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  1. sailak

    Rapid Disintegration of Saildrive Leg

    Impressive and unfortunate. If that happened in 3 months it seems like the cause ought to be pretty able to sort out with a multi-meter or maybe even a volt-tic! Some serious cash there.. warrants calling in whatever expert corrosion/surveyor folks are willing and available including second opinions.
  2. sailak

    opinions on mainsail trim

    My somewhat limited experience says if you tried and failed to get the bottom to look good there is no way the top is ok... I suppose anything is possible; could be a troll but not sure I wouldn't put money on that.
  3. sailak

    opinions on mainsail trim

    I've had my 1996 main worked on twice and it looks better than that...there is a shelf life on this stuff and it doesn't care about your budget.
  4. sailak

    Doug From SV Seeker Fakes Head Injury

    This guy washes himself with coal tar epoxy and xylene. Stands "up wind" instead of donning respirator while spraying. Amazing really.
  5. I use Spybot Anti-Beacon and ran the Windows De-crapifier script and it becomes magically almost as useful as Windows 7 again. Honestly Windows 10 was enough to push me over to Linux for the long term. I now run Ubuntu but unfortunately I need dual boot because even the best windows emulator/wine tricks crap doesn't work but for the simplest of windows programs. I find it very disingenuous when they say "Updating 0..27...42...100%" and then it starts over. Its like talking to a car salesman about interest rates or features. Lies lies lies and then they scrape all your personal data.
  6. sailak

    Outboard lower unit oil drain plugs

    Get the right screwdriver... Seriously. Find one that fully fills the slot and this will not be a problem. Most DIY tool kits don't have one large enough. I purchased a "Powerbilt" one years ago specifically for this job and even though it is not the highest quality tools it has been just the ticket.
  7. sailak

    3D Printing Anarchy I use the free version and I have a free academic license to the real SketchUp. I liked it better when Google had it (esp Google Earth integrations) but it is still good software and you can do fairly good 3D models for general purpose stuff. I think the interface is a lot easier to learn than proper CAD packages. For 3D printing you need "Solid Inspector" and an Export STL addon but those are both free. I think my last AutoCad renewal was in the $3000 range.. cost of doing business and software designers and middle men need to pay slip fees too
  8. sailak

    3D Printing Anarchy

    Often overlooked for 3D printing: SketchUp
  9. sailak

    Gorilla Tape great for temp fix

    Gorilla tape is great for semi permanent repairs too. The stuff does not degrade and fall apart when exposed to the elements outside of maybe decades... I used it as a bushing for my outboard davit where it clamps to the radar mast about 8 years ago and it is still just fine. Works better than plastic cable camps for securing hose and wire looms. Just make a neat wrap, stick it in place and follow up with a screw and washer and that is seriously done. Easy to modify for future expansion, cheap, holds whatever in place where straps don't. Only worries is some future surveyor or buyer might question why someone would buck the herd mentality by choosing a superior yet not widely accepted alternative method of fastening. Meh, their loss.
  10. Thanks for linking to that, I had forgotten about your approach to this problem. I see I replied at the time that I was nervous about the hex version and figured I would only get 500 hours. Now that I am there I am not as nervous but, perhaps the spline method would have been better in the end.
  11. sailak

    Encountering Storm Force 10

    This popped up on my feed and I watched it, but other than the cool drone footage and harbor shots I didn't really get into it. I have been in those types of winds a couple times. I never recall getting any sort of exceptional adrenaline rush because it was all business and ship keeping.. just serious business not thrill seeking. Yes.. the hatch, roller furling jib?? Nah... Glad it went well but really I understood what he was trying to do with this vid but I don't think he got it. No really useful boat handling tips. Some of the Dashew stuff was a hell of a lot more interesting and entertaining.
  12. sailak

    Moment of Silence

    I have always felt it is ironic that I can sail year-round in Alaska while others much further south have to winterize.
  13. sailak

    Freeboard, when you know your limits.

    Why stop there?!?
  14. Still working after around 500 hours. At first it didn't line up perfect and made some unsettling noises but then quieted down. I noticed more wear evident in the transmission oil and now change that once a year. That might have been just wearing in a new mesh pattern after reinstalling the input shaft. I was thinking about taking a peak with a scope if I can find easy access but otherwise I will wait until my next haulout when my dripless shaft seal boot is due for replacement to take a look. I'm not sure exactly what my next plan of action would be, but likely would involve a used box, used with the same repair, or repower with used equipment as the hull value now is probably on par or lower than cost of a new repower.
  15. Why not engineer them to be like front end crumple zones? Possible.