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  1. damn, one more Majic drops out of OD. WTF were they thinking, taking on ASBA like that. They were bound to have their ass handed to them if successful. Nobody who spends 100k on a sportsboat wants to look like a complete fool.

  2. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Good on you again Judge!
  3. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    That's good.
  4. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Thanks Judge, in a week or 2, but I was wondering in general, not age. I have emailed him and not heard, or seen him around here for a bit. So no doubt life is just to busy with turning 43 and all.
  5. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Anybody know how HcW is?
  6. i550

    Why not do it at the Trailable Nationals or similar regatta, where you are more likely to get interest in the idea of the little shipping crates. If you are going to line up do it so others can see you first hand.
  7. i550

    Just make sure your Hartley isn't protested for measurement issues, and it was an 18. Not only undersized, but chute less as well. Bring on SMS.
  8. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Change the date. You did ask! I really should get back to work.
  9. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    and the little 5.9 was Matts boat and Matts boat was Dannys boat so that makes 4.5.
  10. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Well it's not Saturday morning, of course he hasn't entered yet!
  11. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    And he is a quiet unassuming young lad but Taking Back Sunday (48) Andrew Stewart Elliott 7 is also flying the flag.
  12. "Heaven Can Wait" 24 hour Yacht Race

    Where are the rest of the E7's BeG, you're it so far. Unfortunately the stars continue to stay out of alignment for some. Perhaps one day when the E7 NSW's are not the following weekend, it may change. In the meantime some of us hope our donations will make up for us not being there, I know Goat would much rather see my money! Good luck to sailors and those that make it possible, and if you can't get there it is easy to support from afar.
  13. i550

    Is that the Stig?
  14. i550

    Yeah Dog saw what happened, but perhaps the thing that was a a little wrong was starting between those 2, I think Stevro said that he normally would be above. Good luck keeping your I out of the way.
  15. i550

    reckon it's manageable via a dinghy racers M.O. we handful of SBs are racing 150 wallopers every sunday at the mo, and been doing so for years tactically a faster smaller boat must steer around them to a great degree, which is do-able given your tacking down and up. 'buffalo girls' mantra get near em and you increase your elapsed time, stay away and yr faster and won't hook up . mark roundings, ?? get in the line, NO '2 abreast' , if you get on their transom these blokes often leave a big enough gap to sail a truck thru anyways (or a handful of i550s?) . With respect, you are missing the point, G. The SBs are new here, and in mixed fleet racing you will see more pictures of the foregoing (and they weren't taken here). And yeah a faster SB has to sail around the lead mines, but the pic demonstrates not only what may happen, but also what will happen when SBs look for an advantage at a rounding with big boats when the two hit the mark at the same time. Glad you have it all figured out, but dude, quit breaking my balls and open your eyes. Bloody quotes! Not that I should be seen as agreeing with Gybeset, but.. I think he was saying that there is no need to try and wind through, just wait a moment and a big hole will likely appear. The Magics at our club that come storming in at the last expecting room (or at least putting the sensible people off) always end up in strife. Sorry, if you did get what he said but you don't get it. Oops, back to I550s.