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  1. v-max

    America's Cup 1980 Oil Painting

    Now I know where DC learned to paint...
  2. v-max

    To Taffeta or Not to Taffeta

    Do the taffeta, you won't regret it. Strengthens the sail and increases longevity quite a bit.
  3. v-max

    Stan Rogers?

    If you dare! Stanfest!
  4. F me I'm a sucker for punishment! Might as well get the thread rolling. There's already a couple of posts on SA about Halifax, where to stay/get bedbugs and syphilis etc. Might as well consolidate here in ORA. Marblehead to Halifax 2019 mhor2019nor.pdf
  5. v-max

    Halifax Lodging

    Fufkin is right. Not much at the club and they try to keep the noise down after 11 because it's a residential area. Downtown Halifax is a lively spot with great bars and restaurants. It also has several Universities and Colleges within the city limits. For Pubs I recommend Durty Nellies (great food/beers), The Triangle (tradional pub style), The Pint Public House, and The Alehouse (late) ... but everyone should hit the Lower Deck at least once. You can walk to everything downtown. There are great Restaurants everywhere. Higher end would be The Echange, Five Fishermen (recently reno'd), Bicycle Thief, Salty's and Gio. Medium range (affordable range but most pubs also have good to great food here) Amano, Antojo, Auction House, The Highwayman, Chabaa Thai. Sushi is also inexpensive and excellent here: Wasabi House or Sushi Shigi. There's also an excellent standalone restaurant 1/2 way between the club and downtown called The Armview (near the rotary) if you want to get away from the club but not go all the way downtown. Accommodation - Halifax is always short of hotel space in the summer so book early if that's your preference. Air BnB is very active here so also check that. Stay downtown if you can. That's where all the action will be and just plan on spending the $20-25 each way on cabs if you don't have a DD/car. Post Race - Nova Scotia is an amazing place! If you have the ability/interest to cruise afterwards going West from Halifax I highly recommend Mahone Bay (30 miles West of Halifax), Lunenberg, Shelburne, and Yarmouth. Going East The Bras D'Or Lakes (150nm further East) is nothing short of spectacular if you can do it.
  6. v-max

    Hong Kong - Puerto Galera?

    Ok, I'll bite. Why did you post this?
  7. I think I saw her with a Rando bowman at NYYC...
  8. v-max

    PHRF is not run by self-interested clowns

    I thought PHRF had some interesting problems and strangely benefited some boats, until I had to get an ORC rating! F me! What a hit I got killed with! Not even remotely close.. I'll stick with PHRF.
  9. v-max

    Eight Bells - Brian Chapman

    Ya, I know... it's that "other website"... More
  10. Unfortunately, Brian passed away last night. He hadn't been feeling well for about a week but it was still very sudden. A true loss for the sailing community and I thank Brian for the wisdom and guidance (and patience!) he provided to so many sailors over the years. All the very best.
  11. v-max

    Toronto boat show 2018

    Heads up for the Toronto crowd. Sorry to say that Brian Chapman of UK Halsey passed away last night. Another great one gone...
  12. Agreed, but I'm really not sure what the intent there was/what they thought was achievable etc. and none of us were on the boat at the time. But why bother with a questionably executed move like that in a 630 mile ocean race?
  13. v-max

    Class 40 24 Hour Record

    Nothing short of completely awesome!!!!