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  1. huckster_one

    Kentucky gets it right

    How many jobs do Kentucky companies create when they get years of state tax breaks and federal funds to assist them when running a for profit company I wonder. How about we attach tax creation for every tax break companies get just like the job requirement for federal medicaid funds.
  2. huckster_one

    Boat partnership operating agreement

    Just partner with Joe again and let's get back to PIB already!!!
  3. Search here until your heart is content You're welcome!
  4. huckster_one

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    I'm guessing it's a replacement for Vanpire and not really a new one on the Lake unfortunately. There is a new Melges 30 though in Cleveland and that will be fun to have around!
  5. huckster_one

    July 2017 J/111 Great Lakes Racing

    Tough sledding there glex as 2 of the Cleveland boats are signed up for the event in San Fran in August leaving no time for the Macs this year.
  6. huckster_one


    I wonder if they have footage when Azurra rips their spinnaker when they hit our wind instruments? Talk about close up action for that race! Crew and owners super nice after and the rest of the week though and we wish them luck the rest of the year! I'll check when I get home to see.
  7. huckster_one


    Obviously you've never been to Cleveland as bars are plentiful and for drinking, not whatever foo foo shit you do in Minnesota! HA HA, hit me up next time you're here and I'll show you around.
  8. huckster_one


    Damn, so close for the Tribe! At least it was a great game, congrats to the Cubs as they earned it!
  9. huckster_one


    UM, hell yeah he can. Former and future Cy young winner who could throw all day if needed, reminds me of when I was a kid an pitchers pitched the WHOLE game. He can get shelled but got the weakest run support of all tribe pitchers and still was 18-9, including 8-2 after June 1st. Bauer will surprise you also.
  10. huckster_one


    Especially since both teams have young, hungry TEAM players built by smart front offices and managers. It's really making me a baseball fan again after 10 yrs or so seeing these 2 play each other.
  11. huckster_one


    Keep dreaming, only team to win in 5 is the TRIBE! Sorry but the Cubs will not break the curse this year.
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  13. huckster_one

    Chicago Area III

    There was an RC boat out on the red course on Friday but ran when the storm hit and cancelled racing shortly after. We followed them out, waited out the storm and practiced for a few hours after with a few 111's from Belmont who came out after the storm. Great racing except for the fluky stuff Saturday when we moved the red course.
  14. huckster_one

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    To the thief who grabbed my backpack from the chair it was in right before Falcon awards. Kindly give it to the desk at Mentor and I can forgive, let me find you with it and I can make you forget why you touched it in the first place.
  15. huckster_one

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    How about the Roberts results? I bet mentor has them up the same day as the last few years.