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  1. I've been pretty happy with my Lowrance 5 that is marketed as a fish-finder. I bought it since it was cheap and came with all of North American charts. I glued the included transom transducer to the inside of the hull which works ok for both depth and sonar. It is missing some key navigational features like route planning (at least I haven't figured that out), tides and currents but otherwise functions fine as a chart-plotter and is networkable. It is quick to acquire signal, accurate, easy to use, easy to pull the headunit off for storage. For the $300 range I have no complaints. If I was going on a passage I would probably just use my laptop anyway.
  2. Single line reefing working fine: pics or it didn't happen!
  3. The Blue Sea VSM has a bilge counter feature. After I installed the VSM and was quickly made aware of how much my boat was pumping I invested in a mechanical shaft seal. Amazing how those little drips added up. Also, went from a new bilge pump every 8 months to a year to the same one now for the last 5 years. Pump is controlled by the Johnson Controls version of the electronic switch which I have been quite happy with. Only failure mode was when my bilge got a little dirty and I was in a decent seaway. Everything frothed up down there and the foam was tricking the switch into running. Solution was just to clean the bilge
  4. We used harken self-tailers for the crowders in the spawning raceways. Worked great. No idea exactly how much force it took to convince 100's of adult king salmon that their time was up but the guys running the crowder usually had some decent biceps.
  5. I'm totally hooked on "Corrosion Block" and the Volvo-Penta branded equivalent Duraplus Corrosion Shield (what I can get in town).
  6. Just because you have cleaned the surface does not mean the piece is even remotely okay to use. This is could easily be a case of advanced stress corrosion cracking. Stainless like this will fail without warning or much force if any at all. You can detect crevice/stress corrosion after cleaning usually with a magnifying glass or dye penetrate. If present the piece must be condemned, there is no reasonable repair possible. Much has been written on the topic.
  7. Has Washington Post published the "Secret" report or are we just taking their word for it?
  8. Some examples here: http://www.mini-lathe.com/Mini_lathe/Accessories/accessories.htm Taper and taper.. Friction is an amazing thing sometimes. For a drill press there is a tool (big wrench) that you place on the back of the chuck and smack with a hammer. Unless your MT end has a thread in it you can bolt in to your tailstock this won't exactly work as well on the lathe and it makes me cringe to think about putting it in a vise. The link above shows the a pretty good method. Stick a drift in the chuck, brace the chuck so the arbor can fall out and smack it. A little ingenuity combined with brute force and ignorance is the recipe.
  9. A flange coupling? Get some freeze off spray on the gearbox side and a torch on the shaft side and break the thing free. Hard to see how the gearbox side could be wrecked unless it has been beat on with impunity. Get some decent cold chisels and a variety of ball pein hammers, maybe even an air hammer. Remember that many penetrating lubes that might be helpful on breaking rust bonds will wreck seals in the immediate vicinity (PB Blaster specifically). Things like ATF + acetone, Kroil oil, mystery oil and similar probably wont hurt the output seal and work great as penetrating oils.
  10. Decent variety of parts here too. http://www.catalinadirect.com/index.cfm/product/1508/tiller-head-cp-26-c-27-c-30.cfm
  11. Note that the instructions on the PYI dripless shaft seal specifically warn against this. Ozone degrades many rubber compounds so be careful regardless if you have a dripless shaft seal or not. Also, many foams and headliners used in boats and RV's may not be intended for permanent living spaces. I remember reading something about the foam commonly used against the hulls of many production boats being especially bad. I'd go through and identify the materials used and research each one.
  12. I prefer to back away if solo. Put helm hard over, slip it in reverse gear at idle all while giving it a push from the dock, jumping back on and then giving the poor volvo all the fuel it will accept. Springing works too (much better with a second person) but most of the docks in Alaska where this would be a problem seem to have wood bull rails that love to snag dock lines preventing a smooth slipping of the line. I've had reasonably good luck using a boathook to push the stern out from the helm station too. The nice thing about reversing out is it gives you options.. keep trying or abort by simpling shifting to forward and guiding the stern back to the dock. The only downside I see is you loose the propwash over the rudder to some degree, but with my boat and it's barn door this doesn't seem to matter much. Bow out with no steerage you can't reverse and you don't have any real control forward either. If exit fails you are pretty much stuck with accepting whatever fate the wind and currents have in mind for you.
  13. There ain't nothin' printed in plastic FDM that is +/- 0.001. Metal neither, at this stage. This would be comparing similar prints that were printed to some dimension that is a factor of nozzle width and distance per step of the axis. Actual variation from your drawings can be a lot more. For example on the y-axis my $200 printer can increment somewhere around 0.004 inches at a time (as advertised 100 microns), and the nozzle itself is near 0.002 inches. Those are conversions; the machine is native to metric. It takes some care to make sure if you need precision that you work within the limits of the machine, meaning the resolution of the axis and width of the nozzle. With some trial and error however I find the $200 machine easy to work with and quite capable of producing consistent parts that are very comparable to those made on the high end machine.
  14. I had a hard time finding an after market equivalents on mine, also with the so called deluxe panel. Did some research and found a power boat gauge cluster "Crownline" that had temp, oil and battery all on one and then found the appropriate senders-I think it was Autometer compatible stuff. I had to tee off where the oil sender/switch combo was. There isn't room to built a stack where the OE sender is, and you don't really want all that inertia on pipe threads. The guy at NAPA introduced me to the 1/8" brake line they sell that you can form by hand, so I built a little bracket to hold a 1/8" pipe tee, mounted to the top of the engine and plumbed oil pressure up to it. My senders had long ago malfunctioned and I had to disable to low oil pressure alarm. It seemed like it was near impossible to find OE equivalent stuff; or was it the price? My solution cost just around $100 and has been working great.
  15. Just to add: I bought a $200 printer from monoprice that does a pretty darn good job keeping up with my $40,000 printer at work, and can print ABS just fine. Yeah, it may be +/- 0.001" compared to the stratasys but for $200 I can't complain. That and $16 for a spool of filament is the cost of entry.