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  1. sailak

    Heat treating stainless

    It will be work hardened by the process described.... but heat, no. I would try again with maybe bronze, monel, titanium something like that or just a larger cross section for the SS wrench. Interesting problem.
  2. sailak

    State of the art boat wiring, 1959.

    I use the Brady heat shrink labels a lot... love em. Yeah, they are pretty nice on a boat panel but of course simple sharpie will do most of the time. I never liked just regular numbers even for industrial jobs unless the system is well devised. The best done industrial wiring labeling I have seen guides you to the precise grid coordinates of a particular wire and terminal in a thousand+ page wiring schematic. That was done by Hyundai. Most of the time it is just a vague idea. For a boat a simple description is best for sure. Don't forget to label the DC negatives!!!! At least half the time that is where the problem is (maybe more so since it is so often thought of last?). Thanks so much for the pictures too. Really great to share stuff like this.
  3. sailak

    State of the art boat wiring, 1959.

    I like the old bus bar.. Looks like a 10 AWG solid piece of wire. What kind of connectors are used on it? Rare to see wiring that old still working. Most of the boats I have worked on are on owner cobbled version 2 or 3. I worked on a early 1970's Hatteras that had OE wiring in fair shape, but the gremlins seem to have nested and no one could figure it out. Craftsmanship was pretty good. Those switches are pretty stout. They don't make em like that anymore, but I think our contact plates are better material and certainly have better plastics. I'd pass on those fuse holders...
  4. sailak

    Removing stripes(painted) from hull.

    When I repainted my boat last summer anything that was protected by painted lettering or striping was removed by sanding. Even then the gel-coat underneath was raised with respect to other parts of the hull due to being protected by the paint from weathering. It took quite a bit of gel-coat sanding and then fairing to make the stuff indistinguishable, followed by full prime & paint. I would be ready for that if the boat has weathered gelcoat unless you are planning on striping directly over the old stuff.
  5. sailak

    More Teachers Behaving Badly

    And another: Female teacher accused of sexual relationship with 14-year-old boy
  6. A wire from my transom to the masthead and the cheapest auto tuner I could find was a much better performer than a 'proper' auto tuner and an insulated backstay. The first setup had a coax brade connected to the engine block with a shaft brush for counterpoise, the new setup uses copper foil connected all over the damn place as shown by Gordon West and others. Cognitive dissonance forces me to use the backstay but I keep the old wire as a backup still. The last time I used the system for any good reason was sailing from San Diego to Alaska where I was able to make contact with the marine net about 50% of the time. I did attempt to use the unit sailing across the Gulf of Alaska but never made a contact. I had a DeLorem in-reach for tracking purposes that was 100% reliable and much less expensive overall. The ham set was useful for listening to HF weather forecasting and weatherfaxes, but a cheap receiver can do the same.
  7. sailak

    How to remove First 40.7 Rudder

    No idea as to the specifics of your boat but I was able to remove and install my rudder and prop shaft in water. The holes weren't big enough to cause a huge amount of water. I just had someone standby with a Truplug and shove it in as the shaft/stock dropped out of the boat. Boat sat with the plugs keeping her afloat for a few weeks. I put some blocking behind them, but they worked as advertised and didn't let in a drip. You are only looking at a foot or two of head pressure and yeah it seems like a lot of water but it isn't anything you can't stop with a hand.
  8. sailak

    Percentages in other bases than ten

    Oh, and 50% (0.50 base 10 decimal) is numerically equivalent to binary 0.1 and 1% is 0.00000010100100. Merry Christmas, and yeah lets keep % for accountants and base 10.
  9. sailak

    Percentages in other bases than ten

    mikewof basically said it but "%" is just a way of expressing a ratio with the common denominator being 100. The percentage 50% is really 1/2 or 0.5 with 1, the multiplicative identity, being the whole. Trig functions work like this, i.e. SIN(45 deg) is about 0.707 or 70.7% of the length of the radius of a unit circle... Percent is one of those this people just say, mostly understand, and never really think about. But percentages are really just for communicating our calculations to non math people. What is important is the ratio between a quantity and the whole, and if we reduce everything down to the multiplicative identity then this is 1. Forget the number 100 because 10010 in base 18 is 32418 and that just won't make things easy for us. Percent is very 10-centric, so I am going to say percent for this conversation is the decimal value of some ratio with the decimal place shifted two places to the right. 100% in binary is 12, in octal is 18 in hex is 116, duodecimal is 112, so it follows in base 18 it would also be 1. If we take % to mean shift the decimal two places then: 10 would be 18 in base 18, so: ¥ / 10 = 0.¥ or ¥ 0 %18 or about 78% in base 10. and if we are just shifting the decimal places 2 spots 50%10 is 90%18 but what is really spooky is that 100%18 is 100%10 but 33%10 is 60%18 So what is 90%10 in %18?
  10. sailak

    Train crashes onto I5 Seattle

    fixed. Many errors, on many levels and predictable/predicted. After the 2015 wreck I recall they implemented engineer cams. Wonder if they had that on this state-of-the-art high speed rail link and if we will ever see the footage? Real shame on so many levels too.
  11. sailak

    Open letter to Microsoft/Windows

    Run windows 10 decrapifier, Anti-Beacon, Classic Shell, don't use cortana, "apps" and edge it isn't super bad. Still annoying as hell. Block all microsoft domains on your router, just remember to free them up once and a while to check for updates, but at your convenience. Now I had two mobile devices with Windows 8 and they were absolutely horrible. Tried to update both to 10 since they won't run 7 and it totally bricked one of the machines. The other refused to update. Either way I used over 30 gigs of data. What a waste.
  12. sailak

    Polishing stainless welds

    I don't know if it is really better but or if it is just marine $pecial but I have had really good luck over the years with WICHINOX PASSIVATING CLEANING PASTE. I've used this on all of the TIG welds I have done and wherever I have done any machining, as well as for halting corrosion in it's tracks. I usually polish with generic metal polish, rinse and then use Wichinox as directed.
  13. sailak

    AIS to wifi without VHF

    I use the dAISy. Works great. I get targets 10-15 miles out easy enough with it. Not too shabby for $60. Only had maybe a dozen targets at once so couldn't speak to how well it does in more congested waters.
  14. I wouldn't bill an electric hot water heater as fantastic, but during my recent bathroom remodel I used a Rheem unit that was intended only for hand washing for showering. Used that for 3 months. Wasn't the best in the world but the showers were warm enough. What do you need hot water for? If you had 50 degree water in the tank you get 25 degrees at rated flow, and 75 degree water would be much more conformable to wash hands in. But throttle down on the flow and you get much more of a rise for washing dishes in. Just a thought. 150 amps on a battery bank isn't much even over a few minutes. My boat used to have a microwave that we would use for 10 or 15 minutes off the inverter (120-150 amps DC), and that was before I upgraded my batteries and alternator; and my setup is extremely modest by most standards. Again, are we drawing a bath here or washing hands and dishes?