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  1. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    elton john

    yes totally agree on that, Ray Cooper is just one of the best musicians who ever walked the planet I need to look and see if there are some recordings around their duo tour way back when. It was supposedly epic.
  2. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Any body heard of pegging I mean WTF!!

    frankly, there are women out there so hot and sexy that I would happily lay back and let them do whatever, though two of them works better in the scenario mentioned in this thread... one sits on your face, the other wields the weapon, and they both work the frank and beans if you could sell that on amazon you would make a fortune, guaranteed
  3. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    elton john

    yeah it was definitely symbolic his waving as he went away
  4. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    funky cold medina

    Thats awesome. John c reilly and will farrell. Wonder if they wished it would disappear if they could make it do so. Desperate actors at the time I guess.
  5. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    funky cold medina

    I am thinking this is just the shit we need right now
  6. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Motorcycle Threads

    rode into work two days ago a large part of it at 35 mph with my left hand in front of my helmet to keep hail and sleet from hitting me in the face. I had goggle glasses on but my visor was impossible to see through even with it waxed and buffed inside and out. Hail hurts like hell at speed.
  7. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    NFL 2018

    I don't think they evened out yesterday. Not even close. I did see those others you mention. I have never seen more uneccessary late hits and mauling of receivers go uncalled. Pathetic. Touchdown for TD for Rams broken up, clearly interference. I won't watch this sport anymore.
  8. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    NFL 2018

    Not a Rams fan. Very poor officiating but you look back at that game and the pats were given a couple of key penalties which in the general landscape of a bunch of obvious non-calls were very very borderline and in one case just wasn't a foul which kept the pats in a drive that ended with the touchdown. Doesn't take many calls to change a game like that. Another one killed the Rams' momentum on a key drive. The game was fixed in my view by the officials. But in the end they don't call it the stupid bowl for no reason
  9. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Seasickness Remedies

  10. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    NFL 2018

    The officials won the game.
  11. This is a really interesting book technically and human drama wise. Also some good history of trade with China and the Opium Wars of the 1800's as well as the transformation of the US and world by high speed dependable sea travel via sailing ship. Its a serious historical work with good foot notes but occasionally redundant. I'm loving it! These guys were nuts!
  12. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    everyone hates squirrels ... but....

    Anyone who hates squirrels has never had to seriously battle rats in their attic and walls. I am a master with .25 inch contruction cloth and stapler. Also useful is a combo of of unrolled copper dish scrubbbers and aerosol insulating foam. Stuff that copper mesh in a hole and squirt that foam into it and thats that. I have a family dying of thirst in my attic right now or else they are already dead. Makes my heart soar to think about it. Three nights listening to them try to chew through wire was creepy. They sound like they weigh 15 lbs when they get desparate. Wish women acted that way sometimes
  13. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    A Bold claim

    Duly noted. Many thanks.
  14. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    A Bold claim

    I cant see for shit. I thought it said Bold Clam, which truth be told is my kind of girl!
  15. Chris in Santa Cruz, CA

    Florida Woman shot after performing for bag of chips

    I was making a joke on the thread title being a pun. The underlying news story prompting the thread title is horrific and depressing if factual.