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  1. Amati, you're overcomplicating things. On our Elliott, the spreaders are swept so the shroud base was well behind the hinged mast step. However, what we did was tie a piece of dyneema around the mast and down to the stanchions that were very close to the hinge point fore and aft. we hoisted the line tight about 8' up the mast with the jib halyard, and used the spin halyard attached to the tack line to provide the control going down. one person in the cockpit could easily control the mast once the angle got too tight right into the crutch, which is the extendable type like in the video above. the whole setup was very stable, even in a slip, and the whole operation from rigging the lines to mast up or mast down was less than 20 minutes. shrouds never had to be detached, except for the headstay. my mast probably weighed 60 lbs. We developed the technique after having to rebuild the deck under the mast step twice because we did stupid things. each time it went down it took years off my life until we realized we could easily make it better with a 20' piece of low-stretch line. It also cut down on the number of things we had to have on hand. It made it very convenient to use the charlestown town ramp which you could only get to under a bridge - drop the rig, motor over, raise the keel, trailer and bob's your uncle.
  2. Yeah, I called them yesterday and they want me to send it in for repair/ replace. 2 week turnaround, unfortunately.
  3. Yeah, the whole screen still touches fine - I can zoom and scroll where you can't see anything in the middle there, I'm just surprised that I can see the man behind the curtain so clearly. I did write to navico as well, but... I haven't had great luck with them actually *supporting* their products, just selling them.
  4. I have a 9" Zeus2 that's only a few years old. I put it in the boat the other day and noticed that I can see what I think is the touchscreen sensors very clearly - so clearly that you can't read the screen in broad daylight. There is a section in the middle of the screen where the sensors aren't visible, and I can see that part of the chart no problem - just curious if anyone else has seen anything like this and if so how they got it cleared up. Thanks for any help or advice. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about:
  5. MSsafiri, drop a note to MaineSail on this board, if he doesn't show up on his own. he's got a lot of good info and won't steer you wrong
  6. There are days when I really, really miss my Elliott.
  7. not quite crystal. W wasn't entitled to force himself in between L and the CB, but that's not what happened here - he was already to leeward of the CB with room above him. L has luffing rights (up to head to wind) but can't force W into the CB - that's not considered giving room to keep clear, which is still L's obligation.
  8. they're worse than all the same. my key got lost overboard and I improvised with a key from an old lockbox I no longer have. It's been working fine for over a season now.
  9. toothpaste
  10. fair points, but I'm not complaining so much as pointing out that every area does it differently and it's pretty arbitrary how it does it. You did miss the other 36.7 in our area, Sojourn, which got a ridiculous rating change for switching to asymmetrical chutes, but that's a whole other kettle of fish. As to how RockIt 2 got to 72 in PHRF-NE, I appealed my original rating which was 69 (base 60 back then), which was 3s slower than a PHRF J109 and 3s faster than an OD J109, at least in NE. Since there's really no transparency within PHRF-NE, I don't know why they give me an adjustment to the prop - since you looked at my cert you know I didn't claim anything but the truth. I know it doesn't help that there are about 5 variations on the 30/30-2 and that's not even including the C-32. The important part is that the adjustment brings the boat right about to where it should be. I don't claim to be the best sailor out there by any means, but there was no way to compete against those guys in pretty much any conditions - they have waterline so they are faster than us upwind, they have ballast so in the conditions where we should make up on them downwind, we have to struggle to stay with them upwind in the first place. Rating even at 72 seems about right, at least in our fleet. We can beat the B367s when we're good, not so much when they're good As to the 36.7s, I get your point, sort of except that the base rating in YRA for a 36.7 is 81, not 78 (base in PHRF-NE). I keep forgetting YRA gives "credit" for sailing underweight - I guess I need to bring my bathroom scale, right? Anyway, we're gonna have fun one way or the other - I love getting to go back to sail in my home waters - but your post just makes my point. There is very little transparency, there's definitely no consistency, and it wouldn't be that hard to figure it out so that there was across organizations. You know, kind of like what ORC/ORR does. I'd love to see how we do when we're competing with a rating based on the boat's potential. Kinda takes the politics and the regional differences out of it, which is really the point I was trying to make.
  11. There's another problem with ORC though... breaking below 40ft. I'd be tempted into ORC (as I would IRC) but around here I'd be by far the smallest slowest boat on the course which means that (a) no matter how well we start and sail we're gonna be eating dirty air for at least the for half of the first beat which makes it real hard to be competitive, and ( no-one else in the fleet is gonna thank us for being there waiting around while we slow the whole proceeding down... I commend Ryley... looks like he's gone for it at BIRW. Not sure how well he's gonna fair in that crowd though. But its an admirable attempt to kick start a move for smaller boat participation in that division. If a few more 30-36 footers would step up I'd try to persuade our fleet to leave PHRF and move into ORC. so don't commend me just yet. I signed up because there wouldn't be an ORC class at block if they didn't get at least 10 boats. As others have said, though, there seems to be a push among the big-boat classes to move from IRC to ORC. Given that the low rater in that class right now is -45 in PHRF, I really don't have any desire to try to "win from behind." If more small boats don't try to move to ORC, then I'm switching back to PHRF. But here we go - I'm dinged 3s / mile for no apparent reason over my PHRF-NE and ECSA ratings, but the B36.7s I'll have to race against rate +6 or +9s/mile SLOWER than the ones I have to race against in Mass Bay. That's a differential of 9 - 12 s/mile I have to overcome just for spending the money to go 100 miles south. Except of course if I were doing Off Sounding in THE EXACT SAME WATER, where I'd be 76 and race against 78 or 80, tops, which given the types of boats is pretty competitive. By the time I'm done buying certs, I've spent as much as I would on an ORC or ORR cert (minus measurement) AND I will have 4 different numbers, despite every venue being essentially the same water and same conditions at the same times of year. THAT is the most frustrating thing for me but I also know that not many boats travel the way we do. I remember I had a new rudder built for the Elliott, a little deeper, a little thinner, because the old rudder and its cage were junk. NE took 1s/mile for it, ECSA took 3s /mile, and Chesapeake was going to take 9s/mile. All decisions made from the same drawings, photos, and description from the designer. Ah well, PHRF certs are cheap, and you get what you pay for, right?
  12. sailman, I'm working with the designer of my boat to generate the hull file for a club cert. This will cost me a couple hours of his billable hour rate, since he already has all the info in his design files. In your opinion, does this get you "close enough" for a club cert, or do you think whatever differences there are between the design and the actual boat will be significant enough to warrant a full measurement down the road?
  13. you can get the right VHB from Office Depot online (90 mil, 1/2", 5 yard roll) for a bit less than at Grainger (about $60). I used 795 instead of 791. So far so good.
  14. So let me get this straight. US Sailing publishes the SER, and you're pissed off at them because your OA used a level you don't think is appropriate? Isn't it up to the OA to decide what SER to apply to their race? Sounds like you want a new OA.
  15. So I uncovered the boat last Sunday and then we went into 3 days of rain dropping over an inch a day. I just got over to the boat yard today and the interior was bone dry. I think we're calling this a success, at least until we put some stresses on the boat, which comes in about 2 weeks.