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  1. ZeroTheHero

    Seascape D2 aka 14

    not sure but I am glad I received my Seascape 24 last year, before all this BS
  2. ZeroTheHero

    Craigslist Finds

    that's a sidewinder I just sold one a few weeks ago for $250 with trailer. Man is that a heavy mast!
  3. ZeroTheHero

    used mast for sale?

    I ordered one a few years back. Bent the original when I it buried in a very soft lake bottom. Took forever to get to me in VT. I think it took over 6 months. Mine was also complete but the spreaders, and mast track were different. The sail I had made is a little tight in the track with the new mast
  4. ZeroTheHero

    EC2018 Thread

    Currently off north Naples. I think. Great evening. Been a handful of an event. Last night the last 3 miles to Venice were white knuckle. Helped assist a cpsized boat in big waves and wind. Never been so glad to make a pass and get inside. Today has been much easier
  5. ZeroTheHero

    Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    if the pin is the issue, why is her half assed repair outboard of it?If that pin failed her knots (lots!) would fall off too
  6. ZeroTheHero

    Can anyone help me identify this dinghy?

    no idea. Doesn't look like anything I have ever seen on the East Coast of the USA. Hopefully someone from closer has seen it
  7. ZeroTheHero

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    dude still cant really sail, but man can he survive. I am impressed at his survival skills
  8. ZeroTheHero

    Seascape 24 launched

    we didn't pay that much and we added a lot of stuff. Trailer, auto pilot, solar panels, shore power, lazy jack sort of thing, jib cover, deck cover, head, outboard bracket, gear bags, maybe forgetting something. Fun boat. We really like ours.
  9. ZeroTheHero

    Seascape 24 in the works

    Yeah, we still have loads to learn. Upwind we seem to be missing something. Speed isn't high or consistent. The off the wind sleigh ride was very fun though. Had Hobbes802 on the helm while I trimmed. Just blasted along. Definitely need the reacher and a J2 for more gears. Double digit off the wind speeds are a lot of fun on this boat.
  10. ZeroTheHero

    Seascape 24 in the works

    it was full. Emptied it
  11. ZeroTheHero

    Seascape 24 in the works

    Svain99 i may be interested. DM me info please.
  12. ZeroTheHero

    Monofoiler Sportboat

    That looks pretty cool Doug. Can't wait to see the real thing
  13. ZeroTheHero

    Meade Gougeon has passed

    During that great post EC breakfast I was asked what boat I had used for my first EC. I replied a Vanguard Nomad, to which Meade replied something like, "always thought that was a terrible boat for the EC". Or something like that, that's how I remember it anyway. I still laugh a bit every time I replay it in my mind. I never took offense, just sort of thought, "Oh, should have chosen better". Interestingly we are working that boat up for the 2018 EC.....
  14. ZeroTheHero

    Sailboat Sinking in Marblehead/MA

    In Burlington Bay here in Burlington VT we have a 32 foot sailboat that sunk 2 years ago. The mast is still in place and the tip is between 7 and 0 feet from the surface depending on water levels. Right now it is 3 feet below the surface. There is currently no marker on the mast. It is located in a bay that gets heavy cruiser traffic on weekends. The CG station is less than one mile away. The CG, local and state police and even out of state police routinely dive on it for training. They have made no attempt at raising the boat, or to my knowledge, removing the mast. There has been no "notice to mariners" to my knowledge. They seem to be waiting for the inevitable.....