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  1. Dawg_House


    Warren is building #573 in Boutilier's Pt, Nova Scotia. His build blog is on the i550 site. http://www.i550class.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=364 There is also the i550 Facebook site https://www.facebook.com/groups/122920237740920/
  2. Dawg_House

    Splicing a split tailed mainsheet

    Did you download the Swift Solo manuals Rigging Manual Volume 1 pages 15-17 http://www.single-handedskiffs.com/constructioninformation/constructionpdfsdetails.html Have fun racing with the NW group.
  3. Dawg_House


    If you take the next step to take a closer look, there is an i550 that moved to San Francisco. Our MAP needs location and status updated.
  4. Dawg_House

    blooper time!

    Why knot? Go for it. Just fly it correctly and not like the picture. The owner would have smacked my with a which handle. Play the halyard and keep the foot just off water.
  5. Dawg_House


    T&S And another one a few hours East of Portland.
  6. Dawg_House


    Columbia has been scheduled for 2:42 pm local time (total 2'36") and Charleston is about 2:47 pm (on the edge total ~<1'). As for the nice bone crusher, a visit to SC would teach him the finer points of Southern Hospitality. Just saying when the lights go out, watch out for BUBBA.
  7. Dawg_House


    The original bulb design has a pointed tail and making the flat beaver tail versions was documented on Chad's blog.
  8. Dawg_House


    Yes, building one for myself. I am shaping the plug on the lathe. symmetrical, about a 63-00xx or 64-00xx section, 150 lbs. minimum 3.5" cross section to keep within the rule. I think that since the Brett Murray LCG bulb has a cross section greater than 6 inches at about 34" in length that my bulb plug will easily be fatter than 3.5". Also my lathe will accommodate about 38" between centers so that will be a limiting factor and determine max diameter. T Timber, Now that you have started a build, when will your pin color change to red? Also your building the i550 #42, moose and squirrel blog may have been hijacked. Remember, without posted pics it did not happen.
  9. Dawg_House


    From a post #2884 back in Sept 2015: Squirrel, A few updates to research for the map. #172 Wild Child has been sold and moved to Detroit MI with #557, #281 Hot Canary is on loan to Bill in St Petersburg ,FL (Murray Yacht) (for sale) #286 Slight Barbaric moved from Maine to San Diego back to Charleston SC. (long Road Trip) #573 Warren has started his build in Boutilier’s Point NS Canada #19 The Edge splashed on Lake Pymatuning Aug 2nd 2012 (low number completed) #87 As noted Tim is all wet…… Congrats. #336 Has changed hands twice- Chris NC to Joe FL to Ben in Savannah GA (Dumpster Dive) #231 Chad’s Knot Racing is racing. Got wet about two years ago. #129 Jeff sold the boat to James Nichols in I think Nashville. Everglade Challenge. #74 Pipe Dream is/was for sale #108 Lunatic Fringe sold to someone near Chicago area???? #350 Lee moved to San Fran and has splashed Okey Lah Sept 2014 # Monster Inc as started (Cobble Hill BC Canada) #472 Matt has gotten Honey wet. March 2014 #550 Time Machine goes from no pin to green pin #437 Big Bad Wolf splashed in Singapore # Des Clark in Hobart TAZ For Sale http://www.gumtree.c...boat/1085480883 #401 Steve For Sale TAZ http://www.gumtree.c...boat/1087606830
  10. The traditional "newbie harassment message' would go here. This is smaller than the 14-18 ft full size requested, but a RC cat with free plans. instructables.com/id/RC-Wing-Sail-Catamaran/ Doug's photos of his RC fleet is impressive. Good luck 99 and keep posting on your project.
  11. Dawg_House


    Recently Dwyer started making the DM-4 in a 29 foot stick, but just a few years ago it was available in the 24' 7" length. .An inner Sleeve and a short section made up the differences. Early on, Lunatic Fringe had a mast come down. If I remember right, it was a compression post failure. Wild Child lost an old Kenyon H section about five years ago. The last i550 mast I remember coming down was a CF stick during a race on the west coast last year.
  12. Dawg_House


    Merry Christmas to all i550 builders. Do we know where production hull one is going?
  13. Dawg_House


    AubignyThere is an interest, but there is also great local resistance to include these boats in racing against the entrenched displacement fleets. To get change to happen the organization must find a need to change. Could be falling numbers, aging fleets, demographic change, or another catalyses. There are rating systems that liter sailing history (MORC, IOR, 12 Meter.......). PHRF now rates multi hulls, so why not move to include sportboats? I understand the rating issues between different types of boats, but a C&C 34 up against a Etchells 22 (she started back two from us). This was back in the 80s, so it has been done by previous caretakers of the rating system. PHRF is there to allow dissimilar classes of sailboats to be raced against each other. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Performance_Handicap_Racing_Fleet Since PHRF is made up of local regions and fleets it will be harder to get the main organization to move forward on smaller sportboats. The list of where an i550 have local rating has grown, but the list of groups actually reporting results to the PHRF organization is small. Read the thread from PHRF-LO to gain some understanding of what we are up against. http://www.phrf-lo.org/forum/index.php?topic=75.0 The Toronto East District Handicapper when press on the i550 "would expect the rating to fall between 50 and 80" when PHRF Ontario had a 138/147 rating for Lunatic Fringe in International Falls area, Old School was an Olson 30 owner with a set of i550 plans. The average rating is just under 144 (165 high/120 low). Give 15 to 60 second a mile to a Viper? The road warrior, Slightly Barbaric has moved and trying to get rated down state. He has meet some .... head winds even though there are ratings for one on the Chesapeake and two in Florida. I am not ready to ask the local group for a rating, but they have recently added a cabin requirement. Time will tell. Yes couch, it is much better to race one design in the NA or Class fleet, but it is also good to frequently hone the skills racing locally. For most this would be with a PHRF group. The PNW Portland group is large enough that they can get together, but The Monster would have a long drive for a Wednesday race. Question: How would you approach PHRF to be inclusive to the sub-20 footers, with or without cabins, motors, etc? You need a case to show why it would be to their advantage to move in this direction. http://www.ussailing.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/2014-PHRF-Handicaps-Book-Intro-.pdf http://www.ussailing.org/wp-content/uploads/DARoot/Offshore/PHRF/2014%20PHRF%20Handicaps%20Data.pdf
  14. Dawg_House


    I would agree that it is 381. The photos are not the same as when you actually seeing her up close.
  15. Dawg_House


    My bad again..... It was late night and I got the 550 class mixed with the 505 class. The boats look the same and both go real fast. Miss the old 222.... gone but never forgotten. Now are there other changes to turn over to Squirrel One of the TAZ boat just sold today. .