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  1. Maybe they just broke one and haven't fixed it yet ?
  2. aren't all the permissible and commercially available control surface hydraulic valves ,drive clutches and electrical actuators now a matter of public record ? Quick scan of the design rule says they were to be published 150 days out from the Challenger series - anyone got a link ?
  3. could well be - never read it - occasionally drop in here to see whats up and saw the conversation.
  4. interesting as the system described uses a "feedback transducer" whereas we all know the feedback was mechanical in nature with the valve being operated between a reference linear actuator and the position of the board. Off my pay scale to comment - just interested to note the context of previous use (cant keel position) and the note that a current AC team is using it as mentioned in the advertising - maybe another application ?? http://www.motioncontrol.co.za/55189n
  5. Axis control valve goes sailing - 3rd Quarter 2016 - MOOG - Motion Control Search ??
  6. . . . = (10 minutes + 2 seconds ) . . .
  7. Any organized yacht Club of a foreign country, incorporated, patented, or licensed by the legislature, admiralty or other executive department, having for its annual regatta an ocean water course on the sea, or on an arm of the sea, or one which combines both, shall always be entitled to the right of sailing a match for this Cup with a yacht or vessel propelled by sails only and constructed in the country to which the challenging Club belongs, against any one yacht or vessel constructed in the country of the Club holding the Cup. The competing yachts or vessels, if of one mast, shall be not less than sixty-five forty-four feet nor more than ninety feet on the load water line; if of more than one mast, they shall be not less than eighty feet nor more than one hundred and fifteen feet on the load water line.
  8. Although the AC is understood by most as being primarily a design contest, not only is there no language in the DoG prohibiting partial or even full OD, but there is language that makes it legally possible by Mutual Consent. If you want to go "sea layer" on ACEA and legally challenge them, you have to come up with some explicit language of the DoG as basis for a legal argument. Your personal view on what AC is or should be does NOT constitute such a basis. By "understood" you mean the clear view of other owners of the America that they where setting out to demonstrate the superiority of America yacht design? May be I've missed something? 1958: the word "constructed" wherever it appeared in the Deed of Gift of the America’s Cup shall always be construed as "designed and built" 1980: A yacht shall be deemed to be "designed" in a country if the designers of the yacht’s hull, rig and sails shall be nationals of that country 1982: A foreign designer—however he is designated—participating in the design of a boat or a sail would violate both the letter and spirit of the above Resolution, and any boat or sail so designed would be ineligible for use in America’s Cup competition. Similarly, a hull or sails which are merely copies of those of a foreign designer would also be ineligible for use in America’s Cup competition 1990 - 2: However, no person may claim dual or multiple nationality. If a person satisfies the conditions of nationality for more than one country, he shall elect and declare a single nationality, and may participate only on behalf of the country whose nationality he declares. In other words according to the DoG and the resolutions of the trustees the hull, rig and sails shall be designed by nationals solely of the challenging country who may be nationals of only one country and the involvement of a none national designed makes the design invalid for the AC. That leaves the possibility of OD foils or a change in heart by the trustees at total odds with everything that has gone before. ... plus a shit fight over whether a wing is a sail. . . . go boy go . . .
  9. She's been for sale with Berthon for a couple of years now, who also had Martella listed for a while but it looks like she has been sold. Thanks for putting the link up about Galicia. No Worries. Intrum Justitia shows up here on the web :http://www.blueboxsailing.com/Whitbread60Blueprint.html The stretched Fortuna had a cruising mod made in Cartagena a few years ago. Think she sails out of Alicante.
  10. NCB Ireland (otherwise known as ¨Never Coming Back¨ - or - ¨No C**t Bothered¨) Seems like it is still a recent listing ? http://www.cosasdebarcos.com/barco_42187070140149985399565048504548.html
  11. Do you know if this is the Farr Tokio that sailed in the race or the Swarbrick Tokio that was only used pre race?No idea...The Swarbrick Tokio had an odd keel I think, fin went forwards?? The boat in Chuso's picture is the Farr boat, the Swarbrick's in Helsinki. I read something recently which said that the original Galicia 93 is in Gaeta, Italy but has been ashore for a number of years. Maybe you read about her here ? http://shockwave40.blogspot.com.es/2012/07/galicia-93-pescanova-volvo-60-round.html
  12. Fisher and Paykel was being used for adventure charters in Fuerte Ventura http://www.maxisailing.es/index.html Rothmans was based on the west coast of Sweden north of Orust maybe Lysekil I think. You could always get in touch woth the people at FYD about the Whitbread 60's.