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    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    All who are interested , Ptarmigan It is the new Drumbeat. Being painted right now A few more creature comforts for me, and we are all looking forward to it. Just a heads up that Matts DK is an exceptional boat and if Ptarmigan had not found me via Quantum I for sure would have purchased the DK.
  2. theoe

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    The last one went out west too, same program? I was just gunna say... any idea where in Michigan and/or to who? Looks like a nice boat... hopefully I'll get to see it next year if it's close Not the same program. It will be located on Lake Michigan, but I'm not at liberty to say who. Some of the crew post here, so I'm sure when they are ready to announce it, they will. Understood, thanks for the info! Beautiful boat.. looking forward to seeing it