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  1. and try pointing with no battens.
  2. Looks to be about 40', I don't recognize the model. The swept spreaders suggest a Hunter, but? Backstay suggests not a Hunter.
  3. Billy Mac's.
  4. Absolutely. Highly recommended.
  5. IDK if they had a rudder failure...unable to tell from videos. But with only a luffing jib they weren't going to be able to gain ground to windward even if rudder was ok. They didn't have enough forward speed to make rudder effective. Jib was only increasing the sideways drift.You are probably right. Hm, wonder if they thought "fuck, SA is going to have a field day when they see this"...they probably were thinking "fuck. Oh fuck."Looks like they were trying to get something going until the very end. Might have been safer to abandon the boat and jump into water a bit earlier. Tough call to make....but I think being in the water is preferable to being aboard a boat crashing into a concrete pier. Was wondering why they couldn't get that jib in and get something out of it.
  6. I would go dock for sure unless you're trying to go cheap. But one year I got stuck on the inside and was one of the last boats out and didn't have a lot of time to spare at the start.
  7. PHRF likely was around before most of the people bitching about their ratings bought their boats. Sometimes I wonder why people don't do a bit more research about whether their boats have a decent rating before they buy their boats if they are going to race in a PHRF fleet.
  8. Love the videos. Looks very manageable.
  9. We recently sold our heavy old 41 footer. When my 20 year old son couldn't make it, though, we often had to relieve each other grinding in that number 1. But once it was in it kicked ass to wind.
  10. Props to John Burnham, Reed Baer and team Grace for winning another Nationals, this time with a borrowed boat, in Cali, on a tiebreaker. Good going guys!
  11. You do know that a 36.7 won the Newport/Bermuda race a few year ago, right? They had a pretty active sail back to NY due to some severe weather. A 36.7 also did quite well double-handed in a recent 'round Britain race while several bigger more expensive boats dropped out due to equipment damage. They are stout little fuckers and will take you where you need with proper preparation, maintenance and prudent seamanship as many other production boats will. I drive a Ford. I can't afford a Mercedes. The Ford gets me where I need to go reliably just like my 36.7. The 36.7 is a good PHRF racer as well.
  12. The moral of this story (which is don't hit the bottom) applies to all boats.
  13. Pretty close. As to the gear sizing etc. - everything is upgradeable when ordering - lead keels are a big upcharge, winches can be upsized etc. The local Jenny dealer automatically replaced all the manual heads with electrics in everything over 40'. All you have to do is pay for it. They size things "adequate" to get a competitive advertised price - very much the same as all those auto manufacturers used to do with their thousand page options list. I can remember a column in an auto mag BITD where the guy demonstrated that GM could build literally millions of Camaros with no two exactly alike. You could get a stripped 6 cyl. model for $2200 up to a ZL1 for $9500 (twice the price of a Corvette). Many, if not all the production boats are not unlike that - people just aren't willing to pay $75K more on a 40' to get all that better stuff. A couple of years ago I watched a guy restore an old 32' First that had gone on the rocks (and I do mean rocks). Gouged up the hull pretty well, bent the stanchions & pulpits etc. but no structural damage, no bent keel, no bent rudder etc. Still, it was totaled by the insurance and he got it for scrap price. Fixed it himself and made about 20 grand on resale. I'd take an early 80's First 42 in a heartbeat. A local broker (Copeland) and his family sailed all the way around on a First 38 with no problem. I raced on a First 42 this weekend. Sturdy, fast, well-built -- no complaints. But I wouldn't touch an Oceanis with a ten foot pole.
  14. Depends, Not if it needs $100,000 new deck and she is a little thin on sail inventory. Between Brexit fears and the exchange rates there are a shitload of used Swans ( and similar luxury items) under contract now at bargain basement prices in Europe and the values are still falling. (edit. sorry see 'new teak decks 2000' (16 years old) so still some life in them. It comes down to Caca's budget. A Swan 57 is a lot of boat to handle if double-handing most of the time Guys, I am good friends with the owner of Boontasa. Hes a good guy and the boat is in GREAT shape. Well worth asking price Didn't want this to read like an ad so I PM'd you my favorite Swan broker's number who knows all of the models intimately and can help you with this stuff if you are interested. you referring to KY? No but I like him too. Alan Baines at Berthon helped me buy and sell my Swan and I would recommend him highly. Don't know Keith as well but I have a favorable impression.