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  1. Prop size for an Erickson 35

    3500 RPM is really high, likely right up on the governor, I usually run it about 2400-2700. Thanks for the advice, I found a prop calculator and realize my prop is too small and does not have enough pitch. Time to find a reputable (sp) prop shop in San Diego.
  2. Prop size for an Erickson 35

    The engine is 18 HP universal diesel with a 2 to 1 reduction gear transmission. The prop on it now is a fixed 12" dia with a 6 pitch. I believe wide open throttle is 3500 RPM. thanks.
  3. I have an Erickson 35 that just can't seem to get out of its own way under power. When I bought the boat, I had to put it in reverse to go forward. As it turns out the boat had a large three blade prop on it that looked like it would be more at home on a trawler. While cleaning the junk out of the boat I found what I assumed was the original 2 blade prop so I installed it. Now I can put the boat in forward to go forward, but it is still really slow under power. The engine seems like it is not working very hard so I am assuming either the transmission is slipping or the prop is wrong. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. Tankless "boost" water heater anarchy

    Caca, with the water heater being so far away, you may want to install a recirculating pump. You can buy one on Amazon for about $200, no repiping required. Water is recirculated thru the cold water pipe. It saves a lot of water.
  5. OH&S reps

    Meli, the only way to fix this is to cite the part of your OSH code that applies. Tell Management how and why it applies. If you can't do that, then you should just drop it... Through my career I worked with a lot of OSH people and even had some that worked for me. OSH people have a reputation for making things up based on their personal wants or ideas. Are you sure this is a violation or does it just gross out a lot of people (including me)? If you can't cite what code is being violated, and continue to push this, no one will believe anything you say about OSH in the future. Good Luck
  6. skull fracture anarchy

    Pete, sorry to hear about Nick. I am pretty sure he is eligible for VA benefits. Check here http://www4.va.gov/healtheligibility/ keep the updates coming. Jack USA 1178
  7. i550

    Tim, thanks for the quick reply, but that's not the pic I was looking for... The one I was looking for showed the spreader being layed up over a wood form and then being bonded to a mast rather than a sleeve. I guess I was in another topic when I saw it. I appreciate the help. jack
  8. i550

    OK, this is a longshot, but... I was looking at this thread last week and saw some pictures on building carbon spreaders. I didn't bookmark it and now I'm trying to find it again. I used the search feature, but it didn't help. Anyone have pictures/descriptions of building spreaders? Sorry about the hijack, feel free to say fuck off. pm me if you know where I can find the info. thanks, jack