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  1. Golfinaspen

    Farr 30 irc modification

  2. Golfinaspen

    Farr 30 irc modification

    Look at Indra Farr 30 out of Marblehead. It is ex "surprise" and has a custom sprit. There is an archived forum "fixed carbon bowsprit" that has some images.
  3. Golfinaspen

    Farr 30 revisited

    Drawings show two different keel profiles and two different rudder placements. This could be another aspirational project with little chance of coming to fruition.
  4. Golfinaspen

    Inflated Wing Sails

    The web-site claims that the shape is modeled after a symmetrical airfoil. The distinction between a wing an a foil is lost as this balloon is trying to act as a wing. Somewhere along the way they forgot that a wing has camber and twist to provide lift. It is not symmetrical. This “shape” is more like a big fat keel that derives a small amount of lift by angle of attack. No wonder it looks like it is standing still trying to go up wind.
  5. Golfinaspen

    Caption Contest

    The bowsprit also looks a bit stubby.
  6. Golfinaspen

    Antrim 27's, how many

    Surprisingly there are two sailing on Ruedi Reservoir in Basalt CO. One of them is an inboard, owned by Tom Morrison. The Aspen Yacht Club actively races there.
  7. Golfinaspen

    Platu 25 - New Rig Ideas

    Does anybody have a photo of the top of the Platu mast from the bale above the forestay to the masthead showing a spinnaker halyard rigged to the sheave?
  8. Golfinaspen

    Platu 25 - New Rig Ideas

    The LIS PHRF certificate is attached. The spin rating is 120 and the non-spin rating is 126. The sprit was designed with so that TPS would result in an adjustment at the top end of the 120 rating band. There was no reason to go any longer. Hope this helps. 2018 PHRF Certificate.pdf
  9. Golfinaspen

    Platu 25 - New Rig Ideas

    North has one, file attached. The VPP is also attached. It is for the boat in OD setup and does not apply downwind under assym chute. Tuning_Guide_North.pdf design316vpp.pdf
  10. Golfinaspen

    Platu 25 - New Rig Ideas

    The fixed sprit is a big performance improver but you have that. Search this forum for "Fixed Carbon Bowsprit" and you can see all the details on the custom one we added to our Platu. Attached is an image. Since a pole lift is no longer needed on our boat, a small but important change was to remove it and use that exit on the mast for the main halyard instead of having it at the mast step. Raising the dropping the main, with the halyard on the cabin top becomes very easy especially shorthanded. We explored a new mast but the cost was excessive for little gain ( a bit more stability due to decrease in spar weight = hike harder). The existing spar does NOT have sufficient strength at the tip to handle a masthead chute. Additionally, as noted, the hull and keel do not have sufficient righting moment. Net -net buy a Farr 25 if you like the Platu but want a carbon rig and a masthead chute. Our sailmaker advised that a fathead main would work; we already have a decent length flicker, so that may be the next move. All in all, we love the boat, it is a terrific light air flyer.
  11. Golfinaspen

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    The shot of the boat reaching reveals a hull form that cannot escape from its quarterwave - stuck in the trough. Slow in a breeze.