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  1. Who can answer all my questions about Atlanta

    For the record, It can be 'Bajan" Barbadian, I've even heard "Barbajan" Lets not forget that I'm US born and raised. Only moved here 20+ years ago. So In a sense I'm coming home. So far I've heard great things about Atlanta, and other than driving through I don't plan on spending a lot of time in the rest of GA. I think so far the biggest surprise is there's actually sailing to be had there. No matter what I'm going. It's just a matter of when at this point. Anyone got a job for me?
  2. Who can answer all my questions about Atlanta

    MirsterMoon and others, thanks for the info. To tell the truth for now I'm willing to give up sailing in order to make this move. Over the course of the last couple of years other things have become more important - hence the move. So this, for me is more about what it's like to live there what is the job market like, cost of living, culture, etc. Oh yea, and how easy would it be to find all you anarchists who might be in the region.
  3. Who can answer all my questions about Atlanta

    I'm not really sorry. I've been here for 25+ years and it's not working for me anymore. Time to move on, and it's not like I can't come back for a visit. So far you've mirrored most of what I know about it. So confirmation is good I guess.
  4. Basically as the title says: Anyone? Im going to relocate myself there soonish. have our ever lived and worked there? Cost of living? I know there are some small lakes, any actual sailing happen? Its sprawling. Can I get around in public transport in the short term? What don’t I know that I should? I’ll leave it at that for now.
  5. USA fails to qualify for the World Cup

    As a USAnian living in the Caribbean for a very long time, don't you think it's time the rest of you stopped looking down on these small countries as it relates to international sports. T&T won because they put more heart into it. As someone else said the US team played with a sense of entitlement. They played to "Not lose" whereas T&T played with heart, they played to win.
  6. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    Why do you think they need to advertise them? And why do you think you are entitled to one just because it was advertised or given in another region. Most sales forces are restricted by region and the laws, rules and policies change per region. So just because you are offered in one place doesn't mean you are entittled in another place.
  7. Thug Kitchen

    Okay, you need to share this. Oh and the Thug Kitchen cook book is entertaining as hell.
  8. Is Big Boat racing an athletic sport?

    I tend to doubt I'm wrong, but go ahead. Expound
  9. Is Big Boat racing an athletic sport?

    And my guess is you didn't get particularly far in either sport
  10. Is Big Boat racing an athletic sport?

    This is a retarded statement. They got fit because they need to be fit to do their jobs. No athlete gets "fit" solely by participating in their chosen sport. They get fit so they can compete in their chosen sport.
  11. Is Big Boat racing an athletic sport?

    As others have mentioned - it depends. Are the tp52 and Maxi 72 guys full on athletes? Hell yea. Are the guys who are sailing the Bendytoy 53 with power winches in a sat/sunday event? Probably not. . . Well the bow guy might be.
  12. Irma

    Very cool that they're accepting of natural energy and green sources. Most of the english speaking Caribbean to the south not so much.
  13. Irma

    Noted. What percentage of the homes in the VI's have Photovoltaic panels?
  14. Irma

    Trinidad got the Locusts yesterday. No joke!
  15. Irma

    On most larger structures the tanks are on the ground not the roof with the panels.