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  1. Finally finished the race tonight. Fast forwarded. Lots of good driving lost in the parade. Once the propeller heads get the math worked out everyone backs off to save the gear. What we dont see is the real time scenario analysis going on at every team. I knew shcumacher started that aaggressive start manuever, just being rhetorical. Fuck him btw. Sad for he and his family but as competitor I still have no respect for him. He could have accomplished almost as much without acting like prost.
  2. Very disconcerting to hear semi sponsorship shenanigans affecting a perennial top regatta at a top venue and hosted by a yc with such facilities. Even worse is a website theoretically for the betterment of sailboat racing choosing to crap on the show whatever its makeup at the expense of marginalizing all the participants who without doubt enjoyed good wind and weather doing what they love. instead of politely reporting the facts of who made the effort to make the show and participate etc, the editorial decision of this site was to play maven to whats cool or not. Shameful and not in the best interest of the sport. Negative press helps no one. Positive press about what worked and who had fun etc helps everyone. Turning events into your own big spin reality show makes your dicks really small.
  3. All I can say is whoever started the deal at the start where the pole sitter goes totally off line to pinch off other cars who possibly got a better start should be shot. I hope vettel ruined his chance at the title. What a dick. Turned a possible ferrari 1, 2 into something else. What an idiot.
  4. I just picked up a 99 bmw r1100rt with 75k on it, ohilins shocks, heated seat, big windscreen, power commander, throttlemeister and a new battery for 2700.00. I just replaced pivot bearings, synched the throttle bodies, rebuilt the shifter, adjusted the clutch cable, changed all the fluids, new plugs, etc. It still needs a rear tire, likely a spline lube and clutch plate in 3k to 5k miles, a drive shaft in 5k to 10k, should get the injectors cleaned, throttle bodies cleaned, valves adjusted...but its running pretty good and is just plain the bees knees for two up touring. The suspension, brakes, wind management and rideability are incredible. Braking on a bike that does not dive and weight transfer so hard has to be experienced to be believed.
  5. So he's is still probably dead?
  6. So a-list actors out on a limb. Burt lancaster in atlantic city. Keitel in bad lieutenant. Sheen in apocalypse now. Raul julia in kiss of the spider woman. helen mirren in the cook the thief his wife and her lover. isabella rosellini in blue velvet. Laura dern in wild at heart and citizen ruth. Heston in touch of evil.
  7. Well roger is rarely off track with my taste. I will try again. Ending was a real downer for me anyway. Maybe I missed something critical. He gave it 3.5 huh?
  8. Why cant anyone build a boat to the plans? Why cant the designers push some quality standards into the program in exchange for the right to sell boats with the brand name? Seems to me they step back too early in the process. Ive met them and sold them parts and I dont think for a minute they think this situation is acceptable. It doesnt in any way excuse the cheaters trying to slide their boats in. Its just that the lack of consistency in the builds opens a door for some folks.
  9. Saw swiss army man and I have to give it 2.5 ebert stars for acting and originality and laughs, set design...very creative, good dialog just missed a few plot connect the dots things for me.
  10. Heres a hint. I am a male human, married.
  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PVxfJYw59cM
  12. My name, jose jimenez... Is that your crash helmet? oh I hope not...
  13. I'm outside the environment. But as one looking in I would say there are way too many people in the environment. Pretty much on the way to becoming a petroleum layer somewhere down the gelogical time continuum. Its just a social circus doomed to extinction at this point. At least thats what I tell my wife whenever I want pussy and she wants to watch suits. Luckily I also have my technique as a continuous process improvement deal. We are almost at 3 to 1 on the orgasm scoreboard on a per session basis. Unfortunately this tends to lengthen the time between sessions forcing me to work on social technique to close the gap. I'm doomed to the current equilibrium. Anyway back to your environment. Beats mars and venus by an astounding margin. Enjoy. All you can do is try to save some wild fish for your great grandchildren. Good luck.
  14. this thread jumpsnthe shark multiple times per day.
  15. On my sc27, no antenna at top of mast, no training wheels on the windex, lightest halyards and fewest necessary. It all adds up on a big lever arm and windage counts as well so thin carbon headfoil and tidy tape at the spreaders. Its all just math and if you optimize every element you can you can only blame your own performance when ypu dont win!