to those for divorced people, or those who eat shelfish, or any thing else mentioned above. So how then can a baker who wants to claim the religious ground in the case of gay people do so when they clearly are willing to give everyone else a pass? Or how about this...how come a Christian person does not become seriously offended when someone eats some shrimp, like they are when they encounter a gay couple? Should not everything in the bible have the same weight? After all....its in the bible. And if they are not offended by those that like shelfish, which is against their religion, but are offended by gay people, which apparently is also against their religion, how are they not complete hypocrites, using their idea of their religion to foster hatred and bigotry?
  12. So guy, those kids that may test the boundaries, how is that any different than a few nut jobs walking into a police station with their AR's strapped to their backs "because the 2A says we can" just to prove a point? What happened to them? http://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/wayne/2017/02/06/dearborn-police-station-gun-rifle/97544076/ I'll save you the read though...they got arrested. There were consequences for their actions. And even other gun owners who advocate for open carry call these guys reckless. And they were. So would we not expect the same for non-trans students who try to see what they can get away with? I think its as simple as breaking rules has consequences. Though if the offenders were affluent, white, christian males, maybe not. They seem to be getting away with a lot lately.
  13. The problem is that you are all fixated on which candidate won or lost, as opposed to realizing the real winners and/or losers here are the american people. An election is not a fucking sports ball contest. It is the future of our nation. For all of you on the side that won the electoral college, okay great, your team won. But that should matter little to you. What should matter to all of us is how our lives and our nation will be affected by the results of the winning. I have seen the term "butthurt" thrown around on here, and usually its from the right wing, as a way of telling the left "We won, so you shut up." But what did you really win? You "won" the nation's leaders being so careless with classified intel that our allies no longer want to share it with us. You "won" a social environment in which overt racism and discrimination are once again becoming okay. You "won" an administration that is only in this for itself and its cronies, at the expense of the american people. And believe it or not, there are those here who don't agree with racism, who want the country to be leaders in global intelligence, and who do not wish the country to transition into more of an oligarchy than it has already become. So its not a case of "butthurt," but rather a case of "this idiot running the show is going to sink this bitch, and we are all trapped aboard." But its cool, because just like a Sunday in the fall, your team won, so you feel good about yourselves.
  14. I think the biggest problem is that we as a society consider individuals who are legitimately trans to have identity issues. Yes, in the beginning, the identity thing is an issue for the individual. The body is built one way, society is telling that person they should act as their body is, yet their brain is telling them another. Its terribly conflicting and confusing for the individual. Once that individual overcomes those initial issues, then it no longer is an issue. But society still feels the need to make it one. WRT to the rights of the majority of cis individuals, do any of the boys freak out when another man uses the men's room? Do any of the cis girls freak out when another woman uses the lady's room? What we need to wrap our minds around here is that trans individuals are not like Alex Jones, making shit up an playing a part. We need to remember and accept that these individuals should not be thought of as people that made a choice to join another gender, but rather people born with the wrong plumbing for their gender. I asked the trans student I worked with when he realized he was a boy instead of a girl and he told me "when I was three and my brother was born. I asked my mom why he had a penis and I didn't..." WRT situational discretion, I can't really comment as I haven't seen it be an issue. The students in my building are actually really accepting of their peers, and for that I applaud them. For a while, the few trans kids in the building were allowed to use a unisex bathroom, but eventually just started using the men's room. Interestingly enough, we have no m-f trans population, only f-m. So they use the men's room. Nobody cares. Well actually some do. Wal Mart bathrooms are apparently bad for trans people. Student from above went into the men's room at a Wal Mart (because he is a he...remember that) and had a bunch of dude's trying to check out his junk to see if he had the right plumbing. Funny thing that, because they are the same people that don't want no perverts in their bathroom, yet have no problem staring at the genitalia of another person...interesting. As for students trying to prove a point, none so far have tried it. I think our adolescents are actually smart enough to realize that the gender thing is not taken lightly, and if you just go into the "other" bathroom to see what happens, you are in deep shit with the admins. I would imagine that if a student tried that in my building and said they woke up feeling like they were of the opposite sex today, it wouldn't fly. There would be the questions of how much counseling have you received, who have you talked to, what have you discussed with your parents/guardians, etc. Now, could somebody abuse the bathroom thing? I guess. I mean if someone really wanted to, I guess a perv could go into a restroom of the opposite sex to creep on the occupants, but again, that is not a trans individual using the bathroom of their gender identity, that is a pervert being a pervert, and its illegal and there are consequences. Being as not even Fox or Breitbart has reported an instance of it happening (and if it did happen, those two would jump all over to prove their stance) I would assume it has yet to happen. If we want to, we can play the what if game about every single situation in life, all the time. But for now, how about we have those difficult conversations with our kids, so that when they see a friend with two moms or two dads, or somebody a little different looking minding their own business in the bathroom (that's the key...minding their own business...I don't want my kids making any deal out of that, but if there is a legit pervert in there, not minding his/her own business, it should absolutely be reported), they know how to act with tolerance, instead of ignorance and ridicule. These things are not hard. We simply need to realize that despite all of our physical differences, genetically we are all the same. We are all human. So why not treat each other as such?
  15. So has anyone here thought about what it really means to be trans? I hate to burst your bubble, but you don't just wake up one day and say "I think I feel like a woman today (if you are a man) so I am going to use the lady's room." It doesn't work that way. If it does, and that person goes into the room to leer at the cis females, then he is not trans, but a pervert, and we have laws against that sort of thing. Actually, for the vast majority of the trans population, they have to endure a lot of counseling, because its really hard when your brain tells you one thing, and your anatomy another. What many here seem to be forgetting, or simply don't understand is that trans people don't feel like the sex of their anatomy. They feel what their brain tells them. And this feeling doesn't hit them all at once. Its something they have had to live with their entire lives, and its confusing as fuck, and many of them have serious depression issues until they get their stuff sorted out. Usually through professional help. So after two or three years of therapy, these individuals finally feel comfortable enough to identify as the gender their brain tells them they should be. So at that point, while a trans individual may have a penis, that individual identifies, not feels, as feelings in the connotations of many seem to be temporary, like a female. And just like any cis (naturally born in both anatomy and identity) female probably does not want to go into the men's room for fear of assault. So perhaps instead of freaking out the next time you see a male to female trans individual in the lady's room, remember that the individual in question is really just a female. She just happens to have different plumbing than your wife or daughter. So you could choose tolerance and acceptance, or go the neo-conservative evangelical route and do what Jesus would do....ridicule, defame, humiliate, and possibly assault that person. Because that's what Jesus would do, right Christians? (if you can't tell from the typing the complete contempt I have for these hate filled hypocritical evangelicals, Its yuuuuge) I write the above because for a while, I was indifferent to the issues of trans individuals. Largely because I knew no trans individuals. Then a student joined my after school aeronautics program, who's brother was a female to male transgendered individual. And while building model aircraft, I found out about the attempted suicides, and the counseling, and the fears, and basically everything this (trans) student and his family went through while trying to come to grips with this gender identity issue. That kid started coming to club a few weeks later, as he knew that my room is a place where hate speech, oppression, violence, bigotry, racism etc are simply not tolerated nor allowed. So I talked to this kid a lot, and found out a lot about his and what its like to be trans in America. Bottom line is that many Americans seem incapable of treating people who are not exactly like them with any sort of decency or compassion what so ever. This current administration has capitalized on that quality and basically told people that it's okay to treat people who are different like shit (paraphrasing, but its what the people heard, whether purposefully or accidentally implied). Look inside yourself and decide if you really want to be a hate filled individual. If you call yourself a Christian, seriously ask yourself, what would Jesus do? If you are not a Christian, then ask yourself "how will this enrich my life and the lives of those around me?" I'll give you a hint, though the source may differ, the end result is that its always best to be good to one another. Or at worst indifferent. Really, how much better would the world be if the worst of humanity were simply indifferent?