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  1. Derek Grebe

    Random PicThread

    WRONG! This particular one IS a Photo-Chop (and not a very good one) and has been circulating recently. looky looky
  2. There was a significant risk that that title could have led to a 'two girls one cup' type video - but i looked anyway...
  3. Derek Grebe

    2019 DTS Pool

    Kirk Douglas Duke of Edinburgh Kim Kardashian
  4. Derek Grebe

    Latest Book Recommendations

    Just read the entire Ian Rankin REBUS series back-to-back. Having lived and worked in Edinburgh for 15 years before moving to the Middle East, it's great to recognise so many places. In the non-fiction genre, recently read Wilfred Thesiger's 'Across the Empty Quarter', and 'A Line in the Sand' by James Barr. Both regionally relevant to where i am now!
  5. Derek Grebe

    Anyone here ever returned a looted antiquity?

    'Patina' is a broader concept. It is basically the display of 'age through time and use', be it thermal, humidity, oils, oxidation etc etc. Patina, therefore, CAN be a feature of the wood. Copper develops the green patina, even if you never touch it, rub it etc. (this can be accelerated by washing it in horse piss, however, as was the way)
  6. Derek Grebe

    Anyone here ever returned a looted antiquity?

    my old man has the original hard-copy pictures that were offered to the British Museum back in 1989 or so. Stunning. Need to get him to scan them in!!
  7. Derek Grebe

    Anyone here ever returned a looted antiquity?

    I have experience from the other end of the equation. Glad to hear a bit of honesty out there! Roman artefacts were stolen from our family farm in the UK throughout the 80's by metal detectors operating through the night on a legally protected site. There is a Roman villa and graveyard on the site, invisible to the eye, and farmed over for centuries. Previous investigations have shown the full hypocaust floor to be intact, and you can fill a bucket with Roman pottery in about an hour. At least one Anarchist on here lived just 1 mile from the site for a while.....! Artefacts were sold via London, Zurich and Sydney, and finally ended up in a private gallery in New York. At some point, they were offered for sale to the Getty Museum, who checked the provenance with the British Museum. They, too, had been offered them, and the location marked on a map as being our farm. Other finds confirm the provenance. My father fought the New York fuckers with the haul, through International lawyers. We 'won', but only to the extent that the artefacts become the property of the British Museum on their death. He's dead - she's next.... If the estate does not return them, they become ours... Haul has a value of several million dollars, and includes bronze statues, a silver and gilt leopard, and loads of other stuff. Still catching metal detectorists in the dead of night.
  8. Derek Grebe

    WWII Comic Books and other literature

    Commando comics when i were a lad. started in 1961, and still going apparently lots of "hande hoch!", "schnell!" & "Gott in Himmel" etc you can't beat this for a title!
  9. Derek Grebe

    Challenge -

    Moist as always, Grandma!
  10. Derek Grebe

    Is It A Coincidence?

    through loyalty cards, Target and others now 'predict' birth dates for women, based on changes of buying habits, such as buying certain vitamins, buying less / no alcohol, stopping smoking, etc. They then have a targeted campaign leading up to the 'suspected' birth date, of all the baby crap you can possibly imagine. They are worryingly accurate, apparently.
  11. Derek Grebe

    Ancestry DNA

    Our visa's here require fingerprints recorded on arrival. Retinal scan. X-Ray for TB, and blood tests every two years for HIV and Hepatitis.. Have yet to meet my clone in the street, though!
  12. Derek Grebe

    Random PicThread

    Edinburgh Cracking City
  13. Derek Grebe

    Whitey Bulger Got Whacked

    ha! there's a huge volume of 'tinpot shithole' behaviour in the US. 'Developed Country' is a cigarette-paper thin veneer!
  14. Derek Grebe

    Tesla Hacks / Rich Rebuilds

    did the power source for Banksy's shredded artwork last from the build in 2006 to the auction in 2018? Is that actually impressive? i'd have thought that there are not many batteries that would hold their charge for 12 years, or am i talking bollox?