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  1. sail611

    The rise in Teen depression and mental health

    Perhaps Sol. But it is still true that if you work hard to better yourself, you can do so. The system may prevent you from becoming a billionaire by the time you are 30, but certainly you can make a very decent life for yourself, even in this rigged system. But to the kids these days, its all or nothing. They give up if they don't immediately achieve the ultimate success. The thought of grinding out a study session until 2AM to prepare for that organic chemistry quiz is foreign to many of our youth. Their attitude is "I am not going to get an A so I might as well take the F." Its easier that way. But for all of those kids, there are still some hard workers that know their hard work will have positive results in life. The problem for many though, is that they don't realize opportunity is often disguised as hard work.
  2. sail611

    Crabs vs. Trump

    Don't underestimate the Trump voters man. The majority of them are a scary lot. In addition to sailing, I also shoot competitive archery. I post fairly regularly on an archery forum frequented mostly by bowhunters, target archers, and shooting sport enthusiasts. Those guys over there make our pro gun guys look like grabbers. Seriously, they make Happy Jack look like a bleeding heart liberal. They will take cited factual data that is counter to their ideas and be the first to cry deep state conspiracy, use a multitude of logical fallacies to try to completely discredit anything posted that disparages their fearless leader, and man do they HATE liberals. Like I can tell over here that the right wingers aren't completely in love with the left wingers, and vice versa. But on the archery forum....they HATE liberals to the point of wishing violence against them, especially when the thought of gun control comes up. At least the pro gun guys on here don't openly wish those of us who favor reasonable gun control physical harm. We usually just swear at each other and ask for tit pics. Which I find completely amazing actually, that a bunch of sailors are actually more civilized towards one another than supposed "christian" archery enthusiasts. It is completely mind boggling on that forum, and terrifying to see what really hardcore people actually believe, and what they are willing to do to hang on to their precious.
  3. sail611

    Hatfield vs Sessions

    Tom, you bring up an excellent point here, wrt our penal system. We imprison people for certain crimes for vast amounts of time. As you have stated, some of those individuals are very young when initially incarcerated (18-25). Over the time of the sentence, undoubtedly that individual becomes a different person, yet is still being punished for a crime that a previous version of that individual committed. In the most egregious of cases, we execute somebody for a crime committed 25 years prior to the time of the execution. I understand the rule of law and everything, but maybe its time we, as a society step back and ask what really is the purpose of our penal system, and how can we best ensure that said purpose is met. From where I am in life right now, it seems that our penal system is intended to punish bad behavior, and that it certainly does by denying freedom during the time of one's sentence. I also think that along with the punishment though, there is also an aspect of vengeance. Why else would we execute an individual who is in his/her late 40's/early 50's, for a 30 year old crime? Unless the individual is a serial criminal, who knows no right from wrong, and is likely to commit serious violent crimes in the future, the only reason to execute that person is revenge. Now, on the other hand, if I were the family member of a victim of a violent crime, and my relative lost their life, I would probably not be happy if the person who killed that relative were able to go free, even after a long period of time, as they are walking free, and my relative is still dead, and denied life, freedom, etc. Unfortunately, like most things philosophical, I have no concrete answers, and only questions. But those questions are worth asking, if for no other reason than to foster discussion and maybe influence change.
  4. sail611

    NRA, NRA, NRA (Full of Shit Today)

    Jeff, totally agree with the points of post 21, with the exception of the circle jerking part. But I also see the point of view from those saying the NRA is hypocritical. I mean their stated goal is to make sure that people have guns, so that when the government comes to take their guns, they can protect their right to have guns. Now, here the government is coming in and saying "you can't have guns here" and the NRA is saying OK, because the government will have guns to protect them? Can you at least see why those calling the NRA hypocrites are doing so? Because when its spelled out like that, the NRA does look kind of silly.
  5. sail611

    Hatfield vs Sessions

    Agreed Tom. There are felons, and then there are FELONS. To group them all together and treat them all the same with respect to laws does not seem right to me. The guy that led the excavation of "Sue" the Tyrannosaur, got in a whole world of trouble for doing so. He was convicted of multiple felonies and did time for some of them. Because of this he is not able to legally own firearms (in his line of work, he may actually have a real need for one), vote, hold office, nor the myriad of other things prevented by law. That should change. I personally think that all citizens, felon or not, should at least have the right to vote. Once you have done your time, in my mind, you have paid your debt to society, and should at least have some of your rights restored. Honestly, then gun one though, I am on the fence about. For non-violent offenders, I have no problems with them owning guns once released. For violent offenders, the argument could be made that they have served their time, so are good to go. But are they more likely to still harbor violent tendencies? Given a gun, would they be more likely to commit a violent crime? The essential question of all policy is "what is the line, and where do we draw the line?
  6. sail611

    Hatfield vs Sessions

    With respect to consistency...the same political idealogy that blames poor people for being poor and says that they should live with the consequences of their actions/choices, should also say the same about this guy who wants a gun. He chose to commit a crime, and was convicted. We don't allow convicts to purchase guns. Therefore, he can't buy a gun, and has to live with the consequences of his actions. That part is in all honesty to point out hypocrisy within our political ideologies, as the same people that will cry for this guy to be able to purchase a gun, have at one time decried persons of lesser social status, for decisions they have made. I actually applaud J. Sessions in this case for not giving this guy a pass, even though I disagree with the law (as written, not it's intent). On the flip side, the argument could be made that if Mr. Hatfield is the type of person who is willing to ignore one type of law, would he be willing to ignore other types of laws, and therefore, should he have a gun? I also found it interesting the Mr. Hatfield feels the need to own a weapon for self defense. I personally think that the vast majority of people who feel the need for a defense weapon, have no real need for such. Now, with respect to that--And gun owners, be honest with yourselves here. The overwhelmingly vast majority of citizens who claim to need a gun for self defense, in reality have no need. They are planning for the statistical improbability that they will become victims. Some people do have a legit safety concern. The uber gun nuts in Montana, who live literal miles from their nearest neighbor, and armed to the teeth, are probably the last people in the country that actually need an arsenal for home defense. Unless maybe against those grizzly bears. But really, in this case, all we need to do is decide as a society that we are okay with non-violent offenders owning guns, or that certain crimes that are currently felonies, be reduced to misdemeanors. Problem solved.
  7. sail611

    Hatfield vs Sessions

    Interestingly enough, it is usually the right who blames any number of groups of social minorities for their current poor white girl with 3 kids should have kept her legs together, then she wouldn't be poor and hungry. The homeless man down the street should have found a job, then he wouldn't be homeless. I could go on and on and on. Instead, I will simply offer this: why not apply the same logic to this guy, as is commonly applied to others less fortunate. Or is this one different because this guy isn't some poor minority who made bad decisions, but rather a well to do white guy who wants a gun? At least be consistent.
  8. sail611

    Will Cohen Flip?

    I think they got Al Capone on something similar, albeit with his taxes. There was another case, about the discovery and excavation of a dinosaur fossil, in which the paleontologist filled out a form incorrectly. He was sentenced to 3 years in federal prison. It didn't help that he asked the judge to recuse himself for conflicts of interest, and as such was judged and prosecuted with extreme prejudice. (-Dinosaur 13) Bottom line---To the general public, some crimes, while technically being crimes, are not very serious. But if you piss off the wrong people, they will throw the book at you.
  9. ^^^This. Bob Mueller is incredibly good at what he does. Those that demand Mueller tell the general population exactly what he knows every step of the way clearly have no idea how an investigation of any sort works. Rule number 1 about federal investigations is that you don't talk about federal investigations. I am honestly surprised we, the general public, know as much about this case as we do. Mueller knows not to tip off the party being investigated as to what they have found. Imagine if he would have told the Gambino Family exactly what he found about all of them the moment he found it? I'll tell you this much, no way he would have gotten the convictions that he did. Mueller knows how to play the long game, for real. Trump knows how to play a quick con, and is trying to play the long con. He isn't as good at being a conman as Mueller is at investigating conmen and criminals. The fact that Mueller has been able to run this investigation by following, almost play by play, the playbook he used to take down Gotti should have all of us worried. We should be worried because from a logical standpoint, if you can investigate a person using tactics that would be used to investigate a mob boss, then the the person being investigated is, or acts like a mob boss. That a sitting President behaves like a mob boss should be concerning for all, regardless of party affiliation. Last I checked, mob bosses weren't too well in love with democracy. They favor totalitarianism. Now, Trump basically ran on a campaign of that of a totalitarian dictator, which I am sure he would love to be. Hopefully, we don't let him. He has hinted that he would like to be POTUS for life though, with his "maybe we will try that sometime" tweet. Perhaps we can all come to our senses and accept the reality that on both sides of the political spectrum there are people that are less than honest. We should demand more from our leaders, as they represent us, and who we are as a people and a nation. We need to stop treating elections like Ford vs Chevy arguments, where you pick you favorite based on nothing other than a party affiliation, or which candidate will piss off the other side. We have to be above that. Vote for good people. This is still a democracy. We the people should have the power. We have given it to our politicians, because we have gotten complacent. Perhaps, if nothing else, this administration is the wake up call we all need.
  10. That is legit good news. I appreciate that there is PREDICTION of a positive outcome of this tax cut. If the Bush administration taught us anything, its that the economy is a volatile thing, or at least can be made that way through tax cuts and deregulation. The 2008 collapse should be proof enough of that. Furthermore, If we look at what has happened in pretty much every state that has tried these massive tax cuts for the business class, we will find that they are woefully underfunded and are paying the price for being cheap now. So forgive me for not being too excited about a prediction, but based on past performance, the data, and reality, just don't support the idea that major tax cuts are this great thing for the overall economy, in the long run. Of course, what is going to happen is that the moment a democrat is elected to the presidency, everyone is going to pull their money out of the market, even before that person takes office, and they will fuck the economy, just because.
  11. Ahhhhhh....I see what you did there. Despite the possibility of a false equivalence, though maybe not-you could definitely argue that in some (many) cases information not being available to the public has caused death. At any rate, I will give you this....your line of thinking isn't entirely wrong. In both instances, wrt to privacy and guns, the question then becomes what do we do? How do we maintain the rights of the citizenship while still enacting policies that also preserve the safety of that citizenship? Of course if we can come up with some sound answers there, we probably get the Nobel prize. But hey, lofty goals right?
  12. I think the point many of the usual suspects are missing, is that these youth are tired of drilling for school shooters. They are tired of wondering if today is the day they will have to hide under their desks, barricading doors if time allows, and waiting to see if their friends are still alive. They are fed up with it all. To them, gun control seems to be a reasonable starting place. Many of the adults in their lives feel the same way. I think the reality of the situation is that while the 2A is definitely a right granted by the constitution, there is an increasingly larger percentage of the population who see who no reason for that right to exist, and if limiting to certain extents that right will mean a safer environment for them and their families, in their minds, it is the proper thing to do. This idea is furthered by the "thoughts and prayers....but nothing else" attitude currently being taken by our lawmakers, and a portion of the population. As ascertained above, nobody wants to see crazy people obtain guns. To prevent crazy people from obtaining guns IS going to require some sort of regulation. Yet our leadership and lobbying bodies refuse to even listen to gun regulations. Bottom line, the populace notices this, and they are tired of it. Y'all can pretend that these people have their heads up their asses, and that they are totally wrong, and this that and the other. But at the end of the day, they will vote. They will support candidates who feel the same way they do. Changes will happen. For all the 2A guys out there, perhaps the best course of action is not to spew hatred at these individuals and their cause, but rather work with them to ensure an outcome acceptable to both parties. Go against the NRA talking points, that by design, do nothing. Wrap your minds around the FACT that the NRA could not give a shit about your rights, and exists only to make money for its leadership and the gun manufacturing industry, and that constantly ignoring gun issues is going to energize a portion of the population that favors an all out gun ban. Why would you want that? Get with reality people. The reality is that your guns are not tools to protect against government oppression. That was tried a few times right? Ruby Ridge and Waco come to mind. Look at how that worked out. Your guns, with the exception of maybe your shotguns and hunting rifles, are toys. Toys that when in the wrong hands can cause great harm to large numbers of people in short amounts of time. Get with reality and accept that fact. Those who are proposing gun control have accepted that fact, and have also realized that those who play with those toys, don't want to hear anything about restricting their toys, and are going to assume the role of responsibility, and regulate for them. Fuck all...I just realized this whole gun control argument sounds exactly like fighting with children who misuse their toys. And just like with children, when they continue to misuse their toys, their toys are taken away. So you can take from this what you will. You can take out your straw men and attack me and my thoughts all you want. But the reality of a fed up public is still going to be there, and when it hits a critical mass, changes will occur. You can get with that program to ensure a reasonable outcome, or you can ignore them, call their ideas BS, and accept the outcome. Or as one kid put it "Adults don't know how to fucking use democracy, so we are going to do it for them." Why not help these kids do democracy, so you don't get steamrolled letting them do it on their own?
  13. sail611

    I Swear this is NOT the Onion

    Unfortunately Mel, its the reality in the good ole USA. We drill like that in my building as well. About half the time we are told about it ahead of time, the rest of the time, we get a quick announcement on the PA system "We are going into level 3 lockdown" and that's it. Doors are shut and locked, kids are moved out of sight of windows and doors, and we wait for gunfire to be heard. Fortunately, as of yet, we have heard none. Its not a pleasant experience, the drills. I can't imagine what the real thing must be like.
  14. sail611

    Outrageous Outrage

    While we're at it, I just got served some dihydrogen monoxide in my school....I did some research and it turns out that stuff can be deadly. And...IT IS DISPENSED IN DRINKING FOUNTAINS EVERYWHERE!!!!!! OUR SCHOOLS!!! OUR OFFICES!!! EVERYWHERE!!! AND ITS DEADLY!!! DEADLY I TELL YOU!!! Surely our students deserve better. Petition your congress critter to abolish deadly dihydrogen monoxide immediately!!!! LMAO
  15. sail611

    And where are Melania and little Barron?

    I am both mortified and laughing my ass off at the same time. Well played Sol, well played.