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  1. Carrera

    TP52 - Nat J For Sale

    Some more info about 52s on the Great Lakes this summer -
  2. Carrera

    Removing the IOR bump

    If I recall, we shaved a small wedge section off the top of the rudder to fit the new hull profile and glassed in a small rudder post tube but we didn't add an additional bearing. Since the overall length of the rudder and the post did not change, we didn't see a need to mess with the rudder post/bearing assembly.
  3. Carrera

    Hydra 2000 MHU

    If you're looking for something states-side, these guys rebuilt our 213 MHU a couple of summers ago -
  4. Carrera

    Removing the IOR bump

    Back to the original question, adding an external fairing to fill in the IOR bustle (leaving the structural hull intact underneath), while laborious, is not that expensive. We did it to a Farr 37 about 15-20 years ago. We actually connected with the Farr design office to see what shape they recommended and they gave us some good drawings and specs to work with. From there it was just grinding the section of hull down to glass, building up the foam core as recommended by Farr, shaping the foam, covering with multiple layers of glass and fairing compound, a lot of sanding, barrier coat, and finally paint. It took the better part of every weekend for 3 months but we got it done. I'd say it definitely added some stability and speed (from the increased LWL) off the wind.
  5. Carrera

    Front Page: "Woxi Woes"

    My guess is someone got the "AIS transmit OFF" button and the "Mastjack ON" button mixed up
  6. Carrera

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    Alchemy, not a SC though
  7. Carrera

    Offshore racing costs

    Most of these estimates also assume the boat is already where it needs to be to start the race. If you need to have the mast dropped and keel off to truck it somewhere, have it put together and splashed, and then hauled, taken apart, and brought back home at the end, the costs can almost double. You might be looking at $80k-$100k to do something like a N2B.
  8. Carrera

    B&G Vertical Masthead units - how high?

    Because they probably only sell less than a hundred of them a year. But more importantly, because they can...
  9. I'm starting to lean this route. I've found the base plates available for ~$100 and my thought is to make something semi-custom. My only question is do you think a u-bolt type mount will be able to apply enough friction force on the rail to prevent the unit from unintentionally rotating due to pounding in a lumpy sea-state? The 1" rail mounts are an ~3" long, 2-piece compression sleeve type device that I imagine gives a lot of clamping force that I'm not sure a u-bolt solution would give. Another thought I had, similar to other ideas mentioned above, was to take a 3" section of a standard garden hose, split it, and use this as an "insert" in the 1" rail mount option.
  10. Anyone out there with options for temporarily mounting a Cobham Sailor Fleet One antenna? We rent one at least once a year for a week's time but I have yet to find an antenna mounting solution that I like. The standard pole mount solution requires the installation of a large/heavy pole, which I would like to avoid since it is not a permanent installation. The only rail mount options I can find are for 1" rails and we have 7/8" rails which causes obvious problems. Any other thoughts or ideas?
  11. Carrera

    Pricing for used sails?

    I'd also try to get more clarity on the sail make up as all 3Di sails are not the same. If they are 760 (aramid) then a 1 year old well kept sail may not be all that different than a new 760 sail but a 780 (carbon) sail that has been used for a year may already have started to lose it's initial design shape due to the relative brittleness of the carbon. Unless you're talking OD sails, a prospective buyer of used sails usually has a lot of leverage in negotiating as there isn't much of a market often times (as stated previously)
  12. Carrera

    My Song fell off a cargo?!

    Or he could have done what the rest of us do and sold it. Rumor has it that offers had been made to him on the boat while it was being stored and all were declined. Tough life when the only event that you had little to no control over was a sailboat race.
  13. Carrera

    Rope style ladders - do they work?

    The easiest/best way to climb a rope ladder in any situation is to not climb it like a traditional ladder at all. What you do is actually climb both sides of the ladder, one side for each hand/foot. You end up with the side of the ladder against your chest but that way it does not swing into the boat/wall/whatever you are trying to climb.
  14. Carrera

    Transpac 2019

    Something has got to be going on there, very peculiar race for them
  15. Carrera

    how it went down

    I suspect there may be a few insurance companies looking to revisit this as a requirement before the next Transpac