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    Chicago Area III

    Anyone else notice that the NOR for the NOOD has the first Gun on Friday at 1055? Does anyone know if this is an error as the last 20 years have had us at 0955? The Rally is 0925 Saturday. Kind of odd. Thanks. Keith
  2. MainTrim

    Chicago Area III

    This was my 25th tri state. We are well aware of the freighters. If we are rafted with 20 feet of clearance of the pilings we have more than enough clearance for the freighter traffic. We carry two fender boards for the tri state in the event we NEED to raft off the wall and have many times. There is no reason for those boats inside of us to be assholes about rafting up.
  3. MainTrim

    Chicago Area III

    Also....on the St Joe River....As I said in person....FUCK YOU..... to the boats who tell me we cant raft off of you (we were 4th in the raft).....FUCK YOU. You have no right to tell us or anyone else we are not welcome. I dont give a flying shit how big your boat is......or what you think.......if you dont want boats to raft....turn around and sail home after you finish. If anyone ever says that to me again.....I will do as I did...raft anyway....then I will invite every fucking boat that comes by to raft off of us.
  4. MainTrim

    Chicago Area III

    My guess is pretty good chance it is canceled. many boats will make the trek north in those conditions even if they do hold a race?
  5. MainTrim

    Chicago Area III

    No shit! For those of us that finished at/before dawn there was no port o potty. They diddnt drop the damn thing off until 8am or so. WTF? I went up there in the evening to use it and almost vomited on top of the pile of shit. Thank god the hotel has a bathroom. That saved my pants.
  6. MainTrim

    Chicago Area III

    Anyone live in the NW Burbs and want to car pool this weekend? Just moved to Arlington Heights. Email me at vytisracing(at)gmail. Looking forward to this weekend.