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    Broiling Lobster Tails

    Never ever eat dead/frozen lobster. Actually, when all of this Covid shit is over, just fly here to Nova Scotia and I'll show you what real lobster tastes like on the beach, fresh off the boat. Nothing else on this planet comes close to what is available here.
  2. v-max

    Sail Charts for Beneteau First 40.7

    Ask any of the China Cup competitors. One of them will have it I'm sure.
  3. v-max

    Canada’s new tax on yachts

    Should be in PA now I think.... Anyways, interesting election here in Canada! I think there's more undecided voters than ever in history here now. I find myself listening to leaders of parties I would've never considered before to see what their platforms are etc. I just can't vote for JT again...
  4. v-max

    RAF Red Arrows North America Tour

    The show in Halifax on the 11th is on the Halifax waterfront vice Greenwood; where the airshow is. These guys are truly impressive! It's a must see if you like airshows.
  5. v-max

    Marblehead to Halifax 2019

    Good summary Railmeat! Great to see you in Halifax too! Hopefully we'll see Dragon on the start line with the rest of the Classe 40's for the next Route St Pierre race July 2020!
  6. F me I'm a sucker for punishment! Might as well get the thread rolling. There's already a couple of posts on SA about Halifax, where to stay/get bedbugs and syphilis etc. Might as well consolidate here in ORA. Marblehead to Halifax 2019 mhor2019nor.pdf
  7. Wrecked... Esprit De Corps IV Everyone ok. Derek's old boat I think. Atlas Ocean Racing
  8. v-max

    Marblehead to Halifax 2019

    Who wants to bet against Airborne???
  9. v-max

    A quick Pollution poll for Mike

    Done, but one of the answers/choices should've been "Same/no change" giving us 4 choices. "Same/no change" is not the same as No opinion/no guess...
  10. v-max

    Waxing below the waterline

    That shit works great! Use it on my Laser and my dinghy.
  11. v-max

    Weather Routing Apps on iOS

    Anyone used iNavX with the Weather 4D overlay?
  12. v-max

    Jeopardy Bad Ass

    Over a million now.
  13. v-max

    America's Cup 1980 Oil Painting

    Now I know where DC learned to paint...
  14. v-max

    To Taffeta or Not to Taffeta

    Do the taffeta, you won't regret it. Strengthens the sail and increases longevity quite a bit.
  15. v-max

    Stan Rogers?

    If you dare! Stanfest!
  16. v-max

    Halifax Lodging

    Fufkin is right. Not much at the club and they try to keep the noise down after 11 because it's a residential area. Downtown Halifax is a lively spot with great bars and restaurants. It also has several Universities and Colleges within the city limits. For Pubs I recommend Durty Nellies (great food/beers), The Triangle (tradional pub style), The Pint Public House, and The Alehouse (late) ... but everyone should hit the Lower Deck at least once. You can walk to everything downtown. There are great Restaurants everywhere. Higher end would be The Echange, Five Fishermen (recently reno'd), Bicycle Thief, Salty's and Gio. Medium range (affordable range but most pubs also have good to great food here) Amano, Antojo, Auction House, The Highwayman, Chabaa Thai. Sushi is also inexpensive and excellent here: Wasabi House or Sushi Shigi. There's also an excellent standalone restaurant 1/2 way between the club and downtown called The Armview (near the rotary) if you want to get away from the club but not go all the way downtown. Accommodation - Halifax is always short of hotel space in the summer so book early if that's your preference. Air BnB is very active here so also check that. Stay downtown if you can. That's where all the action will be and just plan on spending the $20-25 each way on cabs if you don't have a DD/car. Post Race - Nova Scotia is an amazing place! If you have the ability/interest to cruise afterwards going West from Halifax I highly recommend Mahone Bay (30 miles West of Halifax), Lunenberg, Shelburne, and Yarmouth. Going East The Bras D'Or Lakes (150nm further East) is nothing short of spectacular if you can do it.
  17. v-max

    Hong Kong - Puerto Galera?

    Ok, I'll bite. Why did you post this?
  18. I think I saw her with a Rando bowman at NYYC...
  19. v-max

    Best Science Fiction Movies

    Forbidden Planet, it broke so many barriers at the time. Interesting how many Philip K Dick stories have made the big screen, superb talent there.
  20. v-max

    I got divorced today.

    Dave, sorry to hear! I'd wait a bit and see how things play out. You two may end up being better friends than you were as husband and wife.
  21. v-max

    Race the Case

    BWFB! Are you doing Marblehead this year????
  22. v-max

    Drone anarchy

    What's happened to this place? People start talking about "Techy things" and forget about tits etc.? Anyways, the problem you are going to run into is although the GPS updates every few seconds, the AP/OS still has to contend with absolutely nasty wind turbulence around your boat when it's underway and may not be able to compensate quickly enough. I've crashed enough of them through testing this to know. I recommend a nice big powerboat with a huge foredeck to launch and recover. With anything that flies it's all about apparent wind, reduce it as much as possible for recovery, and minimize possible turbulence from anywhere. That's also why you're having such reasonable success while at anchor. Your VHF won't interfere, but if you're really worried use a handheld on low power (local). But do not use HF if you have it. Bad...very very bad...
  23. v-max

    Lake Ontario Anarchy

    A few of us from Novie will be coming up for the first weekend. Looking forward to seeing if Keith's Beer tastes any different in Ontario!