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  1. Carrera

    Ventus iOS app price reduction

    Any plans for an Apple Watch app?
  2. Carrera

    Regripping winch drums?

    Thanks, I reached out to Harken and it sounds like the anodizing shop they used to finish them after they resurface them has closed up shop. They are hoping to find a new supplier but they are not taking any new drum refurbishment orders for the time being.
  3. Carrera

    Regripping winch drums?

    I have a set of Harken halyard/spin sheet winches on the cabin top that really don't grip lines very well any more. The drums themselves are almost shiny and any grip they once had is mostly gone. Has anyone attempted to "re-grip" their winch drums and if so I'd be curious to know what you did and how you did it. Thanks in advance for any insights
  4. Carrera

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    I would also guess that many of the "amateurs" from the competitive boats in the IOR days would be considered pros in this day and age
  5. Carrera

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    I'll submit to you an excerpt recently written up by a current Pac52 owner and you can tell me whether you see an amateur crew stacking up in this fleet. We decide to add one more mast shim to increase rig tension. We need to tweak the shape of the mainsail, so we move the mast butt 2 mm and start sailing again. Now we need to shorten the headstay length a bit, which means we need to lengthen the jib head strop so we can still get the halyard on the jib lock. When everyone is happy, we hook up with [another TP52] to check our performance. The boat is sailing upwind at 9.6 kts. Too fast. We move the jib car to 4 degrees and point the bow up, increase the runner tension to 15,000 pounds and increase the deflector to 100% and get the speed back to our optimum VMG of 9.2 kts while pointing much higher. Now we are ready to start the first race.
  6. Carrera

    Santa Cruz 70 - Fleet Roll Call

    I think there is a major distinction still between a 70 sled and newer/faster boats like TP52s that often gets overlooked. You can still conceivably race a 70 competitively with a group of friends/amatures. For a large, high performance and more modern design like a TP52, sure you can pick them up for the same cost as a 70 (maybe even a little less) but to be competitive you are now employing most (if not all) of the crew. As an owner, It really comes down to how you want to spend your money and who you want to sail with on your boat.
  7. Carrera

    Day 1 in (brief!) review

    Between the headsail size, mast bend, and mainsail camber differences shown between AM and ETNZ in race 4, it was pretty clear that the teams are still trying out a number of different setups. it was also clear that helming AM was a challenge but they say these things are the fastest when they are slightly out of control.
  8. Carrera

    Day 1 in (brief!) review

    True but I wouldn't call starboard foil arm control failure "sandbagging". I also don't think Prada likes getting smacked around the track by ETNZ.
  9. Carrera

    Day 1 in (brief!) review

    For anyone that hasn't watched the Day 1 coverage yet and doesn't have the time to watch all 2 hours, just skip to race 4. Aside from a prestart maneuver from Prada in Race 3, the only real match racing is in Race 4 and it was an exciting one to watch.
  10. Carrera

    Helm Platforms

    Some of the larger boats in the retroboat video series have had some pretty nice fixed or adjustable helm platforms to make it easier for a standing driver when the boat is heeled. I'm guessing most of these are custom jobs but I'm curious if anyone has had these built for them aftermarket? If so, how'd you go about having them designed/built?
  11. Carrera

    SDYC Hot Rum 2020

    What's the deal with all the DNCs in the results? Seems strange that 30% of the boats registered didn't make an attempt.
  12. Carrera

    OCKAM Instruments to WIFI

    I think what they mean is they have a Ockam NMEA Tap which is an interface that connects to the Ockam system bus and outputs NMEA data to anything that you connect up to it. I suspect either the baud rate needs to be adjusted as mentioned earlier or the NMEA Tap is not functioning properly.
  13. Carrera

    what is it?

    Ultimate 20 or some other boat that already exists
  14. Carrera

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Yeah, that was the boat. From what I heard it was a hand in the wrong spot as a halyard was being released.
  15. Carrera

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    To quote what a wise person once told me, "if we listened to everything our lawyers tell us, we wouldn't get out of bed in the morning" Last I checked, no one is making anyone sail this race so it seems like everyone participating is waiving liability to some degree