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  1. weird sinus issue

    So the tylenol recommendation works for symptom suppression and has gotten me through work for two days.ive been rinsing daily for three days and then doing afrin at night. Headache pain is reduced but underlying all this is the fact that there is something not right still behind my right eye. No release. Back to the doc in the box tomorrow.
  2. Best Rock Song Intros

    forgot about aja
  3. Best Rock Song Intros

    Cant find my way home and low spark of high heeled boys. Steve winwood and traffic. I have to second money for nothing. I just played a 45 rpm mofi vinyl resissue and its very cool. Down tomthe waterline also has an intro.
  4. Best Rock Song Intros

    Do powderfinger Instead.
  5. weird sinus issue

    So I am stting at a coffee bar somewhere near mission beach after bodysurfing 8 to 10 ft faces on sandbars just north of the mission beach jetty in the winter of 83/84. The fiberglass junkies had to walk out the jetty to put in. One other guy and I were bodysurfing with fins and could just dive down and hold the bottom with hands and feet. Super powerfull waves. I caught two freefalling four feet and skipping down the face like a flat stone with my chest cutting to the right before ducking out and grabbing the sand. Last wave when I was tired I tried to backpedal out of but stopped too soon. The silence as you get sucked over the falls has to be experienced to be believed. I took the elevator straight down to the sand bottom right side up like jumping off of an 8 foot fence onto sand before being summarily picked right back up and spun a few times. Anyway at this coffee bar I am relaying the experience in a farily indifferent and hopefully cool manner to a young woman when my sinuses release a couple ounces of seawater onto the bar mid sentence. Not the kind of punctuation one desires in any circumstances to say the least. So I did what any 21 yo would do and ate 5 tacos and went to windansea in the afternoon with the sun out and surfed the left into the beach while the 20 guys with boards duked it out surfing the right. Dorado I know youre serious. Good idea.
  6. weird sinus issue

    Thsnks dsk. I had one of those bottles and it seemed I made things worse a couple times. My wife threw it out. Her dad the family doctor had prescribed it! Funny thing about this is that my breathing pathways in my nose have been unaffected. This feels deeper up behind my right eye. I am sending my son to get that rinsing thing though. Anything at this point. Thanks for menti8ning it.
  7. weird sinus issue

    Thats why I tried the afrin. Closest thing to that. Funny I would not know where to even begin to find that stuff. If I could I would try that.
  8. weird sinus issue

    ya never know where the next big Idea Is going to come from. I tried all the non antibiotic hammers Including trying to martini the thing to death friday night.
  9. weird sinus issue

    So a couple weeks ago I ran my two miles at lunch and got back to the locker room and the hot water was out so I had to muscle through a very cold 57F shower. Pretty much just standing next to it and splashing but it was shocking especially the face and hair. So I get my clothes back on and go back to the desk to eat a sandwich and as I walk past my teams desks I sneeze and it feels like I have something up my right nostril but deeper in my sinuses. I spend the rest of the day with my right eye tearing up mildly and every once in a while trying to dislodge what feels like something in my sinus though its just really subtle. Anyway now its two weeks later and I have a mild headache which feels like its behind my right eye and what feels like light pressure and then light pressure off and on in my right ear. However its a non progressing deal. The bitch nurse practitioner I accidently said yes to seeing on friday would not prescribe anitbiotics because she read something in a book about infections healing themselves and i did not have a fever even after I said I had waited 10 days with a headache and pressure and knew something was not healing itself. She said to take excedrin and that antibiotics dont stop pain. I walked out and told the staff they needed to get rid of that smart alec. So now I have slammed my head with afrin and sudafed and run again today hoping I could make sometjing happen. Nada. Pain is also above my right ear. Very localized spot. I will likely go back and see a doctor I know well.
  10. F1 2017

    good race I thought, kimi saved his tires enough to hold off hamilton which might have been the plan instead of attacking bottas. Interesting that it was likely that hamilton started from pit lane so was able to fit a new power unit and then new aero and set up for the specific weather conditions while the rest had to live with their quali setups. Max forced his team to give him new tires when he had a 50 second lead on ricciardo and tore up the race lap record. Smart kid. Vettel drove a stellar race. Won the start and held off bottas. Ferraris were hella quick in the second sector and clearly had to be the equal of the mercs on bhp cause they could stay in front of the mercs through both drs zones the first of which is uphill. Gorgeous day for a race. No track limit silliness at interlagos!
  11. Best Rock Song Intros

    Ok, so after listening to neil young and crazy horse perform cortez the killer on their live album weld through the mcintosh mc240 and the klipsch chorus iis last evening at high volume I have to put that intro up top. Neil at his electric best and crazy horse can do slow time swing like no one else.
  12. Best Rock Song Intros

    Thick as a brick. Pinkmfloyd money. Who reign on me.
  13. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    There was one of these racing in santa cruz I remember named flying squirrel. One. It did not do well. Mostly people were sailing olsen 30s and wildeness 30s and then there was an express 37, a couple each olsen and sc 40s then sc50s etc. The sc33 never had a following and was considered a dog I recall. No one really said why except it was hard sail to its rating.
  14. Tanker hits Destoyer, how is this possible?

    Funding? Who the fuck would take command of a ship like this and not be totally on top of what it took to put in place the processes and trained people in the key positions so he/she could hit the rack at night and sleep well knowing the ship would not end up on land or hit another vessel? I'm sorry, trying to assign some half assed systemic excuse for why the captain failed at the main reason for existence on the ship is infuriating. If the fucker who commanded this clown show graduated from annapolis they should just shut that place down.
  15. "National Cleavage Day"

    But It always looks best on the floor.