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  1. InNeedOfSomeRestraint


    Like a hole in the head.
  2. InNeedOfSomeRestraint


    I like that one. InNeedOfSomeRestroom was good too.
  3. InNeedOfSomeRestraint

    Slippery When Assholes

    Hope you're well, Mad
  4. InNeedOfSomeRestraint

    Slippery When Assholes

    Original Gangster
  5. InNeedOfSomeRestraint

    2015 ALIR

    22* Fun race. Young American sailed amazingly. Kudos to PB and his gang. WW and Her skipper performed admirably and some amazing calls by our afterguard kept us in the right place at the right time while the juniors were a major asset. "How can I help" was their most used phrase and they all showed up on time for their watch. Not much else to say really. Thanks SCYC for hosting a great event and to the teams who came out and Braved gales and calms.
  6. InNeedOfSomeRestraint

    Who is snaggletooth

    Someone said something about sock puppets!?
  7. Good luck with the cold turkey and I respect your move; I've enjoyed the questions thread ;) take care, Jen

  8. Tried to PM you also with the music download question.....real basic thing,

    Standing by, Grabbler

  9. trying to send you a pm but can't get through, you must be very popular, want to see if you want to sail Saturday, get in touch, btbotfa

  10. tried to send u a pm, no work

  11. InNeedOfSomeRestraint

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    This is a very valid point and you're onto something. J/ tried too hard to get the crossover of cruising and racing when they should really decide on one and do it well. Case in point: The J/35 and J/35c. One was purely raceable and the other was purely cruisable. I honestly find myself hoping that their insisting that it should be a rocket are true but at the same time they're trying much too hard to hook people on the "versatility" of the boat. In the end, I doubt that it will be any more enjoyable to spend time on than a J/105 or a Farr 30 and you will be confronted with the reality that while you COULD weekend on the boat ... would you really want to?
  12. InNeedOfSomeRestraint

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Agreed, the all-white messes with the lines. Some two tone nonskid would be groovy. What does mast height have to do with foot length? I'd like to see some pic's of the thing out of the water. Oh, and..........................what's it rate? From where I'm sitting the folding along the luff looks consistent with a cranked on cunningham though I can't quite make out if it's actually there or yanked on. Heh, my thoughts exactaly. The other way is by giving it a too-small OD kite which they also did.
  13. InNeedOfSomeRestraint

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    This thread has been going for months and has tons of information in it already.
  14. InNeedOfSomeRestraint

    newbie bowman tips

    I did this on the Block Island Race this past May while peeling (or preparing to peel, we never actually completed the maneuver) from the Code Zero to the 1.5A. It's a long story but basically different halyard tensions for different sails dictated that needed to move one. Just getting the changing halyard around the tack of the sail is enough and from there you can pull enough slack out of it that it will run free around the leeward side of the soon-to-be-changed spinnaker and from there back to the head of the sail. The trick to this whole process is having yourself harnessed into a spare halyard with the back of the boat ready to jerk you out of the water if, heaven forbid, you go into the drink.
  15. InNeedOfSomeRestraint

    Swede 55

    I love the great boat porn that comes out every time this thread gets revived. MORE!