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  1. bplipschitz

    Best Lyrics Ever

    Can't sleep cause my bed's on fire Don't touch me, I'm a real live wire. . .
  2. bplipschitz

    Best Lyrics Ever

    she could steal, but she could not rob.
  3. bplipschitz

    Best Lyrics Ever

    I think I'm gonna be sad I think it's today, yeah.
  4. bplipschitz

    Another Land Speed Record Broken At Bonneville

    That would sure speed up my morning commute. Say I averaged 150 mph (y'know, stop lights and things), it would work out to just over 3 minutes.
  5. bplipschitz

    Cell phone alert this Thurs

    Forum postings, traffic accidents, tinfoil sales.
  6. bplipschitz

    Cell phone alert this Thurs

    Well, all systems need to be tested to see if they work. It's important to get the word out so that people don't Freak Right Out (although some undoubtedly will). I think they should time it for the monthly test of the Civil Defense sirens. Could be kinda cool. . .
  7. bplipschitz

    Sunset pictures

    Wismar, Germany.
  8. bplipschitz


    Probably their friend that they couldn’t find after the tailgate party and game. It is a wee picture, but it looks like they left their coolers and lawn chairs up top/. . .
  9. bplipschitz

    grumpy old farts vindicated

    Sounds like he needs a cigar to go with that.
  10. bplipschitz

    strange thought while commuting

    Try somewhere where they use actual LAMB In Germany, it's called Döner, and they will put it all -- crispy fries, onions, meat, lettuce and tzaziki sauce all in one take-out box and you eat the lot with a fork. Really tasty when it's good and hot. My random through while commuting this morning: I want to see one of those electric scooters hit a rock.
  11. bplipschitz

    Best Lyrics Ever

    Caroline talks to you Softly sometimes, she says, "I love you" and "Too much" She doesn't have anything You want to steal Well, nothing you can touch
  12. bplipschitz


    IIRC, the light at the end of the tunnel has been switched off.
  13. bplipschitz


    And then sail there. In the dirt. . .
  14. bplipschitz

    about time someone started this

    It most certainly is PC, as politicos are the ones driving this as being the only, 'correct' way. They should focus on important issues, but that doesn't line their pocket the same way. I stand by my rant above, and did so realizing that the PC push is strong in places like WI to remove "milk" from nut & legume products. Their reasoning is deeply ridiculous however. Any numbs kill can tell the difference by reading the label. What irks me is trying to make things taste like something they are not, and making that your leading market strategy. If you crave something that tastes, feels & bleeds like a burger, EAT A Burger. Otherwise, have some pad Thai. Chemically, animal & nut milks are similar & have been made for centuries (I'm guessing), so I find that less troubling.
  15. bplipschitz

    Exploding houses in Andover Mass

    When was this? Mercaptans (the 'smell' added to natural gas) has been an additive for a long time.