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    aren't all the permissible and commercially available control surface hydraulic valves ,drive clutches and electrical actuators now a matter of public record ? Quick scan of the design rule says they were to be published 150 days out from the Challenger series - anyone got a link ?
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    Oracle Team USA

    could well be - never read it - occasionally drop in here to see whats up and saw the conversation.
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    Oracle Team USA

    interesting as the system described uses a "feedback transducer" whereas we all know the feedback was mechanical in nature with the valve being operated between a reference linear actuator and the position of the board. Off my pay scale to comment - just interested to note the context of previous use (cant keel position) and the note that a current AC team is using it as mentioned in the advertising - maybe another application ?? http://www.motioncontrol.co.za/55189n
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    Oracle Team USA

    Axis control valve goes sailing - 3rd Quarter 2016 - MOOG - Motion Control Search ??