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  1. hoofhearted

    Dear Dr. Rules

  2. hoofhearted

    Chicken Chute

    "While we are on the subject on what sails are what. The Hot Yellow S2 kite, is that a PHRF or OD kite? Is there any difference in size between the two mains? " Yellow kite is PHRF, does not measure into OD sails. No difference in size of Kevlar or Carbon main. Kevlar main is flatter, and probably better for all around use, we went up in cloth weight to have sail last longer on the Kevy. Both Carbon and Kevlar mains have heavy air and regular upper batten sets. Boat is already tricked out. Actually miss it quite a bit.
  3. hoofhearted

    Chicken Chute

    Yes we put it up. On really tight reaches , the pink was awesome, a lot of other boats in PHRF could not carry a chute to the pink one, and we would make gains when they would follow suit and drive way down trying to carry with us. The staysail was perfect for balancing the helm with it up. We used it in heavy air on a deep run once, probably around 25-30, and felt the regular chute did better getting us op on plane . In light aire you can almost go to weather with pink up. Pic below is regular chute in about 18-22kts breeze. Right during a gybe. Good times.
  4. hoofhearted

    Chicken Chute

    That pink chute is not only heavier cloth, but much much more flatter than the other chutes with narrower shoulders as well. I couldnt imagine going with anything else. The other chutes will do just fine in 24-28 knots off the breeze. Craig
  5. hoofhearted

    Viper 640 Worlds, Perth, Aus

    Day 4 report. Apologies for being late on this, we flew back to the states shortly after awards. There are soke really great videos by the South of Perth YC which I will try to get posted soon. Great regatta, great club, great Class , and great friends.... http://www.viper640.org/announcement/nick-jerwood-matt-jerwood-and-matt-de-vries-crowned-viper-640-2018-world-champions/
  6. hoofhearted

    Viper 640 Worlds, Perth, Aus

    Day three report after a layday on Wednesday: http://www.viper640.org/usa-news/jerwood-continues-to-outpace-fleet-at-schweppes-viper-640-2018-world-championship/
  7. hoofhearted

    Viper 640 Worlds, Perth, Aus

    Day two report linky below. Real shifty wind and up and down breeze strengths: http://www.viper640.org/announcement/nick-jerwood-takes-lead-in-schweppes-viper-640-2018-worlds/
  8. hoofhearted

    Viper 640 Worlds, Perth, Aus

    Nice report from day one at the Viper 640 Worlds down here in Perth, Austrailia. Event is being held at South of Perth Yacht Club. The "Doctor" did not dissapoint yesterday. It was a great sail. http://www.viper640.org/announcement/the-doctor-and-lawrence-arrive-at-schweppes-viper-640-worlds/
  9. hoofhearted

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    The tri at the end is scissor, a custom deal by Randy Smyth.
  10. hoofhearted

    2017- Fort Walton-Viper North Americans

    Another Vid just popped up from the Honey Badger gang...
  11. hoofhearted

    Can we save Portsmouth handicap racing?

    Interesting thread. My opinion is that Portsmouth racing doesn't need saving in the US, people just need to do it. Get away from the chest pounding one design mantra and get people out on the water. My home club, Fort Walton YC (www.fwyc.org) has a Summer Portsmouth Series and a Winter Portsmouth Series. The winter series is called the Frosty Nipple. Anything 21 feet and under is allowed to enter for $5.00 entry. Four races a day, with typical race times from 14-25 minutes, W/L twice around, and at times a triangle. The club gets Viper 640's, Nacra 17's, Laser, Sunfish, Vanguard 15's, 420's, Force Fives, etc out there.
  12. hoofhearted

    Wavelength 24

    Hull Number 1, which is in beautiful condition is for sale for $10,000 out of Bluewater Bay Sailing Club in Niceville, Florida.
  13. hoofhearted

    Viper 640 for sale

    Furna sounds scared
  14. hoofhearted

    Anybody Know The History Of This Farr 39ML?

    I believe that is Juan's