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  1. bplipschitz


    Time for a sheepdog. No grandkids yet, but two grand dogs -- one is a 165lb Great Dane, the other a 18 lb English Cocker Spaniel. One is very smart, well trained and is very German (lives in Hamburg). The other is a Great Dane. The Dane is very lovable, but psychotic.
  2. bplipschitz

    Rocket Launch!

    For those of us not fortunate enough to know or be pilots, think about times you've been on a flight that has gone through cumulous clouds (or, pay attention to the next flight that does). The very first business flight I was ever on, we took off into a bunch of disperse cumulous clouds. Every time we went through one, the plane dropped a very noticeable amount. That's because the clouds, being full of water vapor, were less dense than the air and provided less lift as mentioned above by @Innocent Bystander.
  3. bplipschitz

    Rocket Launch!

    The modern version of "spam in a can".
  4. bplipschitz

    Magic" cooking ingredients

    Wine reductions. Fresh herbs (basil, oregano, rosemary, etc.) garlic, onions, fennel, celery, capers, fresh ginger curry powder (cinnamon, cumin, tumeric, coriander, garam masala. . .) Black peppercorns, green peppercorns, hot red pepper powder or flakes Hot sauce (cholula, Louisiana, Sriracha. Don't care for Tabasco), soy sauce, Hoisin sauce Mustard (all kinds), cider vinegar, wine vinegar, limes, lemons It's quite often the wife will bring home a bag of groceries, and say "make me something good." Given the above, I can usually pull it off. It's never the same twice.
  5. bplipschitz

    What to read?

    Carl Hiaasen. Double Whammy. What a great book.
  6. bplipschitz

    What do you look for in a VPN service for Torrenting?

    Cite please? Google "nothing to hide" argument. Basically, if someone wants to "get you", they eventually can, as no one has ever lived an error-free life. It can also happen due to glitches in information (wrong dates, wrong identity, misconstrued data). It's a bit like saying "I don't support free speech because I have nothing to say." If the NSA is surveilling your every keystroke in your browser, they might find something the someone doesn't like. Am I paranoid about this? No. Do I understand that the probability of this happening to me is very small? Yes. Am I concerned about it getting more prevalent, in subtle ways such that a majority of the population doesn't care about it? Yes.
  7. bplipschitz

    What to read?

    "Inside War" is an interesting little book about how much guerilla conflict went on inside MO during the Civil War. Written by a Canadian, so the author didn't have a particular axe to grind or anything.
  8. bplipschitz

    Some idiots will buy anything!

    yeah, but the important part is that it reharmonizes the electric fog! Wait, I have a new name for a band! The Electric Fog. Shit, where are the 1970s when I need them?!
  9. bplipschitz

    Alergic to sunlight?

    That's different -- look up "achoo syndrome". Seriously -- I have it.
  10. bplipschitz

    Rocket Launch!

    Perfect poorly defined subject for endless debate :-) You are correct. I'm being nitpicky. The visible part of the cloud is liquid water. Which is denser than air. But the entire cloud might be said to include the associated humid air, which is clear and invisible. The tiny droplets are heavy and falling. But falling very slowly because Reynolds Number? Falling slower than the rising, light, humid air. That is the end of my ready knowledge. Here is a NASA link: Why Don’t Clouds Fall Out of the Sky? Why Bravo Bravo and others commonly say that humid air is "heavy"...I don't know...feels heavy to the body in a way. Well, here in STL in August it feels like a wet, hot, heavy Golden Retriever wrapping around you, which is perhaps why "common sense" would make one think that humid air is denser. Thanks for the response!
  11. bplipschitz

    Rocket Launch!

    Yep. Water vapor is less dense air. It displaces some of the air, making the bulk solution (if you will) less dense. Now to be sure, temperature has a greater effect on air density than water vapor, but it's still true. Poke around on the web -- there's a lot of good resources on it.
  12. bplipschitz

    Rocket Launch!

    What the hell -- let's digress -- the launch isn't until Saturday. What I was getting at is that humid air is less dense than dry air. I'd like to hear more of what you know about water vapor vs droplets, cloud formation, etc. Sounds like it could be interesting.
  13. bplipschitz

    Rocket Launch!

    The clouds are actually lighter. That's why they're up there. . .
  14. bplipschitz

    What do you look for in a VPN service for Torrenting?

    That's not necessarily true.
  15. bplipschitz

    What to read?

    As corny as it sounds, I happened across a Horatio Hornblower book awhile ago and thought "what the hell, I've give it a go." It was an enjoyable read! I had to look up a few nautical terms I was unfamiliar with, but I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.