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  2. Swede 55

    Hmmmm having trouble uploading pics..?? but i try again ]
  3. Swede 55

    More "lingerie"..;-)
  4. Swede 55

    Hi Zebra and all Best wishes for a nice swede summer Here as promised - pics of Calypso in her new "lingerie"..;-) Starting on a 4 weeks vacation in danish waters this saturday - really needed.. See you all Klok
  5. Swede 55

    Hmmmmm Hello Zebra and all ...... No unfortunately i am not teasing anyone have the privelege to make sure that others are in the wet before my own boat...so..i am still lacking and doing small preperations to be ready... so NEXT week... then i will be teasing, with the new main, the new genoa AND..the new Code 0...pictures will follow.;-)). We are also in the middle of doing the Kaniga (the other Swede 55) and she is going to be even more nice than mine...damnd..;-)) I envie all of you who allready are sailing Logoman
  6. Swede 55

    Zebra You must have the sharpest eye around - i didnt see the mast was keel stepped.?? but it is.. Will be interesting to hear why... And it´s not the first time you see something others dont..;-)) special glasses..?? Hmmm but please tell me... are Baccant a true 75 sqm...?? or is it a spinn off.? Klok
  7. Swede 55

    And to all.. A new owner came by the other day. Swedish 55ér... who soon have a website running - he promised to let us know. I was permitted to show his pic´s here. Nice tent though.! Enjoy
  8. Swede 55

    [Hmmm just testing my new avatar..;-)
  9. Swede 55

    Nice Slowboat..;-)) More gas.. love it .;-)) but i dont remember - is Baccant a REAL 75 sqm..?? or .? I may be far out - but just because of a line - it´s not an attempt to make it look like a 12 meter - just a redesigning like everybody does when they take a 70ty boat and give it an overhaul. I like the line under the 55.. Try compare it with the original. And btw...i am not the only one using "lines" in sail logos.. thx..for the gas..;-) Klok 55 SWEDE
  10. Swede 55

    Zebra old chap..;-)) Glad you like the Svendborg Classic Week idea... there i may have a chance to fill you with wiskey and late at night force you to admit you love the logo - your just jealous you didnt get the idea yourself....;-)))) I´ll send you a T-shit by mail...;-)) maybe a towel too... to wipe your eyes....lol Marstrand mmmm sonds nice - we are going the opposite direction - down and round of Fyn..and later to Copenhagen - ending at island of Anholt as usual. Nice pictures..as usual - do you btw have the sail logo from Baccant..?? OK.. here are a present just for you - so you can dream of the T-shirt comming to you...;-)) Best...regards The ugly guy in Türkish yougurt with a damnd nice T-shirt...;-)) BTW... if you ever want a new sail..just let me know...i sell those and you will for sure get a good price.;-)
  11. Swede 55

    Slow Sunds like the right gear your putting on the boat.. If you havent decided which Spinlock you want - here is what´s on my boat. Backstay / runners - spinlock XCS Halyards: The boat was already equipped with the old XAS...and they were in ok condition so i havent changed them yet - they works fine and seems to be able to hold the load.? So if you go up to XTS/XCS...you´ll be more than safe.? I dont think you need to buy the XX. The code 0 - you can be right with the penalty, there are different rules - especially about mid girth - in DK the mid girth shall be 65% of foot, then it can be messured as a spinnakker/gennaker and then nearly free of pen. But i´ll let you know the messures of mine when it comes..and results from sailing. Hope you find the compass error Best regards Klok
  12. Swede 55

    Zebra Promised to give you more info on sails. FIbres are Carbon and aramide - designed/taylormade to this sail - no seams at all - technique is something like Genesis/3D/D4 or what ever they call it .. we dont have a name yet..;-). But my old main had a weight at 56 kg. This one weighs 18 kg.!! Same difference with the jib. Main has 5 fullbatten, loose foot, 2 reefs. Ballbearing battencars etc. Jib has 4 vertical battens for easy furling. The whole "car" main and jib - cost about 10.000 Euro + vat. - (in Germany you get a lot of car - in DK ...that will be a very old and small car..;-)) I have one Code 0 in order too , comming in 3 weeks time , just before season start - about 80 sqm.....flat and able to go upwind like maybe minus 3-5 degrees compared with a genoa 1. And the best part - it´s messured as a spinnaker so it wont affect my rating. Really looking forward to test it. Backstay and runners are changed to carbonfibers too this year - so weight in rig will be dramatically reduced with this setup. - If you feel like driving up north a few hours, your welcome to test them yourself..could be fun.?? Best wishes for the season Klok quote name='Zebra' date='Mar 18 2008, 09:38 PM' post='1602360'] Paaaah, what a logo. Misleading and ah, can't say. Will have to refrain from danish joghurt and go on with Turkish instead. Nice sail though. What kind of fibres are glued between that mylar sandwich. What kind of car can you buy for it? But - the logo - no.
  13. Swede 55

    Hi Slowboat Hmmm i have compasses on each side of the bridge too - and have absolutely no problems - only thing i can think of is that you maybe have wires of iron instead of stainless - or maybe have a wirelock where it´s connected to the chain - chain or wirelock could be iron too.. made by mistake from another owner..??. Try with a magnet to see if it´s stainless - ?? It should be a very easy change to a non magnetic stainless wire, lock and chain.. Let me hear if you solve it .? All the best Klok
  14. Swede 55

    Hi Zebra Damnd - i might have a talk with Arla who make that yougurt... Sorry you dont like the logo - but i dont like the old so..;-)).. But .. besides that - i´ll give you more info on the sails in a day or 2 - just for the fun. And further more.. i have heard that someone are trying to make room for us Swede 55 sailors at Classic Week in Svendborg next year. They seems to have one or 2 classic fiber boat classes participating every year...: I think it could be fun to have a meeting down there next year - as far as i can see we could be a few Swedes , the 3 in DK - you and maybe one more from Germany + the swedish and maybe norway..?? Would you be interested..?? All the best... the guy with the ugly logo.. ;-))
  15. Swede 55

    I have seen the first sign of spring...;-)) New sails blooming on the floor at the loft - i cant wait - must be on the wet in a hurry this year..;-)) Lars