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  1. ryley

    Arkema 3 scow sprit

    I think Selden makes kits with collars similar to what you are looking for.
  2. ryley

    Garmin Watch users - new Sailing Datafield

    Glad to know it still works - doesn't look like there has been any development since at least 2015.
  3. ryley

    Boat Weight & Balance Question

    rule of thumb is to keep the weight out of the ends. I'm not sure I'd buy a boat that had been modified in a way that kept it from floating on its lines. whatever advantage you'd get from having a low stern downwind can be accomplished by moving crew, and will be harder to counteract upwind where it will really hurt performance.
  4. Moonduster, you read that backwards. backstays/runners need to be declared but get no hit. if you trim mains, jibs and a-sails that you get a hit. and raising sails don't even require mention.
  5. ryley

    Hand Bearing Compasses

    I have the Plastimo version. When I need it, it's great to have: https://www.defender.com/images/800696I50BLU.jpg
  6. Here's the actual rule from the ORR rulebook: 4.08 Energy Storage Unless modified by the Race Organizing Authority the prohibition on the use of stored energy while racing - RRS 52 Manual Power - shall not apply to trimming, hoisting, reefing, furling or dousing of sails, adjusting of backstays and running rigging. Please refer to ORR Appendix 7 for boats rated with movable ballast (water ballast or canting keel). 4.08.1 The use of stored power for the hoisting of mainsails, or the reefing or furling of sails need not be declared. 4.08.2 Boats using stored power solely for the adjustment or operation of backstays shall declare this to the Rating Authority. There will be no rating change. 4.08.3 Boats using stored power for the adjustment or operation of running rigging other than as noted in Rules 4.08.1 and 4.08.2 shall declare this to the Rating Authority and shall result in a rating adjustment. This is an interesting read, because it takes the opposite stance of the RRS - "...the prohibition on the use of stored energy... shall not apply to trimming, hoisting, etc.." As it was explained to me by the ORR rules expert, this essentially means that an OA would need to get written permission from ORA to invoke Rule 52, whereas I think most racers would be looking to the OA to exclude Rule 52. Clearly the old adage "to keep a secret from a sailor, put it in the SI's" needs to be amended to include rating rules as well.
  7. ryley

    Sun Fast 3300

    The only difference I've seen in the 3300 rigs is that the US boat has a bigger headboard (1.5m vs 0.96m) on the main so it carries slightly more area (35.6m2 vs 34.7m2). P is 12m for both setups. Other than that it looks like all the other dimensions are the same with the exception that if you are running the symmetric setup, the sprit is .25m and if you're running the asymmetric setup, the sprit is 1.15m. Should be fun to see one in person.
  8. going back to the original post, PHRF-NE doesn't differentiate between a boat with or without powered winches. Therefore, it would seem as if the governing rule would be Rule 52, and if the NOR and SI didn't modify rule 52 to use powered winches then the boat was out of compliance and could have (should have?) been protested. The convenience of powered winches has nothing to do with it. In my club, I've been approached by skippers whose boats have powered winches and asked to modify the SI's to allow them to participate in an event. Depending on the event, I've made that accommodation in order to keep participation high. But all participants would be aware of the change to the SI's and so no surprises. If I decided not to make that change, and a boat competed and used its stored power, I would hope another boat would call them on it. We all need to race within the rules as written, not as wished for.
  9. there's one in mass bay that has been doing very well with that rating. they also have an incredibly talented crew. My observations are that it goes upwind like a rocket.
  10. I hear you on the purity. The only boat I've ever owned that I could truly sail without an AP for long periods of time was Freedom 40 cat ketch. That thing would track for 40 minutes or more without touching the wheel, I'd just trim a little or change the centerboard draft to keep it balanced. My Freedom 45 will not do that and requires a lot of attention at the helm, either manual or AP, but I can leave the helm long enough to grind a sail in if I need to. The Columbia? yeah.. there's no combination of bungees that'll steer the boat for very long, as I found out last year. I didn't realize the OP was looking for something trailerable, but you're right the 105 wouldn't be my first choice if I had to haul it somewhere more than once a year. Otherwise it's a fine boat for offshore work, easy to sail. my friends just doublehanded one in the Chesapeake shorthanded distance challenge last year. With a 105, you're never really going to be surprised by what happens next.
  11. the 105 matches his parameters except for cost. ok, a little longer than 30'. But why wouldn't you use an ap single-handed?
  12. ryley

    EFOY Fuel cell installation?

    good lord that fuel is expensive. are you planning to refuel on your own (not recommended by the manufacturer) to keep the costs down? After reading about the CO2 emissions, the heat emitted while running, and oh yeah methanol, I think I'd want this thing in a propane box on deck. I don't think I'd want to eject any of the gases into the engine room, and I sure as hell wouldn't want to store the fuel there. I'm down to 3 fuels on the cruiser - diesel, propane for cooking, and gas for the outboard. not sure I'd want to add a 4th. I really don't even want the three I have
  13. ryley

    Raymarine EV-100 tiller pilot

    Clearly. but there are times when popping the ram off the tiller is either not safe or not desirable. I just wish there were an above-deck option for a clutch but I understand it's not an easy solution.
  14. ryley

    Airmar triducer to B&G Zues2

    which triducer do you have? do you have a model number? I swapped out an analog airmar tri for the n2k version that came with my b&g kit and it worked essentially out of the box. It had to be calibrated of course. If it's the N2K version going into your backbone, remember that it's not like the wind instrument with its own n2k terminator - you need to add the triducer as a leg on a terminated backbone.
  15. ryley

    Raymarine EV-100 tiller pilot

    I've got an EV-100 on my Columbia and it drives it pretty well. I've done 15 knots down buzzards bay on the Ev on Wind Vane mode (using TWA not AWA) in 20+ knots of breeze, a fair amount of swell, full main and A2 kite - lots of surfing and surging. It's been pretty good upwind as well. I broke the pin mount on the tiller arm by over-torquing it once. It snapped the glass reinforced mount. It was easy to repair once I was able to actually source the $40 part. I like the pelagic ram setup and will probably order one. My biggest complaint about the EV-100 ram is that it doesn't have a clutch.