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  1. Sails included: https://www.vipersailpalma.com/product-page/boat-charter-for-event-4-palma-vela-1 hmmmm, wife has been looking at air prices too...….
  2. hoofhearted

    Sailing one-liners

    "Global Warming Provides Us More Water To Sail In"
  3. hoofhearted

    Tracking down Hobie 33's

    31945 is now owned by "Pink Spinnaker" and missed by Craig and Deborah. There is one for sale at Fairhope YC, Fairhope , Alabama. The Olympic Sailing Association at New Orleans has had one donated and is for sale or something. As for speeds: Upwind 6.4-6.8 was good targets for us on "Myasasaur" Downwind was best to gybe at angles, and at the 2013 NACs we hit 19.8 on one of the downwind runs with the chute, blade, and full main up (lots of fun) but regular sailing at 7.5 -11 knots downwind was not unusuall at all.
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    Craigslist Finds

    Sunfish sail for sale "tough as nails" : https://pensacola.craigslist.org/bpo/d/sunfish-sail-needs-attention/6690190133.html
  5. hoofhearted

    Crazy weight reductions stories

    Aww, man this thread can be real fun. True story, I shit ya’ not. 1980 something Coronado 15 Nationals or North Americans. Buddy of mine and me must have been 16 or 17 years old. Anyhow, C-15 NA’s come to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. My buddy , Ben, and I find a C-15 tucked up behind a McDonalds in a town called Niceville in Florida, covered with leaves, and Ben walks up to the building and somehow comes out with the boat as a loaner. Owner says clean the boat up, fix it, and bring it back after the regatta. Nice guy, helping out a couple of kids really. We clean the boat up, get a new CB put in, put some lines on it, soap up the hull, and show up at the YC for the regatta. Allison Jolly was active in the class at the time and was measuring boats and sails for the C-15 Class at the regatta. Big kudos out to AJ, as she must have felt bad for us two teenagers. During sail measurement, she said our sails were so bad and blown out, she loaned us one of her spare jibs. Weighing the boat, she let us know that the boat was like 60 pounds over min weight. She said bring the boat back tomorrow after seeing what we can do, and she would remeasure the boat. Now, there was nothing illegal about the boat being really freaking heavy, she was giving us the opportunity to do whatever we could to make the boat at least possibly competitive. Insert K.T. K.T was an Aussie with a metal rod stuck in his neck, who, by most accounts was a glass work artist. KT tells us to bring the boat to the local boat yard, “The Boat”, in FWB. We follow orders, and KT shoves Ben up inside the boat thru the bulkhead hatch. KT hands Ben a Budweiser, a hammer, a chisel, and a hack saw, and tells Ben” Cut out anything you see, wanker!”. KT then hands me a beat up 8ft VHF whip, takes the drain plug out of the back, and directs me to “transom fuck the boat, knock the foam out!”, which I did, with the VHF whip. A lot of waterlogged foam, clogs of resin, and bits of wood came out that day. We measure the boat the following day, and the boat lost like 50 lbs! AJ was really surprised and measure boat again and came up the same. Big smiles on AJ’s face, and she gave us a thumps up. During the event, the compass binnacle, which covered the back of the CB casing, would pop off, and I would screw it back downwind. Shit was popping off the boat all over the place during the event, we would screw it back in downwind, and keep on racing. On the way in after one of the days of racing back to the beach, I pop out on the wire, and WHAM!BANG!, the mast drops thru the deck. We find that Ben had cut out the wooden post between the mast step deck and hull. KT got us back on the water, and I think we ended up seventh overall. Good times!
  6. Gulf Yachting Association Junior Lipton Cup sailed in Viper 640’s This past weekend, Southern Yacht Club hosted ten all youth teams from ten yacht clubs, for the 73rd running of the Gulf Yachting Association’s Junior Lipton Regatta. Part of the GYA’s Capdevielle Series, the Junior Lipton Cup is sailed by all youth teams, eighteen and under, in a six-race series, where each skipper may only drive up to two races. The first regatta sailed in 1941 in the Fish Class ( https://fishclass.org/history/history.html ) and later sailed for decades in the Flying Scot was sailed in Viper 640’s for the first time this past weekend. With the Gulf Yachting Association adopting the Viper 640 as their interclub or Capdevielle Series boat in 2018, all Capdevielle events are now sailed in the Viper, this is to include not only the regular series, but the Junior Lipton Cup, and the all Ladies event, the Knost Regatta as well. Approximately 80 sailors from Florida to Texas had a great time on Lake Pontchartrain during the six-race series. With the skipper requirements requiring teams to change out drivers, many teams swapped out crews as well to match wind conditions, sailor’s strengths, and allow opportunity for all youth sailor involved the chance to compete. The phrase "Kids Playing With Snakes" was seen and heard throughout the boat park. Winds throughout the weekend ranged from 5 knots, to 14-16knots, allowing for the Lake Pontchartrain chop to build up. With some puffs hitting 17 and a 20-knot puff here and there, the teen drivers had all smiles with boats speeds in the teens and waves to play in. One funny comment by one sailor was “We went faster than I am old, I have never been that fast on a sailboat before” All the youth teams handled their Vipers extremely well, with tight starts, close mark rounding’s, boats gybing in sync with each other to cover one another. Spectator and support boats were boxed out by race management boats flying green flags to give the fleet room and space and to make sure no on the water coaching during racing was permitted. Quite honestly, the fleet was sailing so well, that one could not assume the event was a youth regatta. At the end of the regatta, Pass Christian Yacht Club, Mississippi pulled off a win over host club Southern YC (New Orleans) with a 14-point score over 15 points. Gulfport Yacht Club came in third with 18 points. Lakewood Yacht Club, Texas, received the Uncle Roy Trophy for winning the last race of the series with Asher Zitter at the helm. Lakewood also took a bullet in Race Five. The Leslie Beard Sportsmanship Award was awarded to Pontchartrain YC (Louisiana) after single ballots by each competing team were turned in after voting by their fellow youth peers. Results can be found here: https://www.regattanetwork.com/clubmgmt/applet_regatta_results.php?regatta_id=17203&show_crew=1 Facebook post can be found here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/1912474155654277/ Lots a vids can be found in this thread on the Viper forums : http://forum.viper640.org/index.php/topic,2427.0.html One of the vids:
  7. A video from one of the days at the Viper 640 NAC's in Kingston. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ohqxj6QVIFKh4NBejm5APm7xIeTyBf7V/view