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  1. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    She has put a spell on me , I'm addicted.

    agree, if she had sung ybr straight ahead it would have been far more impressive she has a very clear sultry voice with a hell of a range
  2. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

  3. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Lyle Mays

    Actually I did see another tour in the mid 90's where they had a bunch of singers doing Cambodian influenced music that was probably one of the best things I saw them do.
  4. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Lyle Mays

    Saw him with Pat Metheny at least five times in the 80's. The early tours up through the First Circle tour were super high energy and super tight. Though I thought Mays was pretty good he really did not have a lot of improvisational depth to his playing imo. Sort of a one trick pony. I think he tried to move into movie soundtracks where he could use more of the layered ambient skills he was good at but never got the success he was looking for their I don't think. Sucks he died so young.
  5. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Decent sci-fi or fantasy novels

    The Mote in God's Eye
  6. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    empty nest adjustment disorder

    Dr Bronners pure coconut oil
  7. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Terry Jones, DTS

    these guys were brothers for sure but Chapman was Cleeses' writing partner for many many years and hence his eulogy for Chapman had deep feelings across the spectrum and his performance of the eulogy was as much a cathartic act as it was an homage to an inspired super smart silly man we are unlikely to see such a thing again palin will do the heavy lifting on this one I predict
  8. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    empty nest adjustment disorder

    I meditate naked on the deck while doing half assed old man yoga stoned and try to convince my wife to join me so I can oil her up and shave her pudendum. But thats just me.
  9. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Terry Jones, DTS

    fishy, fishy, fishy, ohhhh....
  10. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Worlds most expensive Home Stereo ?

    Luckily I have never come home to a fat man in the bathtub!
  11. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    2020 Rock and Roll HoF

    not an active fault zone
  12. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    The 2020 Motorcycle Thread

    I am signed up for a moto bicycle race referee class next month. I moto supported Levi's Gran Fondo, 2800 riders back in Oct and I guess I passed the good ole boys test (CHP and other LEO bike retirees are the vast majority of the moto refs) cause they made sure I got hooked into the classes etc. Hard core slow riding skills and 360 degree sit awareness needed. Try essentially idling a 650lb BMW RT up an 18% grade on a road with no shoulders about 30 feet wide surrounded by out of the saddle hammering riders on the edge. Can't go faster, can't go slower, and cant ride anywhere but 6" from the left end of roadway. Trial by fire baby! One perk is no centerline or speed rules for the guys in the "band". I rode back to the south bay from Santa Rosa with a long time moto cop and then moto support guy. Never stuck his leg out, followed every rule of the road except the speed rules but even then never faster than the flow of traffic etc. Learned a ton. In the twisties on a big GS BMW moving his body was not necessary in the try for sure. Super smooth and fast. Oh by the way, want to test your slow speed and tight quarters skills then split lanes north bound during evening rush our on 19th ave through San Francisco and onto the Golden Gate Bridge on a big bike (I left the side bags at home, did topcase and backpack). Will save you 20 minutes or more but you may need to wash your drawers! I can't even commute with the side cases on the bike anymore. I would be a menace bumping peoples vehicles.
  13. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    CVT Transmissions

    you know mike at this point I think we can safely say you are a cult of one!
  14. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    My children are ...

    Yes they can!
  15. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    3,000 mile rowing race

    these people are hard core, I have huge respect for them, not an endeavor for the weak minded and/or ill prepared