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  1. Black Pearl

    3 reasons... 1. It's cheap, each sail panel is relatively small and bear in mind she's effectively a square rigger AND a cruising boat then you are not looking at the 'nth' degree of sail shape... 2. The most important one... What happens when your furling system shits the bed... topsails are out, squall coming in... for some unknown reason you can't furl them... Can't drop them, can't get anyone up there (70m up a smooth tube at sea, insane!)... What do you do... Take comfort in the fact that some smart bugger (not me by any stretch of the imagination) designed them to blow out, each panel, depending on height, is designed to blow out to reduce loading on the rig at certain wind strengths. So they blow out, the rig(s) and boat are saved (dropping one of them is monumental) and you only have to replace cheap dacron sails... 3. When their cheap sails, then you don't mind using them and I imagine are cheaper to put hours on delivering the boat by sail than using the main engines, in terms of TBO's etc. So - lovely beam reach, 300 mile delivery, why not sail, or at least motor sail (she's got hybrid propulsion), few more hours on the sails but its nothing really in the grand scheme of things... This might change (point 3) with solar cells, but points 1 and 2 stand...
  2. Scooped

    Tis Jamie's boat in John's shed
  3. Funniest Lines Heard While Racing

    This didn't happen in Sydney did it by any chance?
  4. what is it?

    Oceanco Y714 - 110m Lobanov design - Longest Superyacht launched in Holland... That's all I can say...
  5. New Super Yacht - inverted bow section?

    The story of the bow is unusual, but not to be told I am afraid. She will float on her lines when completed, no problem... For all the doubters out there - just think of what 100m of waterline gives for a hull speed... With 3 Dyna rigs fully wicked up...