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  1. ryley

    Black Widow Bottom Paint

    use the hot dog rollers next time. you'll burn through a lot less paint.
  2. just remember your phone can only repeat the plotter. if you want to control it, you need a tablet.
  3. ryley

    Accidental embalming in epoxy

    god I hope you mean one of the cutouts.
  4. don't be. b&g seem to have gone out of their way to hide a few things
  5. @Ajax, I checked my zeus 2 with no inputs and definitely got a vector to a dropped waypoint.
  6. ryley

    Blusail 24

    it's a Piper One Design. Pretty boat. https://sailboatdata.com/sailboat/piper-one-design
  7. ryley

    Tack in place with G/5?

    I added a big G10 plate to the top of my Elliott770 to distribute the loads between the winch and the keel turning block. I used thickened 105/206 in a "sausage" down the middle of my plate. while that was setting up I mixed up some G5 and put big globs in the corners and middles of the sides, then glushed it all to the cabintop. It was solid enough to remove my hands after about 3 minutes, and the epoxy cured overnight. just make sure you've got plenty of drop cloth to catch the extra glush. I think it was Vegas that recommended that the epoxies were compatible with each other so there'd be no problem with the technique.
  8. ryley

    Hot Water Heater Issues

    sounds like you might have lime deposits in your pressure valve. could you try working the relief valve lever up and down a few times to see if you can get it to clear of any debris and re-seat?
  9. ryley

    Marina Karen

    but there's a difference here between threat and assault, isn't there? He clearly says don't touch me, and she clearly leans in to pushing him. while carrying a dog.
  10. I'm going to be at my boat tomorrow I think, and I can try it on my zeus 2 with no other instruments on.
  11. I don't think you need anything but the chart plotter to see the vector, I just think you're missing a setting either in the chart or boat setup.
  12. ryley

    Marina Karen

    from a practical matter, he doesn't threaten to call the cops until she shoves him. good to have on tape.
  13. ryley

    Sanding gelcoat and CF - dust control tips?

    ok no tyvek suit, but you are wearing a mask, right? if your skin itches that much, imagine what it's doing to your lungs. When I was working with glass daily, especially when I primarily had to do prep grinding, I used to run home (about 2 miles) and then jump straight into a cold shower. As team vmg points out, getting hot opens the pores, and the cold water would wash it off before the pores could close. At least it worked for me. And I got pretty good at running Btw, I know you said you're in a boat park, but the best way to mitigate the dust is to use a vacuum.
  14. ryley

    Which type of epoxy?

    @Zonker, I like your picture. I was taught to put the biggest piece first, and go progressively smaller to get to the original thickness. is there a rationale for not doing it in that manner and going smaller to bigger instead?
  15. ryley

    Tell me about the 1D35

    Agreed. and especially since you can find 32s for less than a 1d35, and if you're in a light air venue you'll do just fine. There are ergonomic issues with the 1d35 that I had forgotten about as well.