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  1. Cavi did you race at Whiskeytown over Memorial Day? We had our Banshee Fleet there for some good racing. The high winds on Sunday took a toll on the old boats knocking out 3 of the 10. Aeros on the Inland Lake Circuit could be fun if there were enough boats for one design. That is going to be the issue - getting enough boats out there and getting the sailors to show up at the same Regatta. My take is that Portsmouth handicapped racing is a waste of time and money - it is all about the ratings, not the race. It makes tennis look appealing.
  2. I've seen Wetas single handed and double handed with a child. They are really nice boats just not my thing. Wetas have done very well here in Northern California and I agree they are a solid success. They didn't replace any old dinghy designs, but rather filled in between dinghies and multihulls. I want a modern one design monohull to replace my old Banshee. My criteria when selecting the Megabytes was a 13-14' monohull, single handed, single hoisting sail, modern carbon rig and self draining cockpit. The Megabyte did well on 4 out of the 5 criteria (it had damn bailers), and we have 4 other people in the group purchase. The Aero hits all five of the criteria and uses e-glass for light weight. Maybe RS Sailing, DZero and other manufacturers could write US Sailing and let them know to encourage open classes at regattas and to not penalize new boats with overly fast provisional ratings that take years to get to where they should be. People making an investment in a new boat should be allowed a venue to sail and compete, while not being penalized with a harsh provisional rating. US Sail should encourage innovation and new boats, not be a protector of the status quo. Certainly one design racing is the only way to go in the long run, but you need venues to compete until a critical mass is established, otherwise new replacement modern designs don't have a chance. The best way to encourage new boat designs to take off is to have them win in the open class being driven by good sailors, rather encouraging pimped out 1960 vintage designs being driven by good sailors, that take advantage of their generous, but statistically "accurate" rating. What is the Aero's Portsmouth's rating and how many people in Northern California are signed up to by one? I'm very interested, just cautious having been burned once already betting on a new class.
  3. Good points - UK does have many successful single handed new designs, we just can't seem to make it happen in the US. I think a measure of success, at least for one design racing here, are sales in the thousands, not hundreds. There were nearly 400 Megabytes sold, but exceedingly difficult to get 5 to show up at a regatta. There were 8000 Banshees sold and only two fleets left. I've never seen an RS Feva or a Teras at a regatta and I would consider Wetas and 29ers outside of the single handed dinghy category. So other than Laser, what is a single handed adult dinghy class typically at regattas that was designed in the 40 years? Certainly all sailing does not need to be in a regatta, but part of the fun is spending the weekend with your friends and regattas are a good excuse. My point is that we need to encourage regattas to embrace new designs. Why did the editor get so mad about not getting to sail his new Shaw at the High Sierra Regatta? They are not set-up to take one-off boats and the Forest Service 150 boat limit makes it so the open class is the first thing to go. Crappy to spend so much on a boat and not be able to race it.
  4. The resale market is very fickle. With the Megbyte resales here on the West Coast, some sold quickly at a slightly below reasonable price, others in the same condition had no takers and were sold at a fraction their value or donated to clubs/schools. The Megabyte is a fantastic boat so what happened? Initial adopters don't want to get stuck with a new design boat that after a few years has no resale value. So Jwlbrace is right but only if there is a healthy resale market. This doesn't happen if the boats don't get a critical mass in an area and there is no local dealer support. This "valley of death", not enough initial sales in an area, little or no resale market, means even a $7000 entry price can be a big hurtle. I'd be money ahead if I chartered a boat at $250 per weekend. I can't point to a single new design in the dingy market that has really taken off in the last 20 years. What are we doing wrong and how can we make great boats like the Aero succeed here in the US? Why are we stuck in crappy 1970 or earlier designs? Or are new dinghy's simply a small boutique market here in the US? If that's the case we should work on encouraging open class competition in new boats. Too bad fiberglass doesn't deteriorate completely after 30 years so these tired old designs would go away.
  5. We bought a Fleet Purchase of 5 Megabytes in 2006. Initially the class grew to about 8 boats making for great one design racing for a few years. Then people moved on and the used boats went elsewhere, so there was no longer one design racing. We attempted to get a realistic Portsmouth rating so that the Megabyte could compete in the open class, but the provisional rating killed this, as very good sailors were beat by mid-fleet racers in other old established classes with favorable ratings. You knew if a XXXX showed up, you had little possibility of placing in the open class due to the rating correction, so why bother. Before I risk another $7K on a new boat, I want to see how it does in both in a one-design setting, and and open class setting. I also think that the Portsmouth rating system needs to encourage, rather than discourage new classes. Their provisional rating tends to rate new classes faster than they really are and only through years of data is it slowly adjusted up to where it should have been. Likewise these old classes with sailors that routinely smash the ratings need to start over and be redone. Once years of data is collected on these old classes, the rating never gets adjusted much. US Sailing has designed a system that discourages new classes and encourages pimping out old tugs. Try getting 5 boats to show up for a regatta so you can have one design when the entire fleet is 8 boats - it is really hard. The Aero looks perfect - can I lease one for a few years with the option to buy?
  6. That's the purpose of the Mk II sail. The bendy rig depowers to allow a wider range of sailor weights. I'm 180 and do fine with he boat.
  7. Have you sailed it yet?
  8. West Coast Megabyte Sailors - At least two of us are planning to race in the Richmond Yacht Club Totally Dinghy Regatta, September 15-16. We'll be sailing with the Mk II rigs. Come join us for some fun racing at a beautiful venue!
  9. No problem with the foils. The seam is very smooth. I like that the trailing edges don't notch out like on my Banshee. It is a good design. This was recently reported in the Megabyte Class Forum.... It looks like PS2000 (maker of the Megabyte, Byte, etc.) sold out to Zim Sailing in Rhode Island http://www.zimsailing.com/ If you look at zim's facebook page you can see the Megabyte moulds arriving ... http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150730818112395.342879.8... I hope that they are able to get the class growing - it is a great boat for one design racing!