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  1. ryley

    Keelboat with short or high boom

    these have a pretty high boom:
  2. ryley

    Mass Bay Distance Races

    yep, the biggest distance races this year are the Lambert (90 miles), the Beringer (42 miles), and the DownEast challenge (100 miles Mhead to Boothbay). Pursuits of a reasonable distance include the Flip Flop (around 9 miles with a great party afterwards) and the Great Chase Race (9 - 15 miles depending on conditions). If you want some other fleet racing that isn't w/l, most of the hingham/hull series is around government marks or islands. So is the BHIR and the FREE Boston Lighthouse race. Maui, we never connected last year - drop me a msg and we can talk about options if you're interested.
  3. ryley

    Dear Dr. Rules

    it's one turn, but the video you posted doesn't show that the offending boat never took a penalty. since the rules also require that the boat get clear and not interfere with any other boats while taking its penalty.
  4. ryley

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    yeah, it definitely helps to be either on T dock or inside on C or B. A is fine along the bulkhead, but E, G, and D are notoriously weak. at least E and a third of G are new now.
  5. ryley

    Dear Dr. Rules

    We're talking about handicap fleets. Most handicapping authorities have a line in their bylaws like this: 4. outboard engine, or inboard engine with folding prop, or where appropriate, inboard engine with two-blade solid prop in aperture; auxiliary power, sufficient to propel the boat in calm water at a speed no less than the square root of the waterline length in knots, is mandatory. Boats without auxiliary power will only be issued unofficial certificates. so yeah, Etchells without an outboard and 12m that hasn't already been converted to auxiliary power (are there any left?) would not get official ratings. YMMV
  6. ryley

    Dear Dr. Rules

    Hmm.. I'm pretty sure that most of our safety regs up here in the unenlightened north require a motor that can push the boat at hull speed. Yawl seem to have a much more relaxed approach.
  7. ryley

    Suggestions for a Maine/RI Hurricane Hole

    If you're near Boston, Constitution Marina is farthest in and has the least fetch from most directions.
  8. ryley

    Dear Dr. Rules

    NOLA might consider making a similar change to their SI's, unless of course they don't care if someone touches a span as long as nobody gets hurt and the boat isn't damaged.
  9. ryley

    Why and how does LWL matter anymore?

    one of the things I learned with my first 'planing' boat is that yes, it's true the small sporty will get up on plane sooner than a bigger boat, which may not plane at all. but in the case of my elliott, where hull speed was somewhere around 6.4 knots, planing and surfing just meant anything above 7 or 8 knots, which is still the same speed as the bigger non-planing boats in the class. If I'm doing 9 - 10 knots downwind, clearly 3 or 4 knots faster than hull speed, but still only 1 knot faster than, say a Frers 33 that's plowing its way toward the leeward mark. Then I have to go uphill again as a 25' boat. "Planing" is not a magic elixir. Until you've got nuking conditions of course. Then maybe it matters more. LWL is still relevant.
  10. ryley

    Dear Dr. Rules

    It would have been interesting to see how the local protest committee would have ruled on this one. alas, no one protested, so the results stand.
  11. ryley

    Dear Dr. Rules

    oh and btw, it looks like you had as much wind as we had on block island saturday. maybe a bit more.
  12. ryley

    Dear Dr. Rules

    it's listed as a mark of the course, so 31 says you can't touch it. a single spin exonerates you (44.1). if you don't spin, is it a dsq? Well, did another boat protest under 60.1? Did the RC? Did they do it within the time limit? If the answer to these questions is no, then I don't think you can DSQ the boat. Should the skipper RAF? It sure was close between 1st and 2nd...
  13. ryley

    BLock Island Race- How to kill it..

    I was always told that if you want to keep a secret from a sailor, put it in the SI's.
  14. ryley

    Which yacht is this?

    J M, as the owner of a 1991 Freedom 45 sloop, I really like your Ikone 7.5. It's nice to see someone designing without wires
  15. This really bugs me to hear, especially if the Wednesday Nights were run by Constitution Marina. I can guarantee you that this kind of fleet-fuckery would not happen now in that club. At least, not as long as I'm involved. It's kind of what happened to Tom Hall a few times at the PHRF-NE's when he clearly had the best line and did not get boat of the regatta (which always seemed to go to a club member).