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  1. that may be true, but I know of a J111 that had a spare rudder built. He lost the main rudder, put the brand new spare on, which promptly started to delaminate. As I recall, the skipper (solo) was able to motorsail most of the way back to newport. Having a spare is only good if you can rely on it.
  2. ryley

    Stretching my boat 7 feet

    just keep that kayak off the back.
  3. ryley

    phrf boats

    Cal Beggs's was for sail a year or two ago in CT - for how hard he raced that boat, it was in very good shape.
  4. ryley

    Caption Contest

    too soon?
  5. no discussion of the drogue technique? I tested this on my Freedom 45 in preparation for the B1-2 and it works very well.
  6. and this is why we can't have nice things.
  7. ryley

    Brightwork Anarchy

    I used it on some wishbone booms exactly for that reason and it has held up well.
  8. ryley

    Ceiling paint

    find a sign shop local to you and buy it there. I ran into the same problem on my boat, got hung up on finding actual "Sintra" - the sheets are cheap, the shipping prohibitive. ended up going to a local sign shop. The same property that allows you to form the foam to the ceiling allowed me to get 4 8x4 3mm sheets in the back of a touareg Here's a finished shot.
  9. ryley

    Best tool to shorten stainless bolts?

    yup, which is why it is recommended that after cutting stainless you re-passivate it. I use citric acid. I've never done it on the cut ends of bolts, but definitely on bigger pieces like shafts and stainless plates.
  10. ryley

    Brightwork Anarchy

    is dollop a George Smoot-approved measure?
  11. ryley

    Brightwork Anarchy

    yes, seems long.
  12. Not that anyone asked, but here's how this all turned out. I went to Defender for the hose. I'm a Defender 1st member. I went with Trident 250/100 1.75" ID exhaust hose, which retails for $19/foot and I needed about 15', so $285. Defender's price is $13.95 and D1st is $11.70, so now I'm down to $176. BUT since the two pieces they found me were the ends of reels, there was another 15% off, which gets me down to $150 for the job, saving $135 off retail. I do really like those guys. However, the ease with which this hose went on compared to how hard they were to get off makes me wonder just how much variation there is in IDs between manufacturers - the original hoses were Shields. Everything is double-clamped and I gave the hoses the yank test and nothing seems to move, but I won't be able to test the watertightness until I can drag some water up to the cockpit and flood the hoses with the seacocks closed. Overall, though, I'm almost embarrassed that my experience went so much smoother than Jules's
  13. Bermuda 1-2 is currently scheduled.
  14. ryley

    Quick and easy RRS 2021 synopsis?

    This doc might help a bit. I've only skimmed it so far. Changes to RRS 2021-2024 that affect Race Admin v2020.12.14.pdf
  15. ryley

    New sail order headache

    A little off-topic, but after many years of staying away from North, I have a 3di main and #3 jib. The support I've gotten on both has been nothing less than fantastic. I weighed my main compared to a carbon panel sail that it replaced. Carbon: 28.6 lbs w/ battens, 3di 34.6 lbs w/battens. I had hoped the 3di would be lighter but honestly it is a much better sail than what I had.