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  1. 2017 J/27 "Stay Classy" Circuit

    Photos are up: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5jqqyguk0vb22pw/AAC2WPw8FcGs9A6xlsHhpL_8a?dl=0
  2. 2017 J/27 "Stay Classy" Circuit

    2017 NAs Final Results as attached Check back for photos here https://trevorbobyk.com/collections and here http://volvosailingseries.ca/event-photos-videos/ J27s Regatta Results 2017.pdf
  3. 2017 J/27 "Stay Classy" Circuit

    Shakedown #103/Jon Enwright aka The New Guy from Oswego was unstoppable...and won it easily. I was able to salvage a 2nd...4 points ahead or Warped Perception...the boat formerly known as Northern Seitz was 4th. Will post full results and link to photos once I have them...
  4. J/27 rig tensions

    Rig Tensions/Setup are pretty much universal we've found...whether they are Doyle, Quantum, UK or North...some discussions arouind Norht liking the Butt of the mat a bit further foward (i.e. Back of mast 8" forward of the main bulkhead as measured at the butt) Remember the idea is to have neutral helm when sailing totally flat...match the bend of the mast to the curve on the main..
  5. 2017 J/27 "Stay Classy" Circuit

    Some more good shots: http://www.tillertakes.com/p602812534
  6. J/27 rig tensions

    Back of mast 7 1/4" forward of the main bulkhead as measured at the butt Forestay Length Maximum = 31' 6 1/2" Pin-2-Pin (may need an extra toggle) Uppers & Lowers = 750 lbs (Uppers on Aft/Outer Chainplate, Lowers on Aft/Inner Chainplate) Intermediaries = 250 lbs (On forward Chainplate)
  7. 2017 J/27 "Stay Classy" Circuit

    and some photos... https://trevorbobyk.com/collections/abyc-jfest-2017 whole gallery can be found at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w6ctgivliuz1pzd/AACbwOs5iXK5nGjxaeipMBZ4a/Bravo Course?dl=0 J27s Course is at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w6ctgivliuz1pzd/AACDt_DZtORZmLoP1D8cGIlja/Alpha Course?dl=0
  8. 2017 J/27 "Stay Classy" Circuit

    Final Results Great Lakes J Fest http://abyc.on.ca/members/raceresults/archive2017/JFest_-_ALPHA_COURSE_OVERALL.htm
  9. 2017 J/27 "Stay Classy" Circuit

    Some good photos from the PCYC 2017 Open Regatta/J27 Canadian Championship http://www.tillertakes.com/p960357997 And also Day 1 Results from Great Lakes J Fest http://abyc.on.ca/members/raceresults/archive2017/JFest_Day_1_Results_-_ALPHA_COURSE.html
  10. 2017 J/27 "Stay Classy" Circuit

    PCYC Open Results: http://www.lorc.org/Results2017/PCYC Open Course Bravo.htm Great Lakes J Fest this weekend
  11. J/27, newbie questions

    Jane... Checked the Wiki...infact you have Hull #20. Would have to see photos of your traverler setup but no, there is no pin to lock the traveller in place. Sounds as if you have a Windward Sheeting Traveller Car so it's only designed to cleat on one side at a time. ... Andrew
  12. 2017 J/27 "Stay Classy" Circuit

    All... Will be putting the 2017 J27 NA Shirt order in no later than next Friday 14 July to ensure delivery/availability. Anyone wanting shirts please e-Mail me quantities and sizes by then. Thanks... Andrew
  13. J/27, newbie questions

    Rick... I assume that you bought Ranger...Hull #111...the Blue Hulled boat; I ask because I saw your membership update on the Wiki and your Hull # was missing a digit...and Hull #111 was the only boat I knew of in Coconut Grove for sale recently. As for your question...drop a message to J Boats at http://jboats.com/contact-us/contact-j-boats and one of the Johnstones will probably get back to you in a day or two. ... Andrew
  14. 2017 J/27 "Stay Classy" Circuit

    All... Now that and we've actually gotten a race under our belts it's time to look forward to the upcoming regattas: You will find registration for all the events is open at https://www.sailreg.ca/regatta/home/reportView.do?id=247&history=clear There is nothing to suggest that any of these events will not go on as planned given Lake Ontario water levels are now subsiding so go ahead and register. And speaking of planning...attached is the mockup for the NAs Shirt; we'll be doing long sleeve tech shirts this year and keeping the price at $15/Shirt. So do also let me know the quantities and sizes of shirts you would like so I can order accordingly. See Ya'll in Port Credit for Round 1 on July 8/9... Andrew
  15. J27 predomonent sailmaker?

    Most are using North...I'm one of the few Quantum guys and get mine from Kerry Klinger out of LIS but Travis in Quantum/Rochester is also designing and making for a couple local boats. Doyle is also an option.