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  1. Right, b/c ignorance is generation-specific. I don't imagine parents of the "Me Generation" found them very patient either... I accept this as part of the problem. It is not the whole problem.
  2. Event type, geography, and meteorology are all important factors here... I raced dinghies and small keelboats on a Southeast lake for a few years; almost always around the cans... I got into it a few times with fleet captains about starting races midday, bobbing until 3pm, and heading for the club porch when the temps were cooler and the breeze was on. Although a 3-6pm series could have worked there, it probably wouldn't work for your coastal distance race. (Was the party well attended?) Whatever, I voted by moving back to NE. We all can vote with our 2017 race entries.
  3. I swear, it'll plane in 15 knots, just like a...
  4. Interesting discussion... I'll bite... If you rigged a J109 for sym kites, how would you manage in the pit and cockpit for a sym peel? Are you going to add winches/clutches, or just plan on bare-headed sail changes? I'm on a New England J109. We're not pro's but put up some solid results, and we're very well-practiced with our peels between A2 and A3. Most of our racing is coastal distance, not W/L. The boat has a standard OD setup: 8 clutches and 2 self-tailing cabin tops. One tack clutch means the second tack line is on the stbd primary. We manage well, but we're chronically short on winch space in the corners. In our setup, we use a primary for the tackline about half the time. With a sym, you're using that all the time, and then adding a second guy as well. And what about a foreguy? You can't tell me that you'll keep the pole down with twings... Interesting convo though...
  5. M24 is a fantastic boat... Crewed on one for 7 years, nothing bad to say. Love it. I obviously don't know your wife. My amazing wife loves to sail but will have nothing to do with racing. Her choice completely. She has also spent a fair bit of time in the photo boat watching M24 one design racing. I'll share my experience only... an M24 is a "No f*cking way" boat in my household. Here's the rubric of her willingness to get onboard: "Wow!" - our Moorings charter in the BVI "Yes" - probably a wood boat, usually my father's in coastal Maine "Really, again?" - I used to race Lightnings. "No" - anything PHRF under 80 if the kite is onboard. "No f*cking way" - sporties, M24, etc "Silence" - anything with a trap or that foils. Best of luck to you, sir. Interesting thread.
  6. Didn't realize a final decision had been made. Not surprising, but disappointing nonetheless.
  7. Not awesome attendance in years past. TBD for 16 as I understand. You're thinking of the Corinthian Ocean Race, formerly the "Lobster Run." I was planning to do it in 2016 but the website is down and the Corinthians haven't responded to email inquiries about the race. I think it might be done. Too bad - 350 miles or so from Watch Hill Passage, out to Nantucket Shoals, take a left and head to Booth Bay.
  8. Boothbay Harbor One Design, Christmas Cove One Design, Hodgdon 21, and Great Lakes 21 are all derivations of the "Boothbay 20s" designed by Geerd Hendel. (I'm no expert, but my folks have a BHOD.)
  9. Wow.. wooden gaffer keelboat with a trap... very cool!
  10. There might still be a fleet of Y-Flyers in inland South Carolina. They were popular all over the Southeast in the 60s and early 70s. Yes- there were a few Y Fliers at Western Carolina Sailing Club when I was there last in 2010. None were active though. Since you mention South Carolina, we should include the Sea Island One Design. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_Island_One-Design
  11. Interesting to see someone reference a Boothbay Harbor One Design. If we're being specific, there are two other distinct variations in that part of the Midcoast... Hodgdon 21s and Christmas Cove 21s. There aren't many Hodgdons left, though one made the front page of SA a while back. Christmas Cove YC is pretty active with their summer series.
  12. No active 110s or 210s in Marblehead anymore. There are a few of both in Boston Harbor, South Shore... Hull and Hingham.
  13. I'm a little surprised by "north of 18" comment, as opposed to 30+... But ok, sure, no question the pole bends, so why not? Guess the class association needs to poll owners about how they use their boats. I don't own, but have already expressed support for changes that keep the class in tact AND that support a wide range of racing formats.
  14. Well, on a J24, that wouldn't be fast; agreed. Owned a Lightning for a bunch of years, where it's common to use a piece of shock cord as a foreguy tied to the mast at the deck. I didn't come up with that... Lotta folks a lot faster than I was so it also. Have you, by chance, sailed a J109 with the napkin-sized class kite? There are plenty here who know more than I, but I refuse to believe that the upward pressure of a class kite sailing deep is enough to flex the pole. If it were, how could you sail an A3 in any breeze?
  15. Nothing for nothing, a Bobstay has been a recurring topic of conversation onboard the 109 for which I crew... Most frequently when the A3 is up; no surprise. I agree that it would not affect the class kite at all. Seems like a worthy consideration for the class. Newer program. Have had the boat offshore, but have yet to race it OD. Can't speak to in-haulers.