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  1. Dude probably can't close his own fly let alone a border. Please post a link to a reputable news article about his closing a border due to the virus. He did some shit to fuck with the Chinese cause he had an excuse but it wasn't to help his own populace. Where do you get this shit? I have friend who has been stuck in Shanghai for 8 months cause if he leaves he won't be able to come back even today. That's how serious the Chinese are about controlling this thing. Trump? A clown and laughing stock who's staggeringly ignorant bravado not only fucked us but set an example for Boris in the uk and others to fuck up the same way. An average 12 y/o could govern the country 10 times better than this criminal.
  2. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Stupid mask tales

    for me anyway, if I can hear it, it ain't private I will never forget a co-worker having a loud conversation with someone else over the cube wall about a restaurant in town. I chimed in about my experience and dishes which were good. This was apparently one of many times I did this since this person moved in next to me. We shared the same boss who could also hear us. So this "Karen" stands up and calls me out for being a rude eavesdopper in her conversations. My boss, also a woman, took her into a conference room and set her straight. She came back and apologized to me and everyone else in the department for subjecting us to her personal conversations. My boss then said to everyone that in her department if folks wanted to have a private conversation to take into a conference room, otherwise, be ready to graciously include others who want to be part of a "public" conversation. I applaud anyone who combats public dickheads. I have walked up to parents verbally abusing their kids in public places and asked them to stop abusing their child. I will not stop that behavior. Sorry.
  3. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Miles Taylor - Trump official endorses Biden

    barr is going to be busy with all these people coming out of the woodwork the gropentweeter is asking him to prosecute
  4. in the history of US politics the number of people in a single administration with shit coming out of their ears on a constant basis is unprecedented by an order of magnitude
  5. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    What type of voting machine did you use?

    my brain and common sense, what about you?
  6. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    "We're rounding the corner. It will just go away."

    thats santa cruz's curve
  7. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    The F1 2020 thread

    Yeah it's a shame. They still need an experienced driver.
  8. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    The F1 2020 thread

    Haas need a veteran. No way two rookies are going to help them develop the car. They should hire perez
  9. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    "We're rounding the corner. It will just go away."

    Santa Cruz County had flattened the curve and avg daily new cases was going down until mid May when it started to go up slightly. Starting in early June the curve started turning back up but by July it skyrocketed. Its started to bend down again in August but didn't flatten again until mid September. Took the county four months to gain control again after a very brief period of Memorial Day/July 4th etc openness. Any bit of cavalier attitude gets beat down by this virus.
  10. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    It's coming, (winter)

    ha! Ikon ski pass for 20/21 I can see where you may have had other thoughts. I have never inhaled while on a ski lift.
  11. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    The F1 2020 thread

    yeah, can't imagine we have done many laps of the ring with the fastest car available on GranTurismo PS3 with a good wheel and pedals and its a beast just to get under 7 mins. Close to 5 mins is just incredible
  12. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    The F1 2020 thread

    fucking awesome, thanks
  13. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    60 Minutes interview

    I fry with crisco solid white veggie shortning
  14. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    It's coming, (winter)

    my ikon dope came in the mail last week, looks like its all coming together
  15. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Bidens Laptop

    corrupting it