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  1. sailak

    Winch drum losing a grip.

    Sand / shot blasting for texture? Is replacing the drum on an older winch a thing? Also.. no one addressed line type. Can you splice a cover over the section that is slipping? Less McLube?
  2. sailak

    Marelon thru hull sealant

    If you are removing a thru hull you are not saving it for future use. There are several destructive removal methods that do not care if you used 5200 or not that are not at all time consuming. For all the flak 5200 has been getting on the forums lately I can't think of a better use. Go for it!
  3. sailak

    Countersinking into Stainless

    carbide... I have used router bits with brazed in carbide inserts marketed for wood working, but chucked in a mill with the appropriate speeds and feeds these will cut stainless like butter
  4. sailak

    Silicon, vs 4200, vs 5200

    +1 on the 3M 4000UV too. That product is a pleasure to work with and performs very well everywhere I have tried it. You can paint over it before its curred fully which is interesting and probably not all that useful but I tried it and it worked!
  5. I replaced my original mounts with "genuine" Volvo parts which have failed in about 1/5 of the time of the originals. The aft ones have completely separated rendering the boat pretty much unusable although the engine's 400lbs keeps it nicely in place when everything is level. My suspicion is they were made in the 1990s and sat on a shelf dry-rotting for decades before I had the privilege of buying them. They want something like $213 for each site on the aft mounts and $203 each for the forward so nearly $1000 after shipping. It looks like there are aftermarket mounts for similar engines that cost $40 each. I don't want to go OEM again... I could fabricate something up with polly bushings or buy off the shelf for another brand but I have some reservations.. Some minor engineering is clearly required. These things are very flexible. They let quite a bit of movement occur and I am guessing there is a reason you wouldn't want the thing too restrained. They have a V-shape that allows a fair bit of movement in all directions. Anyone refit the mounts on a Volvo Penta 2001,2002 or 2003 series engine? This is on a standard shaft not a saildrive.
  6. sailak

    Cause of Diesel Engine Oil Gone Bad?

    Put a decent magnet on the bottle to find out if it is iron. Water can also come from the exhaust elbow and leak in around the rings. I'm not sure sending this to a lab is necessary! Get one of those $25 borescopes from Amazon or ebay and do some probing around. The one I bought works remarkable well and can go down injector holes, dipstick tube or wherever and will at least give you enough info for a go / no-go decision.
  7. sailak

    Cruise Ship Disaster Anarchy

    This reminds me of when they lost the drill rig Kulluk in Alaska towing it across the Gulf of AK in the middle of winter. Some of the findings in that case: “The Aiviq engineering personnel did not use the redundant fuel management systems aboard the Aiviq to protect the critical fuel system from contamination. Protective fuel system configurations, intended to segregate all engines and generators in approved guidance was not following. In addition, no formal fuel management procedures were onboard the Aiviq for crew use and reference
  8. I should have clarified... The commercial fleet here consists of many 6-8 knot fishing boats, tenders etc and most sit at the dock at least as much. The PPG ablative is what they use not the formulations for freighters and ferries.
  9. My local yard introduced me to the novel idea of skipping the yachty stuff and going straight to what people that need to earn a living on the water use. They use ablative from PPG. I don't remember the exact name off hand but it wasn't fancy. They say black works the best. I used red and after 2 years without a whole lot of use there is hardly a slime line.
  10. sailak

    Freeing frozen thru hull shutoff valves...

    That is funny. One crescent wrench is all that is needed to get that ball value to move and it didn't even look like they needed that. Staged... or maybe they are doing the job to reseal the threads after someone put it on hand tight. Yeah I get that this is probably at some boat show and they have done that operation 100s of times on that poor valve but sheesh.
  11. sailak

    Do I need spreaders?

    Another laser hull, make it a laser cat. Or amas...
  12. I used the stuff marketed for aluminum out-drives, Trilux I think, and that worked better than bare bronze or regular bottom paint for a year or two. I might have applied it over a zinc chromate primer but cant recall exactly. I wanted to use it again but I couldn't find it at the store last haul out so I used the Pettit prop coat zinc... the trilux worked better but I think both are better than nothing.
  13. For those not familiar if you end up in serious trouble in Alaska chances are very high you will need an air ambulance to get you to help. This is especially true in SE Alaska where roads tend to end where the sea begins. I have spent quite a bit of right-seat time with the pilots that fly these flights and words just don't work to convey their personal commitments to get people where they need to go. Chatham Strait is certainly not a forgiving body of water, especially this time of year, but true to fashion there is a significant search effort underway by the locals. Again.. word fail. It is amazing enough that men and women volunteer to serve in the USCG and National Guard for this sort of thing, but considering these folks are civilian and are not bound by UCMJ to risk their life for others takes it to the next level.
  14. sailak

    Seaward stove repair

    And then some JB weld to top it off.. I think you mean "nut-sert"
  15. If you can't get a relief when you are on watch (no pun intended, seriously, and probably true 95% of the time) you have to piss whereever you can.