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  1. On this engine, you really should add a filter in between the fuel pump (the box-like device) and the carb itself. This will prevent issues 99% of the time. The alcohol in our crappy fuel likes to pull in water from the air (thx to the EPA and corn growers) and this stuff still sits in the fuel pump even if you run out the gas in the bowl. The water corrodes the inside of the fuel pump and the whitish solids (chunks) ends up in the jets (especially the low speed one which has a tiny orifice). The filter will prevent this from getting into the bowl. This also means that the fuel pump is a consumable......
  2. Stainless steel hose clamps - they come in all sizes.
  3. Title is incorrect. It is PHRF SOCAL, not SD that is doing this.
  4. You guys should really look up this Brit - Harry St. John Philby - instead.
  5. Back to the OP. What kind of exhaust work? Was it near the upstream CAT? I heard of cases where Nissan CAT would fail and the honeycomb gets sucked back into the cyl which would ruin the motor. Happened more on the sedans but who knows.....the VQ's are usually pretty much bullet proof.
  6. Sounds remarkably like your typical stealer part changing monkey with some fancy proprietary scan tool, ready to zap your cc once your warranty is over by 2 miles. Hey this is a effin Nissan we're talking about, not an F car (which btw, one can cross reference Fiat and Alfa parts most of the time for 50% of what the F Stealerships charge...)
  7. When was the ECM relay recall / replacement done? After or before you started having the P0300 codes? If after, then could it be a bad ECM since it was getting glitchy power for a long time? I had an episode with the ECM relay where it caused the engine to misfire and tranny to oscillation between D & N, 2WD & 4WD, while I was going 60+ on the highway........ended up killing one of my upstream CATs ($700!)
  8. Never ever go to a dealer unless it is free..... It is widely known that dealership mechanics are the least capable and are only "part replacers", not real mechanics. After warranty, they swap parts to debug on your dime, instead of Nissan USA. Also look for that little Nissan indy shop in the bad side of town for competent diagnosis and repair....
  9. That report stated that it will be version of the 2015 Renault engine but with 12 tokens upgrade. Same one as what Renault had offered to RBR to test in Austin but was turned down. The RBR version in 2016 will use RBR ERS with that ICE while Renault will use their own ERS for Lotus. Supposedly this settles the IP ownership issue of engine improvements made by Mario Illien under RBR funding. Sounds a bit far fetch -- will see if RBR runs updated PUs in Brazil or not.
  10. There seems to be a site reporting that RBR will run RBR or Infinity branded engines in 2016. This will be based on the 2015 Renault ICE with improvements made by Mario Illien. ERS will be RBR developed, not Renault. They claim this new ICE will be tested in Brazil GP. True?
  11. VQ40DE does not have timing belts or replaceable fuel filters..... However, it does have issues with timing chain guide wear (the plastic shoes get chewed up by a nick in the chain). It would sound like a sewing machine at cold start. Unfixed, it can get so bad that you skip a tooth on one of your banks and get really bad performance. Could your miss fires be from this? Since there are tons of newly dead pathys, fronties & xters from the radiator juice in the tranny syndrome (shitty radiators), your best solution is to shop for a low mileage VQ40DE usually ~$400 short block -- find one that is more recent (after they fixed that chain guide issue) and drop it in. I got a VQ40E with 177k on it, runs like a Seiko watch.
  12. On our boat, we have invited both the juniors and Junior Program sailing instructors to race with us in the wed beer cans. So what we ended up with 14 sailors on a 33 ft boat. We all had a blast.....
  13. Strong guy -- holding up the hull.........
  14. Really minor stuff, not structural unless you hit a rock and addressed as part of regular maintenance. We treat ours as a big dinghy and all this is really DIY. Our 10 is less work than my son's Sabot! Some folks bring it to the boat yard and sometimes get the run around.....
  15. How about a Woodruff key? Wouldn't that be a much simpler fix?