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  1. LoopyGirdleSniffer

    Do you find this racist?

    Please explain how this can be construed as racist. This monologue is directed at 1 person specifically and. . . well did you read it?
  2. LoopyGirdleSniffer

    Barge much? (FP)

    He’s the owner/skipper
  3. LoopyGirdleSniffer

    Aventura Fl. Arrival sat the 27th

    Hey, Gonna be up in Aventura for a week. What to do, where to go, who to see? Any of Ya'll around that area. Any mid week sailing going on? any other shenanigans to be aware of?
  4. LoopyGirdleSniffer

    Stoopid international cell service Q

    How long are you going to be here? 10 days or less? I'd go the available Wifi route. Two weeks or more, just go to any electronics store and get a CHIPPIE sim card. It's like $30 and comes with a certain amount of credit( don't remember the amount). But you'll want at least $20 of credit on it then with that get the 10 day data package and you're good. Which side are you staying? French or Dutch? French sim cards won't work on the dutch side and dutch sim cards won't work on the french side.
  5. LoopyGirdleSniffer


    Very cool that they're accepting of natural energy and green sources. Most of the english speaking Caribbean to the south not so much.
  6. LoopyGirdleSniffer


    Noted. What percentage of the homes in the VI's have Photovoltaic panels?
  7. LoopyGirdleSniffer


    Trinidad got the Locusts yesterday. No joke!
  8. LoopyGirdleSniffer


    On most larger structures the tanks are on the ground not the roof with the panels.
  9. LoopyGirdleSniffer


    I live in the Caribbean. Yes solar electricity is starting to catch on. It's still a rare thing and in no way prevalent though.
  10. LoopyGirdleSniffer


    Ummmm Those rooftop solar panels are producing hot water not electricity. If the water has been shut off they are just pretty decorations.
  11. LoopyGirdleSniffer


    What Swabbie said. Been quietly watching this develop and I got no words. I believe Sat or Sunday a few of us will be leaving via boat for some of the storm affected islands with relief supplies.
  12. LoopyGirdleSniffer

    legal weed anarchy

    I love that it's legal! Been a stoner since young, however I don't think it should be advertised. Hell to date dealers didn't need to advertise and they still made a fortune. I also don't think you should be able to burn in public. Keep it at home or in special coffees shops etc. Not people walking down the street burning. That's bad and the law makers should have used a little foresight with that one. But I've always said it was going to be legal in my lifetime and it's happening. That is a good thing.
  13. LoopyGirdleSniffer

    Race Replays

    Not to be greedy, but will there be a replay of the NBC coverage?
  14. LoopyGirdleSniffer

    How to watch live races?

    OK stupid question. ARE they actually racing today (Monday June 5th) ?none of the on-line schedules show it.
  15. LoopyGirdleSniffer

    How to watch live races?