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  1. Le Voiles de Saint-Tropez

    the boats were all incredible this year. It makes pretty much every regatta in the US seem pedestrian.
  2. Wanda down

    Christian, really sorry to hear this. Yours seemed really well sorted. any loss is a tragedy, but with so few built...
  3. ORC and sport boats

    that... wow.
  4. Black Widow

    well... this is only anecdotal but I accidentally sanded through the BW at the bow right at the waterline with 400 grit. whoops so.. it should come off pretty easily
  5. Black Widow

    I'm pretty sure based on pettit's recommendations for their other bottom paints, you'll have to remove the vc17 (but doesn't it come off pretty easily with acetone?) edit: confirmed with Pettit that VC17 needs to come off completely before putting on BW.
  6. Black Widow

    Fast, took a while to find the info but they should make it clearer because it's a selling point imo. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to apply over a 'teflon' paint, but all the bottom required was a light sanding. They recommend 80, I used 100. easy peasy. As noted by From the Helm, it's a thick paint. It took about 10 minutes to thoroughly mix by hand, next time I'll use an eggbeater. One season's not much to go on, especially since Boston Harbor had an atypical year regarding water temp, etc. Still, I'll be doing a second year's worth of 'testing.'
  7. Ramming Speed! Tall Ship Docking Adventures

    no sound signals indicating distress? did they think they had it under control?
  8. California Boating Card

    that first exemption reminds me of the 80s when Block Island banned people from bringing their own mopeds to the island. Ostensibly, the people who owned and knew how to operate mopeds were not welcome, but please - rent them and drive them off cliffs!
  9. Black Widow

    I've been a longtime user of VC Offshore through the last 8 years and two boats. This year, since I couldn't get VC Offshore in a small can and I only needed to touch up some spots, I bought a quart of Black Widow since it's compatible with overcoating the VC. It went on so nicely, I ended up buying some more and putting a full coat on the whole bottom and two coats along the waterline and on the keel. I clean my own boat bottom, and last year after about July I was diving weekly to get hard growth off the VC. This year, I've been in every 2-3 weeks to wipe the slime off the black widow. It shows no signs of hard growth on it anywhere, and even the usual grass that grows at the waterline level has been minimal and has scrubbed off easily. We didn't get a chance to do much burnishing this year but the bottom has definitely been fast and easy to maintain in Boston Harbor conditions.
  10. asking for repair costs

    Black Jack, is that a Columbia?
  11. J 121

    Crash, I agree with your general feelings about PHRF and ratings and how wound up we should all get. But the fact is that every region is a crap shoot as to how boats in similar classes get hit. the 111 is definitely an outlier compared to most Jboats and how they're treated across different phrf areas, and there's some history to the 111 rating and how it got to 42 in the first place. That said, yes, it's mostly about the fun factor when you sail handicap
  12. Best Owner/Skipper

    In my teens I cut my teeth with a skipper first on a dolphin 24 and then a wanderer. I learned the bow pretty well, but more importantly learned what goes into a campaign beyond the tactics on the water. He was an engineer and spent more time on boat prep than on the race itself - everything thought out from bottom prep to the number of slices of lettuce on the roast beef sandwiches. He never yelled and was a teacher by nature. He gave me lots of opportunities including, eventually, helming legs in off soundings and other races with the mudheads and ecsa. When it came time to put together my own racing program, it was his counsel I sought out, knowing I'd never live up to his exacting standards. However, I think we've incorporated the best parts of his program - preparedness, camaraderie, and competent sailing. I can never pay him back so hopefully I'm paying it forward.
  13. J 121

    J111 base ratings: PHRF-NE: 42 ECSA: 36 YRALIS: 30 PHRF ELI: 39 So when you're sailing YOUR boat to its full potential in PHRF-NE, but the other skipper doesn't need to sail his to ITS full potential... you should feel happy that you sailed the boat to its potential and still lost? cool!
  14. J 121

    for all intents and purposes. they say there's a "committee" but so far it's mostly been Bump.