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  1. ryley

    Icing, not the cake variety

    sidewalk ice melt works on slick decks too. in your environment you probably want something with calcium chloride in it.
  2. ryley

    Launch Operators License

    ziper, I don't know of any specific exemption, but that doesn't mean there isn't one. That said, the USCG definition of vessel "includes every description of watercraft or other artificial contrivance used, or capable of being used, as a means of transportation on water." An OUPV covers carriage of up to 6 people, so even 1 person constitutes a passenger. For that matter, if you have a boat and as a condition of bringing your buddies for a sail you expect them to pay for fuel, food, drink, or anything else, then they are under the regs a "paying passenger" and you need a license. Now if you get food, fuel, or drink without making it a prerequisite to going out on the water with you, then your friends are not "paying passengers" and you don't need a license. Clear as mud, eh?
  3. ryley

    Launch Operators License

    According to Boatwise, here are the requirements: USCG Limited Masters License (also known as USCG Launch Operators License) The USCG requires all launch operators to be licensed. This 2 day class substitutes for the USCG exam and includes a Safe Boating certificate and USCG applications. What is the Launch Operator's License? The Launch Operator's License comes in two versions - uninspected or inspected vessels. To drive certified (inspected) launches, typical of most yacht clubs, the holder must have the "Inspected Operator's License." The renewable license allows you to work at any yacht club or marina and is good for five (5) years. The holder may operate up to 1/2 mile from shore. What are the USCG requirements? The primary requirements are: Age 17 for uninspected launches Age 18 for inspected launches 120 days underway experience on like vessels (time acquired since age 16) 90 of those days in the last 3 years Physical, drug test, eye exam CPR/First Aid class completion Certificate from an approved Safe Boating Course Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC Card)
  4. ryley

    Launch Operators License

    ok maybe it's not that easy to get for a 17 year old. I took the course about 10 years ago and had 0 trouble passing the Masters test with towing and sailing endorsements.
  5. ryley

    Are they Racers?

    utter crap. This is not true on any sausage course, at least not in sub-planing conditions. and even then, these "non-overlapping asymmetricals" are at a distinct disadvantage upwind that they can only hope to overcome downwind, especially given the penalty most handicapping systems give them.
  6. ryley

    Launch Operators License

    the short answer is that if your instructors are being paid, are operating any vessel with auxiliary power, and are carrying students, then they should have at least the launch license (Restricted Masters License, because most launches carry more than 6 passengers). It's pretty easy to get, but for uninspected launches you have to be at least 17. for inspected launches it's 18. Here's a quote:
  7. ryley

    PHRF is not run by self-interested clowns

    I've never seen anything in the NRR that suggests that they are VPP based. As far as I know, they are simply the agreed-upon observational ratings based on years of observational data, not any kind of VPP output. I could be wrong, but it certainly isn't mentioned in the book.
  8. ryley

    Flexofold three-blade drag vs. two-blade

    did you inquire whether they still make the 2 blade race model for saildrives? I don't think there's a difference in the hub that can be used, but the prop folds very close together. I have it on my Columbia. you lose a little power but the blades fold much closer.
  9. ryley

    Nexus NX2 FDX server replacement

    Call Dick Booth at Booth Marine. 727-363-6488 He may have one.
  10. Dunno about the 508, but I've got a 608 with the cable and mount if you're interested. just shoot me a pm.
  11. ryley

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    he's confused about something. There were no Bene 42s in 2018 in any area with ORR-ez certificates. Morgan, are you talking about Bayview-Mac? Only Bene TM I see in your area for that race is a Bene First 345 TM, and yeah, it rates slower than a C&C 35 Mk1. Without boat names and clarifying just which rating system you're talking about, it's hard to give you an answer.
  12. ryley

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    My point is that ORRez uses the largest declared sail in your inventory, so as long as your assumption isn't that *every* Ranger Fun will be rated with a 155 genoa under ez then you are correct. You know that ORA worked pretty hard to get the lines right for your orphan boat, given that there is no offset file from a manufacturer. They can do better, and they will. The VPP is intentionally closed to keep people from gaming the system (like in ORC and IRC), but Jim's been pretty open with you about what the VPP is saying. There is a rationalization step in the process, and most boats are within 3-6 seconds of their PHRF numbers. you'll find, if you decide to get one, that there are some pretty significant changes coming that will most likely bring your boat closer to the numbers you think you should have. This isn't any kind of excuse, but ORA had a few setbacks last year that didn't help the cause. From losing their Executive Director suddenly to a heart attack, to really not being prepared to quadruple the number of certs they issued, there were things that could have - and should have - gone better. ORA and MBSA have already put in place a lot of changes, both technological and logistical / personnel-wise, to mitigate the things that didn't work last year. 2019 looks to be better. If you want to know some of the changes that are planned, you know how to get hold of me. Happy to share.
  13. ryley

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    Can you please make sure you're using the right terminology? there is no such thing as ORC-EZ Club. It's either ORC Club or ORR-ez. Two different VPP's, two different organizations, two different sets of requirements. so which was it?
  14. ryley

    ORC Missed Opportunity?

    In your case it definitely is based on the 155% genoa because that is what you declared: Genoa Meas. LP: 13.30 ft LPG %: 155.1 % J LUFF: 26.05 ft AREA: 173.3 ft² When you applied you had the ability to declare a 90% jib if that's your largest jib, but you didn't. ORR-ez ratings are based on the sail you declare.
  15. ryley

    PHRF is not run by self-interested clowns

    To be fair, I think any rating system needs sailmakers, boat builders, and designers on the committees - they do have the knowledge of what makes a boat fast and ostensibly know how to rate one against another. But your other point about transparency and inner circles is also I think valid, although your ECSA argument is less so. Compared to other areas, like PHRF-NE, ECSA is an open book. At least they have open meetings, even if they're hard to find. Ask me some time what happened when a fleet captain representing his yacht club (since no one else was available) attended a PHRF-NE meeting. You'd think Putin himself was sitting with the Joint Chiefs.