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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    with a look of surprise on my
  2. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    North Chili, NY. I think that says a lot. . .
  3. Resin wont harden...

    Well, how'd it go? I had something like that happen once with polyester resin. Wrapped the whole thing in plastic, put it in the bathroom (smallest room with an outlet) with a space heater (and exhaust fan) going, and left it for the weekend. Seemed to work. On the other hand, if it's already been a couple of weeks, hope ain't-a-gonna cut it. . .
  4. I'm making a rudder

    Late to the game here, and have made a couple of rudders myself. My contribution is Soller Composites as a source for hard-to-source cloth, at reasonable prices. They have all kinds of weird stuff. Good luck and more pics!
  5. Who is snaggletooth

    My baby! My baby!
  6. firefox v57 quantum

    +1 on that. There are others out there, but you can also turn a good bit of Google fuckery off, too. Or, go Tor, which is its own weirdness.
  7. Members Reputation?? New Feature??

    I am feckful. The ratings thing is all horseshit anyway. . .
  8. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Wait, what?!
  9. Bareboat Charter in the Baltic. . .tips?

    So, poking around on teh Interwebs, I take it that ze Chermans really only like *their* license for VHF. They don't recognize/accept the RYA SRC license? How would one charter a boat then? If the answer is "get the German VHF license", perhaps the lesson is "check out chartering in Croatia"?
  10. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    You go, SVTG -- those of us paying attention know that you are not Manhands McBlondersen.
  11. Bareboat Charter in the Baltic. . .tips?

    Great info -- thanks all! Some more notes: Born and raised in Wisconsin, where the mosquito is the State Bird Will have a native German speaker and a German fluent speaker aboard Have a US Amateur Extra ham radio license, so familiar with radio protocol (even VHF marine) Driving up to Flensburg/wherever is what we were kinda planning, so that is perfect. Will we need to clear in to Denmark/Sweden if we sail from Germany, or are they all one big happy EU?
  12. So, I'm going to find myself in Germany once again in July 2018. I thought to myself, "why not do a bareboat charter in the Baltic?" What recommendations and experiences do others have for such a trip originating out of Germany? I would like to know about experiences with different charter companies, possible requirements (I'm a US citizen), places to see/avoid, possible routes. Some particulars: been sailing about 10 years, own a 4ksb on an impoundment lake that I sail quite often ASA 101/103/104/105 (Basic keelboat/coastal/bareboat/coastal navigation) certs have one week long bareboat charter under my belt (earlier this year, 36' Catalina, Pensacola FL) 4-6 people on this cruise, 1 competent active sailor, 3 semi-active sailors on the boat besides me We're going to be in Hamburg for my daughter's wedding, so why not also make a cruise out of it? Vielen Dank!
  13. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Perhaps the endomorphic one had a prized collection of souvenir baseball bats on her person. Say, 10 to 14" in length.
  14. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    So, cruising around with my Tor browser, I read in one of her blogs (that I spent a total of 5 minutes perusing): "You might be intelligent if: . . .Since a magnitude 9.0 earthquake is 100 times stronger than a magnitude 6 earthquake. . ." IIRC, the scale for earthquakes is logarithmic, like for pH. That makes a 9 *1000* times stronger than a 6. I might be more intelligent if I don't go back and read any more. I feel icky and stupider.