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  1. porn hub / google data mining

    Older, getting "older". The browser on this samsung pad dhits Shits the bed with this forum
  2. porn hub / google data mining

    We can only hope...getting oldintor makes passing up those moments like throwing krugerrands Into the bay.
  3. porn hub / google data mining

    No, of course not. I am also answering for woody whos brain was forced in to limp mode briefly.
  4. 10 monkeys in gas chamber

    Actually you are the first to say such a thing. Be proud, be humble. Sarcasm rules!
  5. 10 monkeys in gas chamber

    Shit, I had my hopes up the trump administration was finally dealt with appropriately. Im bummed if real monkeys died when the fake ones still rule.
  6. F1 2018...

    Saw bernie, lauda, and gerhard berger in the stands at the hahnenkamm downhill as well as arnold the terminator on the telly last weekend. arnie looked the happiest sitting in a seat with the masses in a big cape and a tyrolian hat covered with snow. I miss bernie.
  7. Fly in midweek ski & stay 2nd wk Feb.

    A couple buddies are this week at kicking horse and then revelstoke. The pics they sent of the big bowl and ridge at kicking horse looked epic. Lots of room for fresh tracks.
  8. US Navy ship stuck in ice until...

    I think I see rimas I See rimas In one of the windows.
  9. Bruce Brown

    Just started a new job requiring a longer traffic commute. I am using a bmw 1100rt every day! Bruce brown and warren miller were huge inspirations and I still ride and ski better every year so far! Thanks bruce.
  10. Jim Nabors

    Yep me too. Back home in indiana before the indy 500 for the first time was a mind blower and then it was something I looked forward to and then missed. Must have heard him sing it 10 or 15 times over the years. It was cool he kept doing it for so many years. In the end I think he did it remotely from maui.
  11. weird sinus issue

    So the tylenol recommendation works for symptom suppression and has gotten me through work for two days.ive been rinsing daily for three days and then doing afrin at night. Headache pain is reduced but underlying all this is the fact that there is something not right still behind my right eye. No release. Back to the doc in the box tomorrow.
  12. Best Rock Song Intros

    forgot about aja
  13. Best Rock Song Intros

    Cant find my way home and low spark of high heeled boys. Steve winwood and traffic. I have to second money for nothing. I just played a 45 rpm mofi vinyl resissue and its very cool. Down tomthe waterline also has an intro.
  14. Best Rock Song Intros

    Do powderfinger Instead.
  15. weird sinus issue

    So I am stting at a coffee bar somewhere near mission beach after bodysurfing 8 to 10 ft faces on sandbars just north of the mission beach jetty in the winter of 83/84. The fiberglass junkies had to walk out the jetty to put in. One other guy and I were bodysurfing with fins and could just dive down and hold the bottom with hands and feet. Super powerfull waves. I caught two freefalling four feet and skipping down the face like a flat stone with my chest cutting to the right before ducking out and grabbing the sand. Last wave when I was tired I tried to backpedal out of but stopped too soon. The silence as you get sucked over the falls has to be experienced to be believed. I took the elevator straight down to the sand bottom right side up like jumping off of an 8 foot fence onto sand before being summarily picked right back up and spun a few times. Anyway at this coffee bar I am relaying the experience in a farily indifferent and hopefully cool manner to a young woman when my sinuses release a couple ounces of seawater onto the bar mid sentence. Not the kind of punctuation one desires in any circumstances to say the least. So I did what any 21 yo would do and ate 5 tacos and went to windansea in the afternoon with the sun out and surfed the left into the beach while the 20 guys with boards duked it out surfing the right. Dorado I know youre serious. Good idea.