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  1. 3Di Nordac

    No, this new Nordac main arrived the day after the regatta
  2. 3Di Nordac

    Closeup of the material in my just delivered Nordac main. Yellowish color is because of the setting sun at the time the pic was taken
  3. Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    from page 11 of the USN report 39. The CO was in his cabin at the time of the collision. The CRYSTAL’s bow directly struck his cabin, located above the waterline. The impact severely damaged his cabin, trapping him inside. The CO called the bridge requesting assistance. 40. Five Sailors used a sledgehammer, kettlebell, and their bodies to break through the door into the CO’s cabin, remove the hinges, and then pry the door open enough to squeeze through. Even after the door was open, there was a large amount of debris and furniture against the door, preventing anyone from entering or exiting easily. 41. A junior officer and two chief petty officers removed debris from in front of the door and crawled into the cabin. The skin of the ship and outer bulkhead were gone and the night sky could be seen through the hanging wires and ripped steel. The rescue team tied themselves together with a belt in order to create a makeshift harness as they retrieved the CO, who was hanging from the side of the ship. 42. The team took the CO to the bridge, where a medical team assessed his condition. As he was being monitored by personnel on the bridge, his condition worsened. A team of stretcher bearers moved the CO from the bridge to the at-sea cabin at 0319, and shortly thereafter, due to the severity of his injuries, he was medically evacuated from the ship at 0710 to USNHY via helicopter. He was treated and released on 18 June 2017.
  4. Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    Don't forget about Chrystal's bulb , which explains the below waterline damage on Fitz
  5. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    The race was announced in the NOR. The course was announced by the RC on the course board per the SIs as indicated earlier on this thread. I know all three skippers involved (and many of their crews) and you will not meet a better group of Corinthian sailors. I applaud them (again)
  6. Off Soundings Series and low pressure systems.

    They sailed the course posted and made the rest of us look dumb, but I heard one or more may have crossed start finish line while doing so
  7. Live Racing Thread

    very cool how art dug a hull in to help avoid a collision
  8. Live Racing Thread

    guess the boat is fixed, wow great speed and handling
  9. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    aboard hull #2 today @CYC, interior had pipe berths in salon - sweeet!
  10. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    crappy video of J/111 under sail last Friday, Newport. Interesting hull #1 has NZL markings on mainsail. Assume it's going down under??