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  1. v-max

    PHRF is not run by self-interested clowns

    I thought PHRF had some interesting problems and strangely benefited some boats, until I had to get an ORC rating! F me! What a hit I got killed with! Not even remotely close.. I'll stick with PHRF.
  2. v-max

    Eight Bells - Brian Chapman

    Ya, I know... it's that "other website"... More
  3. Unfortunately, Brian passed away last night. He hadn't been feeling well for about a week but it was still very sudden. A true loss for the sailing community and I thank Brian for the wisdom and guidance (and patience!) he provided to so many sailors over the years. All the very best.
  4. v-max

    Toronto boat show 2018

    Heads up for the Toronto crowd. Sorry to say that Brian Chapman of UK Halsey passed away last night. Another great one gone...
  5. Agreed, but I'm really not sure what the intent there was/what they thought was achievable etc. and none of us were on the boat at the time. But why bother with a questionably executed move like that in a 630 mile ocean race?
  6. v-max

    Class 40 24 Hour Record

    Nothing short of completely awesome!!!!
  7. v-max

    Gun Recommendation

    Glock .40 with spare mag. (Glock 35 Gen4) Skip the revolvers, although they are great looking, but too hard to load when you really need it, even with a speed loader.
  8. Skip St Thomas. Fly into Roadtown. Charter from the Catamaran company, new or newer Lagoon Cats Take the first night sleep aboard option (evening arrival etc.). It lets everyone get comfortable with the boat and ready for the next day. Like all the charter companies, you can pre-order provisions or go shopping on your own. Spanish harbour also has a small grocery/liquor store. Try to get to Anegada as well
  9. v-max

    Best Science Fiction Movies

    Forbidden Planet, it broke so many barriers at the time. Interesting how many Philip K Dick stories have made the big screen, superb talent there.
  10. Great article here: Seven leadership lessons from a sailing course Nothing new for experienced folks, but good to see the sport of sailing used in this way.
  11. v-max

    Marblehead to Halifax 2017

    This thread is dead quiet... Is anyone going besides Rail Meat and me?????
  12. v-max

    OSTAR/TWOSTAR race(s)

    HarmonII and Tamarind. Not sure what the 3rd boat is yet.
  13. v-max

    What an Asshole

    Or he may have PTSD from something. Small events can just set things off sometimes.
  14. v-max

    Uber tipping

    I used it in Manhattan 2 wks ago, no pobs.
  15. v-max

    I got divorced today.

    Dave, sorry to hear! I'd wait a bit and see how things play out. You two may end up being better friends than you were as husband and wife.