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  1. Random PicThread

    Shocking as it is, the lack of censorship, and huge disparity between the image subject matter every day is one of the things that makes this thread great.
  2. LONQR

    There are a few here. FUGLY in the extreme.
  3. LONQR

    never happened. Was an ad campaign for Nokia..
  4. Random PicThread

    Saw a field fire (summer, pre-harvest) on the farm when i was young, and of course called the fire brigade, and ran to find out what was going on with my Dad. Some buttfuck walked into the middle of one of our fields, poured petrol over himself, and lit a match. Not the way i'd choose to end myself! Will NEVER forget that BBQ smell Thankfully, he only ruined an acre of barley, rather than 20+
  5. LONQR

    not nearly as life threatening as putting a big sticker on the window so you can't see out!
  6. Going Aloft

    This one always gives me Disco Legs
  7. what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    Peaky Blinders fans? Bit of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
  8. Random PicThread

    They know you too well........
  9. Random PicThread

    that's exactly what it is. Battersea Power Station in London. Was decommissioned in the early '80's, and has been derelict ever since, despite many many many re-development proposals. Went to an awesome art installation there several years ago. I think Apple are the latest to plan on using it......
  10. LONQR

  11. Random PicThread

    VERY familiar with that noise, growing up on the Mildenhall flight path...
  12. How long to shit?

    yes, the shitters in the Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran are a sight to behold. Built by the French, and basic holes in the floor, surrounded by expensive, though tasteless marble. If you can't wait for the looooong immigration queue, and you need to shed a pound or two, squatting there trying to hold your clothes above the water is a trial. To add to the experience, an occasional flood, often including solids, will drift under the wall from the neighbouring trap. It's hard to avoid when you're midway through making a deposit at the porcelain bank, and so you proudly enter the country with shitey shoes, and a soggy hem to your trouser..
  13. How long to shit?

    ....and if using in a public convenience, it is common etiquette in the Middle East to hose the whole bowl, the walls, the toilet paper, the guy in the next trap, the floor, and basically leave the room looking like someone knocked over a hydrant.
  14. Macgregor sailors website

    My comment related specifically to the 'fleet' of tubs that Shootist Jeff is referring to, at a specific Yacht Club