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  1. J27CAN059

    J/88 top batten hooking on backstay

    Install a Flicker https://www.rbsbattens.com/new-powdercoated-epoxy-backstay-flickers/
  2. J27CAN059

    J27 class site

    Post it here: https://www.sailboatlistings.com/search/
  3. J27CAN059

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    North of 14 Knots on a J27...although they have been clocked at better than 17...not bad for a 30+ year old design
  4. Two Fleets of J27s Resurrected...New Orleans, LA & Oakville, ON/Canada Compliments of a group of enthusiastic owners...a bunch of new core and a ton of epoxy
  5. J27CAN059

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Interestingly enough I have it on good authority that a 9th J27 will be joining the Oakville Fleet in a week or so (working on a 10th boat). We seem to have the boats, owners and anyone in Oakville still wanting to race is moving to the 27...the issue now is crew and time for people...not like old days when there were kids everywhere scrambling to get on a decent ride. We have the boats...getting them to the start line is our new challenge.
  6. J27CAN059

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    And back in Oakville we've resurrected the J/27...Fleet of 7 in the water & one on the hard being restored/refurbished plus possibly another new owner showing up this year. Added a total of 3 more to the Lake Ontario fleet in 2014 and have hosted the NAs at OYS for the last 3 Years...10 boats the first year, 16 last year and we expect 15~20 this August.
  7. J27CAN059

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    And than there is the fact she was kitted out with a Gybing Daggerboard...
  8. J27CAN059

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    I think the real "appeal" of Evergreen was not that she represented the worst of IOR...but rather the most extreme of her era. She was cutting edge for her time and that was what was and still is very cool
  9. J27CAN059

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Well sadly, that seems to have put an end to that mystery...and doesn't seem like any amazing pictures survived
  10. J27CAN059

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Mike...probably right...I can't even remember where I heard the South America rumour...would have certainly added something more mysterious to the story than rotting to death on her mooring. Someone will probably find her in a warehouse somewhere with that missing Avro Arrow :-)
  11. J27CAN059

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Have no idea where I found the attached...but that's all I have. I also have a pile of Black & White (yellowed) proofs from Sharon Green when the boat was originally launched and being trialed before the Canada's Cup in Hamilton (I grew up in Oakville where she was built). Knew one guy who worked on the build...they use to refer to her as the "Big Green Breakfast Bowl" and apparently she was built to implode on the finish line of the last race...I understand they even under engineered that and had to install an Aluminum Frame inside at one point. Final rumo(u)r I am aware of is she went to South America, had her gybing daggerboard replaced with a keel and was told never to reveal her identity as C&C felt it bad for their production reputation. All just rumour...someone who knows Sharon Green should simply ask her...she probably knows the real story give it was her dad's boat. Definitely the proverbial Unicorn...the stuff of urban/nautical/anarchy legend. Otherwise there were a couple books written about her Canada's & Admiral's Cup adventures. All I "know"
  12. J27CAN059

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    If we are doing requests...Evergreen...C&C Canada's & Admiral's Cup 2 Tonner
  13. J27CAN059

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Do Tell/Share...am I still racing a boat 10' longer than myself in IRC3? Andrew: You should have come out more often. 515 might have been 10ft longer than you, but it was a HUNTER, with a disgusting looking wing keel! It was extremely well sailed, consistently at the top of the fleet overall. The old Press Gang becomes the new 515 in IRC 1 and the old Mummy becomes the new Press Gang also in IRC 1. We have some inquiries from some smaller boats, the last of the PHRF racers, so might have an IRC 4 next season. We now have around 100 boats on Lake Ontario with IRC certificates, around 80 in Canada and 20 on the US side. jcc John... Thanks for the updated gossip...would have come out more often but busy down the West End building a One Design Fleet...and as long a didn't shoot myself in the foot...was more than competetive in IRC3... ... Andrew (aka The Little Boat that DID!) J/27 CAN 59 - "Curved Air"
  14. J27CAN059

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Do Tell/Share...am I still racing a boat 10' longer than myself in IRC3?
  15. J27CAN059

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    Can you provide a list for IRC-3...looking for some racing around Toronto and from the LORC website there is no IRC-3 listed...an nothing in my range that would make me put in the effort...