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  1. I think we can re-rig this so that you can foil on your nipples.
  2. Good point but BP and ETNZ are probably following the old adage about never wrestling with a pig - the pig loves it and everyone gets dirty. They have a speed advantage, why engage, risk a penalty and put Oracle in the game? As pointed out this tread, the wing control system on ETNZ must be providing a higher degree of trimming precision for changing conditions. Hence, the consistent small but critical difference in VMG both up and down. There was a story today in the New York Times that was on topic about Oracle "racing" to find an edge in the time remaining until racing resumes. A reporter on a chase boat said that the time differential does not accurately mirror how badly Oracle is getting crushed. On the water the spread between the boats is so great they seemed to be sailing different races as much as 800 meters apart.
  3. The light air foils are a L/D trade off to get the boat up and out of the water at lower wind speeds. Oracle going to the heavy air foils on Sunday gambled on less drag since the foils have less lateral plane but it was frequently dipping its nose in the water from a lack of lift, especially when gybing. While the differences in boards between the boats can be debated in terms of effect on performance, the VMG's, upwind and down clearly show that ETNZ wing trim is the difference maker. At the speeds the boats are going a very small difference in angle translates to huge distances. No doubt Oracle has sorted out the cause of their "slows", can they figure out a solution?
  4. The asym induces three loads on the sprit [1] a upward load on the end of the sprit tending to bend it [2] a compressive load on the aft end tending to drive it down and [3] a twisting (shear) component given the sideward pull. The bobstay reduces the the upward load but does not eliminate the compressive and twisting forces. Those forces are typically borne by bolts through the hull( not the deck) at the rear end of the sprit and a flange mating the sprit to the edge of the deck. The flange spreads the compressive load over a wide and stronger area, the hull-deck joint, while the bolts bear the shear load. The image below shows the sprit before it was mounted and the conforming deck flange can be seen. The second image shows the sprit when mounted. In sum, you need to account for all forces, especially since they are not uniform and subject to random spikes in force applied to sprit as the sail loads up or flogs in a broach.
  5. The trick is getting the tack line under the deck. we removed one of the bolts on the forestay tang and the tack line was fairly led from there inside aft to the cabin truck . See image of bow before the sprit was mounted. A cam cleat mounted on the cabin trunk bulkhead allows the tackline to be adjusted from the cockpit.
  6. We are in Westport CT. Made a number of rigging changes on the boat to ease boat handling. . [1] Removed the pole lift and moved the main halyard exit from the base of the mast up to the deck using the lift exit slot on the mast.[2] Ran the tackline inside the sprit, through the stem and under the deck with an exit on the cabin truck bulkhead. [3] Swapped out the wire backstay with spectra and a 16:1 cascading adjuster. [4] Removed all unneeded blocks from the deck.[5] A lot of sprectra strops and pendants. Best tip - the jib halyard can be led to the port winch to remove all stretch with a few clicks. That eliminates any scallops on the luff and essentially negates the need for the jib downhaul. Happy to send images of any of the above items. Yes, remove all internal trim weight and bulk up with an extra crew.
  7. Attached is the current PHRF certificate. There are absolutely no issues in light air. The boat just glides away. Saw the image, your boat looks great. Happy to compare notes. 2017 phrf certificate.pdf
  8. Post a picture.
  9. We own one, highly modified with a sprit (highly recommended, see image and forum on this website ) and have been up the mast to the hounds. Any higher is risky. Would strongly suggest tipping the boat using the main halyard or pulling the mast.
  10. Why did we name this boat " Hurricane"?
  11. That -24 seems well out of line. LIS PHRF has a scale based on TPS/J - see my prior post or attachments. Staying within a particular band, like at 140% or below saves at least 3 seconds. It must be that the chute size was well outside the limits, looks like it is 30% bigger.. asym adjustments.pdf
  12. The response of US Sailing is very disappointing and evidences an institutional inability to take a leadership stance. There was a time, for example, when Bill Martin followed by Dave Irish was the President of the organization and US Sailing was admired internationally because its leaders were not worried about being politically correct and never hesitated to call out inequity and put the weight of the organization behind their words. I know first hand because I served on the Executive Committee under both, was a VP and ORC Councilor for 12 years. For example, a world youth championship to be hosted by a southern yacht club was quickly moved when a hint of potential discrimination surfaced. Why doesn't US Sailing call for this event to be moved? When the US Olympic Committee was screwed up and hauled before Congress Bill Martin stepped in an righted the ship with a complete reorganization. It is a matter of leadership and the exercise of moral authority, neither of which US Sailing currently demonstrates. US Sailing needs to be dressed down for its lack of spine. They are also subject to congressional oversight as the NGO for the sport of sailing and should be called to Capital Hill and in full public glare called to justify its failure to press the case internationally and offer constructive alternatives as a member of World Sailing . So don't merely withhold your dues, let your congressman know what is happening in this situation.
  13. The New New Thing was written by Michael Lewis and as mentioned is a great read. On shakedown voyage they had as many IT guys as sailing crew. One attempt to trim sails resulted in the computer raising the settee. But back to the race, is the website tracker now working?
  14. What does the weather ahead look like for thr leaders? The race web site has no usefull information on the expected wind patterns. For now it looks like a drag race back to the rhumb line.
  15. There is a lot of history up in smoke including a half model of our boat Whiskers that was front and center at the second deck bar. AYC was a focal point of my family's life for over 30 years. Hopefully the Skipjack will not be lost forever.