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  1. Still tap-dancing and won't answer the question I see. Typical jocal. Let me see if I can rephrase the question a bit better for you..... So a woman who is getting the shit beat out of her on a daily basis by her abusive BF finally has had enough and gets an RO from a judge. But she knows her ex is a violent psycho-abuser who will ignore the RO and come and try to kill her anyway. So she goes to the local gunstore and buys a handgun to protect herself against psycho Boy. If he breaks in her house or attacks her on the street and she shoots and kills him with her new gun - is that "self-defense" or "vigilantism"? I know a woman that this happened to, except she was waiting for her gun permit when the abusive bf ignored the RO and killed her. We all wish she had had a handgun.
  2. Doesn't strike me as lazy, either. Are you drunk Rico?
  3. gina

    A rant about flying

    This thread makes me crave kiszka, dammit!
  4. gina

    Astronomy Anarchy

    I love star gazing, and I wish I could see this upcoming full moon. Unfortunately though, I made the mistake of asking the better half to replace the broken light fixture over the driveway... Fuker installed a solar powered fixture and it's been cloudy and or raining ever since
  5. gina

    Anyone Contract Ebola Today (August 10)?

    I was a little nervous after wading into this thread, but thankfully, 21 days have passed and I do not have the Ebola; but I will remain vigilant.
  6. gina

    Anyone Contract Ebola Today (August 10)?

    Oh still have a pet??? Think of those bodily fluids!
  7. gina

    Anyone Contract Ebola Today (August 10)?

    Oh dear... the incubation period is 2 to 21 days and since Sol started this vigilance thread on August 10, none of us can be sure until September 1st!
  8. gina

    Anyone Contract Ebola Today (August 10)?

    My dermatologist today gave me the all clear on any skin cancer. She did not, however, tell me that I am Ebola-free.
  9. gina

    Are you worried about Ebola coming here?

    OMG and to think entertainment like this is free!
  10. gina

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Thanks MSS! I also enjoy your updates. And happy new year to you and yours.
  11. gina

    Astronomy Anarchy

    "Comet Ison, or some part of it, may have survived its encounter with the Sun, say scientists."
  12. gina

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Dear Mr Foxtrot, Yes, I like when it is sunny and 70, and although I may browse in PA, I have no idea why that could be Bush's fault. And shouldn't you be in bed so you can get up at 3:45 to watch that Cali solar eclipse? Best, gina
  13. gina

    Astronomy Anarchy

    For those of us who sleep late on Sunday mornings...,0,1189387.story#axzz2jXlf5o7g
  14. gina

    watch your pop tarts.

    Hmmm, I have had the exact little keychain gunlet in my desk drawer at work in a pediatrics office for about 15 years now and not one rugrat has been harmed no matter how many times I have used the damn thing. Go figure.