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  1. I was thinking something similar. with the number of satellites that they're talking about perhaps they want to try some synthetic aperture imaging. it's fairly new but even SAR might be possible to provide that level of resolution. I dunno.
  2. it's one of the things I loved about my Freedom 40. trim the sails in a fairly steady breeze and you could leave the helm for an hour or so and she'd just oscillate a little bit as the main would pull the bow down until the mizzen pulled it back up again. There was no autopilot on the boat but it almost didn't need it. The wanderer, on the other hand, I steered with my legs because it'd wear out your shoulders and lower back.
  3. funny.. I'd say the same thing about the Pearson Wanderer.
  4. holy cow. that sequence is insane.
  5. I steer to wind angle with my raymarine ev-100. I use apparent wind upwind and true wind downwind. It gets its information from my Garmin gWind that is on the same N2K backbone with my B&G speed and chart plotter. It will follow a course that is plugged into my chart plotter. I put a seatalk ng - seatalk 1 converter on so I can use the raymarine handheld remote. As jack points out, I can't control the autopilot through my MFD, but it has no problem using any of the data that's on the N2K network. and it does a really good job steering the boat. I single-handed the boat back from BI after race week, flying the chute down buzzards bay, on autopilot and just trimming the kite. on TWD it was incredibly stable. I'm still learning how to efficiently gybe under autopilot without oversteering, but I was getting pretty good at it in 15 knots TWS. Still trying to get used to doing 11-12 knots downwind without a hand on the helm.
  6. well played
  7. the coverage was great but what a crappy week. Kinda anticlimactic end to the season. Oh well, you don't choose the weather. All around great job promoting this series, I thought the live days especially were really well done. On to next season!
  8. wait we can keep this thread going. When you say "before the start signal," was it after the prep signal? Were they actually racing? If it was after prep then they're def. wrong. They're probably thinking they can hit the anchor line, which they can, as long as they don't hit the boat.
  9. really? because the coverage on the 52 super series is pretty damn good.
  10. As moonduster said (basically), forget about the material and focus on building a relationship with a sailmaker and decide what's important. You might have a loft that can deliver a quality product at a good price and then tear your hair out waiting for it to be delivered, or you might go with someone full service who is going to take the time to measure twice, make recommendations across a spectrum of price points, give you a solid delivery date, and back that up with service afterwards. that might be worth a few extra shekels for the peace of mind. Ultimately, you're going to get a good sail, but hopefully you'll also find a sailmaker who is genuinely interested in your project. That can make all the difference.
  11. hoppy, I had the racebox and it would send the target data to my nexus mast display. My boat already had a few different polar tables generated, one from the designer, so that's the one I used. For my level of racing, the target table in my Zeus2 is good enough for most of our races so I yanked out all of the nexus stuff and went straight n2k. I don't have a mast display for the target info any more, but the chartplotter is visible from where I sit so again, it gives me "good enough" numbers, usually use it for our downwind legs.
  12. Not seeing it on the site. I don't think they offer it any more.
  13. Nexus racebox absolutely logs data, but it's out of production and you need a nexus server as well. One easy way to get a decent target table is to spend $100 for an ORR-EZ cert and an extra $250 for them to develop polar tables for you. you can plug that into anything that accepts targets. Developing them yourself is definitely a long process.
  14. ^^ typo. it's hisse-et-oh.com, and it's Eric LeRouge - catamaran designer. website is French and looks like it was put together in frontpage in 1992. As to the 4CC thread and the others that Bob contributes to, I think it takes a lot of guts to put your work out there, not hiding behind a screen name, knowing that everyone will have an opinion. Free advertising? Maybe, but I'll bet the Ed will let Bob know when he should buy an ad. Otherwise, between this, the sliver project, and the WLYDO that gave us the FT10, there's been a whole lot of great porn and a whole lot of insight into the ways in which every boat is a compromise. Wish I could afford Bob's services, but in the meantime I am glad he's a crotchety old bastard with a thick skin.