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  1. bplipschitz

    BYC Mac Reg

    I think you meant Cheboygan. Two different places, opposite sides of the lake. . .
  2. bplipschitz

    Rudder refurb and associated troubles...

    Even Humphrey Davies (who discovered aluminum) called it aluminum. So there. Let's not get started on Math vs Maths. It's not plural.
  3. bplipschitz

    I survived a tornado

  4. bplipschitz

    Radar Reflector

  5. bplipschitz


    In a bid to offset Steam Flyer's latest WTF? with his boat, and my own WTF? issues with this current boat, I present to you a success story (wewt)! Issue: I cut the (badly decayed) leads to the 1982 Nissan 9.9 HP outboard on my 4ksb when I bought it, because a) they were badly decayed, and b) "I'm fit -- I'll never need electric start on an outboard." Corollary issue: tore the crap out of my back 8 weeks ago, and could really use that electric starter. . . Fix: Got some 6-gauge cable, some 6-gauge butt splice connectors, terminals and adhesive heat shrink tubing. Got 'er all wired up Saturday, hit the key and Voila!, the fucker fired right up. It's nice when something goes right! Makes up for the forestay I had to fix, and the composted transom I had to re-core. . .
  6. bplipschitz

    Electrical Issues

    I'm with the others on the pump motor for #2. Probably creating a lot of EM noise, and your autopilot does not like it. Also, I see what you did there making that issue #2. . .
  7. bplipschitz

    Trigger finger

    Schweet -- I'll see if I can conjure up some pics of mine.
  8. bplipschitz

    Yanny or Laurel

    I hear "HEY LAAAADY!" but in Phyllis Diller's voice! My Swiss Physician can't explain it. . .
  9. bplipschitz

    Things to do in IOWA

    Except for the constant westerly winds. They keep you from falling asleep at the wheel, when you hit the dead airspace and swerve towards the guard rails underneath the overpass. . . Been driving I-55 to I-39 to S. WI since it was I-55 to US 51. Jesus, it's flat.
  10. bplipschitz

    What a waste, saw this yesterday abandoned

    My home made rudder is better than the stock one, which is a piece of shite. When I bought mine for < $500, it came with a dead squirrel, a couple of Miller empties, black rubber stoppers where the bailers used to be, a block of ice filling the cockpit and a 6" hole in the deck with a PVC cap over it (to rig the forestay). Speaking of the forestay, it was spliced with galvanized steel cable. After I got it all fixed up, it sails quite nicely. Picked up a lightly used sail off the Bucc yahoo list, filled in the old bailer holes and installed new Elvstrom types, and life is good. It's already turbo if the wind is up and you can't get ~300 lbs on the rail.
  11. bplipschitz

    Aquatic Twitch Thwot

    But you must hold the toilet brush as your sceptor.
  12. bplipschitz

    Trigger finger

    Cool! I don't think mine was ever retooled. I tried to slug the barrel, and it seems to measure more like. .455 Mine seems to tick all the boxes for being pre_1897, when H&R moved to octagonal barrels (I think those dates & facts are correct, going from memory)
  13. bplipschitz

    Sextants in Spaaaaaaaaaaace!

    From this article: https://www.space.com/40623-weird-science-cygnus-launch-space-station.html An unusually low-tech item will also be aboard the spacecraft: a handheld sextant. This instrument, which measures the angular distance between two visible objects, is a time-honored staple of navigation. The traditional, metal tool has historically been used for nautical navigation by sailors out at sea or to measure distances in the night sky. The Sextant Navigation investigation will test the use of handheld sextants for emergency navigation on future deep-space missions, according to the NASA statement. As crewed missions travel farther and farther from Earth, the risks will increase. If a crew found itself without communications or sufficient computing capabilities, it could theoretically use a sextant to find its way using the angles among the moon, planets and stars. Because the instrument requires no power or external support to operate, it could be a simple but life-saving tool, NASA officials said.
  14. bplipschitz

    Trigger finger

    Nope (unless <ahem> you'd like to depart with that kind of jack for it). H&Rs are pretty run-of-the mill, and even though this revolver is kinda unique among all the specimens available, no one is really interested in it.
  15. bplipschitz

    Trigger finger

    This one has a wee corner off the grip, and is serial(?) number 10 underneath them.