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  1. Derek Grebe

    The new tool for cunts to be cunts in public

    Americans? That is hilarious!
  2. Derek Grebe

    Random PicThread

    It's a cool road - just outside Al Ain, on the border with Oman. Lots of complete fuckwits on it, though. Not just a palace at the top. Hotel, lookouts, and a food stop. Oman itself has some far more extreme roads..
  3. Derek Grebe

    Random PicThread

    My daughter's school, Dubai College, soon after it was built in 1978..... and today...
  4. Derek Grebe

    Random PicThread

    Could easily be - an image search labels it "Fjord House', which suggests a Norwegian location...
  5. Derek Grebe

    Rugby World Cup

    A happy me, but a less happy Northern Irish wife..... The Kiwi's really schooled the Irish.
  6. Derek Grebe

    Rugby World Cup

  7. Derek Grebe

    City art

    More from Tehran
  8. Derek Grebe

    City art

    I took this pic in Tehran out of a taxi window. Does this count?
  9. Derek Grebe


    When you mix Austalia and the US.... good luck!!!
  10. Derek Grebe

    Trivia questions

    17.35 secs......
  11. Derek Grebe

    Trivia questions

    This is a great tiebreaker..... a who guesses closest? What is the current men's 100m record - running barefoot, on ice?
  12. Derek Grebe

    Random PicThread apostrophe in Nazis......
  13. Derek Grebe

    Rugby World Cup

    Excellent show! The original sheep-worriers beat the young pretender sheep-worriers Nice work Wales!
  14. Do you consider it a primary tool for the job? What are your thoughts on Police Forces across the world that do not carry, unless in special units? Like the UK, for example. (this is not a RANDOM post... genuine interest!)
  15. Derek Grebe

    Remake of The Princess Bride

    "MAWIDGE", as uttered by the late great Peter Cook, the creator of 'Derek Grebe', and him of my Avatar...