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  1. ryley

    AIS Transponders

    the B&G V60B needs a splitter unless you have a dedicated AIS antenna, in which case you can run directly from the back of the unit to the AIS antenna. I used a splitter because I wanted the added reception the masthead antenna gives me.
  2. ryley

    B&G Nemesis

    I don't see how it can be more complicated. It's not an MFD with built in GPS and routing functions and wireless and all that, right? It's a bunch of instrument widgets that you can mix and match to display network data. I'm not going to say it's easy because I've seen how those threads devolve as people add in N2K and gorilla glass and polar tables and whatever else, but a company like simrad ought to be able to get these to a price point where everybody and their brother could put a nifty 9" display up on their J24 and make back on volume what they don't make on the individual units. I was getting all excited until I saw the price and thought WTAF.
  3. ryley

    Double handed Farr 30 sailing -> autopilot

    I use a Raymarine EV-100 with the tiller arm single handed and doublehanded all the time. it not only doesn't let me down, it sometimes drives better than I do, as long as you keep the rig balanced. That said, I replaced the stupid press-fit electrical socket with a locking socket designed for a trolling motor. works a treat.
  4. ryley

    B&G Nemesis

    https://www.bandg.com/nemesis/ I'm assuming this is their response to Garmin and Sailmon having fully configurable, vendor-independent displays. They look pretty cool, until you get to the price: the Nemesis 9 costs more than a Zeus3 9 and the Nemesis 12 is almost the same cost as a Zeus3 16. Also, the remote control is through an apple watch. They need an android app as well. Maybe even a Garmin Sapphire/quatix app
  5. ryley

    cockpit drain hose

    it's a straight run *except* for the last bit which bends to the seacock. That's where the rot is, right in the bend.
  6. ryley

    cockpit drain hose

    Thanks for the advice. sticking with the original.
  7. ryley

    cockpit drain hose

    I was winterizing the water system on my boat and I leaned on one of the cockpit drain hoses in the engine compartment and it started to leak. The hose is as old as the boat, 1992, and appears to be the wire reinforced black exhaust hose. It's a center cockpit and I have decent access to the hoses. should I replace with the same type or can I go with a smooth walled sanitation hose instead? which is likely to last longer? I guess I can't complain given that the current ones have lasted for 28 years, but I definitely don't want to do this job again in the next 10 years.
  8. ryley

    Is PHRF waking up from along slumber?

    Sailorman, if your boat is not in the ORR-ez database it costs exactly $0 for ORA to develop a hull file for your boat. Granted, without accurate measurements, a designer with a hull file, or good pictures, the hull file will be a best guess the first time it's generated. if you want to spend the money to get your hull measured, awesome, but that information will be put together into an offset file for FREE for an ORR-ez certificate. you won't get that deal on an ORC certificate for sure.
  9. ryley

    Modified Columbia 30 info?

    I just did a solo race last week. I was pleasantly surprised to find that in 4.5 knots of wind at around 110 TWA I was able to carry it up to about 45 AWA and was doing 4.5. my luff cable is too long so I can't get really good luff tension right now, the mast was way overbent. On the return leg, the wind picked up to about 8 - 9 TWS and the TWA was probably closer to 90, AWA around 50 and boat speeds in the high 7s and low 8s but I was playing a lot of traveler and didn't feel comfortable leaving the rail. I've had it up in 11 and was basically told that as long as the AWS didn't exceed 12 I was ok. In 11 true the AWS was 11, can't remember the angle but I do remember in late July we could get to 6.5 @ around 60-65 AWA in 7.5 true.
  10. ryley

    BandG V90S VHF Discontinued....

    So I have the V60b. Sound quality is quite good, although the wireless handset could be louder. I will probably end up putting a dedicated speaker in the cockpit. The UI choices still leave a bit to be desired. You now have the ability to set up your own scan and get either tri/everything/"my stations". HOWEVER the unit doesn't remember your choice from scan to scan, let alone when the unit is turned off. So if you want your scan to stay your scan, you have to go through the menu. It's only 3 steps but still, it should be a preference that the unit remembers. Easily fixed with a firmware update but how do you get it surfaced as an ask? My bigger issue is the channel display. I thought I was "missing" channels - it looked like my unit was skipping from 66 to 78 and I couldn't get anything in between. Randomly, I'd find 69 again, and it was driving me crazy. If you didn't know (I didn't until I looked it up) there is a new channel naming scheme. Instead of 07A or 22A it's 1007 and 1022. the V60b uses the new naming scheme. but it ALSO sorts channels numerically, so now instead of the scan going 17, 18a, 19a, 20, 20a, it goes 17,20, .. up to 88 and then starts with 1001, 1005, etc. And to make it worse, it shows the channel number in big numbers as you would expect, but then there is a small "10" in the upper left of the display. Fine, they changed the naming scheme. But this means the radio, while scanning in numerical channel order, isn't scanning in frequency order and that just seems weird to me. So to Alex's point, the UI is still wonky. I *do* have a Zeus 2 so as he said, doing the firmware updates is easy, although I bought mine in the spring and have yet to see an update for the radio.
  11. ryley

    Freeing up a stuck engine

    Marc, somehow I missed that you had a 4108. Those engines are really hard to kill. Mass Maritime's diesel class strips and reassembles a 4107 a couple times a year and it's still going. The only 4108 I know of that has been completely destroyed was one in a boat in Singapore where the diesel was bought from open barrels. I don't think there's enough filtering in the world to protect an engine and it died a nasty, noisy death. I had a 4108 in my Freedom 40 cat ketch. It sipped fuel - less than a gallon an hour at cruising speeds. the boat had a 120 gallon tank that was impossible to keep clean because you never burned any fuel out of it. at 6 knots I figured I could motor all the way from Boston to Bermuda and still have fuel left over. Congrats on getting it running. Also, stop figuring how much gas and time you're spending on the commute to boat work. you'll just get depressed.
  12. ryley

    Is PHRF waking up from along slumber?

    The course and wind speed are chosen by the OA. The wind bands are pretty wide, and most SI's in Mass are written to allow the wind range to be changed up to the first boat in a class finishing. When in doubt, use the random/medium. it's really not that hard. I am not sure if the ORA-1 product has ToT numbers as well as the ToD. Perfection is the enemy of the good. No one should be claiming that VPP-based ratings cure everything, but they are significantly *better* than single number systems. And what's great is that whether it's ORC or ORR, every year there are reviews and improvements and changes based on science and observation - it's built into the systems. If nothing else, people looking at these systems have forced PHRF organizations to start looking at their own systems and start to revise ratings and debits/credits. Anything that moves the needle is a good thing, don't you think?
  13. ryley

    Is PHRF waking up from along slumber?

    NO NO NO NO NO! ORA: Offshore Racing Association OWNS the VPP for ORR and ORR-ez. US Sailing administers ORR as the clearinghouse to ORA (until January 1). ORR-ez is strictly through ORA with no US Sailing involvement.
  14. ryley

    Is PHRF waking up from along slumber?

    ORA is the organization that administers ORR and ORR-ez (and ORR-mh for that matter). And the reason is that ORC doesn't offer what ORA is offering. IRC isn't a VPP based system. ORA is taking a subset of the ORR-ez VPP, normalizing it to the J35, and helping PHRF organizers with ratings that make sense. Oh, also, if you do anything with ORC then you are also dealing with US Ailing, who will take their pound of flesh no matter what their actual involvement is. ORA has the ability to affer a quality product at a reasonable price without having to involve a 3rd party "manager."
  15. ryley

    Caption Contest

    "it looked better on pinterest."